Saturday, January 24, 2009


On Feb 24th, Code Red DVD, thru Navarre, presents RUNNING HOT! Acclaimed actor Eric Stoltz (MASK, PULP FICTION, THE FLY 2 ) stars in this volatile tale of star-crossed lovers in a last ditch escape from the law. An older stripper, Charlene (Monica Carrico), watches the trial of a young man (Stoltz) accused of murdering his father. As she falls in love with his tragic image, she writes countless love letters to him in prison. When her letter-writing prison obsession actually shows up at her doorstep, who has just made a bloody prison escape, she joins him in a perilous, passionate run for their lives from a sadistic cop (Stuart Margolin, TV's ROCKFORD FILES). They are RUNNING HOT and all of their lives are in the balance. In the tradition of BADLANDS and TRUE ROMANCE, this thrilling 1984 motion picture is a little-seen gem directed by award winning director Mark Griffiths, and from the producer of the popular tv-show THE O.C. The DVD will feature a brand new 16x9 transfer from the negatives. Special features include an alternate title, extensive still gallery, on-camera interview with director Mark Griffth, as well as an audio commentary with Griffth, producer David Calloway, and moderated by Lee Christian. MRP is 19.98.