Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bo Svenson gives Code Red an on camera interview

Veteran star Bo Svenson gave Code Red an exclusive interview for our upcoming CHOKE CANYON DVD! Bo was gracious enough to invite us to his home and reminisce about working with Stephen Collins, Lance Henriksen, and about doing his own stunts in the film. We hope you enjoy this charming interview that he has given us. The CHOKE CANYON DVD is now planned for a June 23rd release.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Tired of seeing The Hammer in crappy full-frame bootlegs taken from edited TV prints with zero extras? Well, The Hammer was tired, too! And The Hammer is ready to take on all those crappy bootlegs! Fred Williamson was happy to show up to give us a candid interview and commentaries for the two films DEATH JOURNEY and MEAN JOHNNY BARROWS. Fred is offering his fans his director's cut versions which contain 10 minutes extra for MEAN JOHNNY BARROWS and 3 minutes extra for DEATH JOURNEY! All uncut and mastered in HiDef from the original camera negatives! 16x9! 2.35:1 scope! Many of you were too young to see these films when Fred released them in the 70's, but now you can see them the way The Hammer wanted you to see them! Same Hammer time, same Hammer label!!
We are planning an September street date for both.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Here are some screenshots of our future release of the Fred Williamson classic MEAN JOHNNY BARROWS. This classic 70's action film also stars Roddy McDowall (PLANET OF THE APES), Stuart Whitman (BLAZING MAGNUM), Mike Henry (SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT), Luther Adler, Anthony Caruso, R.G. Armstrong, and Elliott Gould. The film was a loose reworking of the 1975 classic THE FARMER. This was mastered in HiDef from the original negatives, in it's scope 2.35:1 ratio in 16x9, and will be presented for the first time in its uncut director's cut version! More news to come!

Monday, March 16, 2009

a Mystery Star gives Code Red her first EVER on camera interview as well as an audio commentary for CHEERLEADERS WILD WEEKEND!

We were able to get a mystery star to not only grant us an audio interview/commentary for our upcoming DVD release of CHEERLEADERS WILD WEEKEND, but she also has agreed to give us her first ever on camera interview! We want to thank her from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time out of her busy shcedule to let us know about working with Jackie Chan, Richard Gere, Ryan O'Neal, etc., and also about what she is doing now. We hope you now understand why we waited to release this title. With this in the can, you can expect a summer release!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

RIP Peter Shepard

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Peter Shepard whom we last spoke to on the phone on 2/09. He wanted to participate on THE VISITOR DVD once he came back to L.A. from France in May. He had been gracious enough to give us an audio commentary for CHOKE CANYON, and we hope you enjoy the many stories he had about Paola Pasolini, as well as working on 1900, THE VISITOR, PIRANHA 2, and TENTACLES. We would like to pay tribute to him and hope you enjoy his audio commentary for CHOKE CANYON, scheduled for a July release.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Leon Isaac Kennedy gives Code Red an on camera interview for CHEERLEADERS WILD WEEKEND

Leon "Too Sweet" Isaac Kennedy gave Code Red a great on camera interview about working with Bill Osco on CHEERLEADERS WILD WEEKEND, as well as working on such classics as PENITENTIARY, TOO SCARED TO SCREAM, FIGHTING MAD, BODY AND SOUL, and others. We want to thank Leon for granting us this interview and hope fans of CHEERLEADERS WILD WEEKEND now understand why there was a delay on this release. And Leon was not the only star we arranged an exclusive interview with. Stay tuned for whom the second elusive star is that has also participated on this release

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fred Travalena gives Code Red an audio commentary with Scott Spiegel!

Legendary funnyman/impressionist Fred Travalena recorded an audio commentary with cult director/writer Scott Spiegel and Code Red moderator/movie geek Marc Edward Heuck for a slasher/comedy he starred in titled NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER. The film is about a killer with a basketball head who starts to kill the high school basketball team members! Fred plays four roles in the film, and he had a wonderful time doing impressions with our two moderators! We hope you'll have fun, too, when this makes it's U.S debut the summer of this year.