Thursday, June 21, 2012


We are deeply saddened that Susu passed away Saturday, June 16th. When I first met her, it was for the on camera interview for the BUTCHER, BAKER, NIGHTMARE MAKER DVD.  I had to drive to her place to film her and when I arrived at her place, she did not answer the door. The guy who runs the apartment complex came out and said that she was home and probably sleeping. He started yelling, telling her to wake up and answer the door because she had visitors. Susu yelled out, "LEAVE ME ALONE!"  The guy yelled back to her that these people have an appointment with her. I yelled out, "Susan, remember the interview? I offered you $400 cash to film the interview!"  Susu yelled out, "Hold on! I forgot about this.” She answered the door in a wheelchair, telling us that she needed to look presentable to be filmed.  She told me she never saw the film, but people seem to bother her on the film like it was some kind of sin she committed.  I told her I brought over the movie so she can watch it and comment on it. The commentary I wanted to do was a bust, as since she had never seen the film, all she kept asking was why she couldn’t have a sex scene with Jimmy McNichol. LOL. She kept putting beer in the freezer and telling me this is the way everyone should chill their beer, and her parrot Ricardo was fun. Since it was Easter, Lee Christian had a gig as an Easter bunny at a party and I told him to show up as an Easter bunny for Susu. Lee showed up with the costume (but not wearing it since he had to give it back) and all Susu could say was, "I guess you were supposed to be my Easter bunny.”  LOL. She wanted us to film her putting on her prosthetic legs and wanted us to film her walking with crutches. I gave her $$ and she told me to come closer to her.  I did, and she gave me a big kiss and told me that I am a good boy. LOL. She called awhile back asking whatever happened to the dvd.  I told her one nasty fat guy was telling everyone that the producers and I are bootlegging the film and that he know it's owned by a bank. Susu asked me if I had a copyright lawyer on this, and I told her I did and spent a fortune and still came up empty.  And both distributors did not have perpetuity rights to the film, so any "so-called” bank claim is all bullshit. She told me, "The Fat guy is a prick and I'll kick him with my stump",  and that she’d like to get some big black guys to teach him a lesson. The DVD never came out since these terrorists are vindictive liars, and therefore Susu’s film still sits in the Code Red vault. I'll miss you Susu.  You were one of a kind and we’ll all remember you forever