Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Some real treats ahead for 2013 include:

The Alfredo Leone library with great titles like the first HD presentation of  Lucio Fulci's VOICES FROM BEYOND. Also DVD releases of LOVE BY APPOINTMENT (aka HOLIDAY HOOKERS),, Mark Lester's GOLD OF THE AMAZON WOMEN, Anthony M. Dawson's VENGEANCE, and JOHN TRAVOLTO: FACE WITH TWO LEFT FEET.

Films Around the World presents VAMPIRE’S NIGHT ORGY and many more classics from the 70’s.

Gary Graver's TRICK OR TREATS with David Carradine & Steve Railsback with extras done by Sean Graver, restored in HD

CURSE OF THE BLUE LIGHTS , an ambitious horror/fantasy film made by fantastic filmmaker Joe Johnson.

Uncut version of THE MAD BOMBER called POLICE CONNECTION, recently restored by Code Red in HD from the original uncut 35mm pre-print elements .  starring Vince Edwards, Chuck Connors, and Neville Brand!

CODE RED's first Blu-Ray 001 will be the director's cut of the 1974 classic THE ELECTRIC CHAIR (97 min. cut) with special features & extras;  Hosted by Maria Kanellis and TV's MONSTER MAN Cleve Hall.

NAIL GUN MASSACRE (Blu-Ray 002) with a brand new 2012 HD 1.78 transfer and a new 2012 HD fullframe boom mic cut and more dvd extras by original extra creator Loyd Cryer.

And finally the biggest announcement is JUST BEFORE DAWN, and this time it's nice and clean and in HD, as I spared no expense to do this one right from the original interneg.

Many people tried to put me out of business by sabotage projects, but thanks to God creating credit cards, you can't stop Code Red. Selling direct is keeping Code Red alive, and being a bully to Code Red just shows how immature some adults are who hide behind the computer. Thanks to everyone who bought and supported Code Red as we all struggled through some very rocky years. Much appreciated and God bless you all.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

last chance for MADMAN

2011 was a rough year for Code Red as titles like NIGHTMARE didn't even sell the amount people on the web boasted it would, and I simply can’t keep all titles in print indefinitely. Some titles will never be re-pressed again; that’s a hard fact. In 2012, Code Red started selling direct as we eliminated the middleman and letting the stores get 60% off, and sales were very small, but still, getting the entire amount proved to be a success overall and kept the company alive. The first title, GHOSTKEEPER, proved to be a success, although later titles like THE BABYSITTER proved to be flops, but several titles like RETRIBUTION and PEOPLE WHO OWN THE DARK seem to be doing well. So direct sales is where we will continue for now. We had some new titles at the tail end of 2012 like DEVIL'S THREE, HEATED VENGEANCE, and SINNER'S BLOOD, but also re-pressed THE VISITOR, NIGHT OF THE DEMON, WITCHMAKER, and JULIE DARLING. Some of the represses did okay, but some did very little business, so repressing doesn't seem overall to be heading towards the right direction for survival. People have to realize that Code Red is not a multi-million dollar company like others and can't keep these things in print forever, so if you want them, buy them now.

 We are going to press 500 more copies of MADMAN, so if you missed it then, buy it now, because we are not going to press it ever again.