Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maria Mania!!!!!

CODE RED is proud to announce that a TV superstar will be the hostess for our new exclusive horror line! Former WWE superstar, 2009 Diva of the Year, Celebrity Apprentice contestant, Singing sensation, and April 2008 Playboy cover girl MARIA KANELLIS is back for more! Maria will host Code Red's MARIA'S B MOVIE MAYHEM, and the first round of her horror/exploitation DVD releases will street in September! Maria will bring you the gory horror cult classic MARDI GRAS MASSACRE, the Native American horror flick HAUNTED with Aldo Ray, and Double-bills of SCREAM / BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD and LOVE ME DEADLY / CURIOUS CASE OF THE CAMPUS CORPSE. Then, on 9 more releases, Maria will host many other exploitation films including NIGHT OF THE DEMON, VAMPIRE AT MIDNIGHT, CAGED MEN, VOODOO DOLLS/MADONNA: CASE OF BLOOD AMBITION, RIOT ON 42ND STREET/BAD GIRLS DORMITORY, TEENAGE HITCHHIKERS/TEENAGE TRAMP, and more! All will feature Maria introducing the film, and appearing again after the film is over. The films will all be uninterrupted and uncut. Some of the DVDs will feature extras, as well.

Maria is a great gal and she had a lot of fun hosting this upcoming DVD series. Many wrestling fans are also horror fans so hopefully this can turn many wrestling fans onto CODE RED product. Having one of the most popular former WWE divas hosting our films is truly an honor.

Friday, May 6, 2011

SAVAGE STREETS is coming back!

CODE RED DVD has acquired the North American rights to the cult classic SAVAGE STREETS starring cult icon Linda Blair. After her sister (Linnea Quigley) was gang raped by crazed gang members, Linda Blair goes into vengeance-action mode in this gritty 80's classic. The release will feature a brand new 2011 HD transfer that will make its debut only here in the USA. Extras will be ported over from the previous BCI disc, and it will include some other extras that didn't make it the first time around. This DVD will also feature the complete controversial uncensored commentary track - the track on the BCI edition had been edited for various reasons. And it will be progessively scanned, unlike the previous release. The streets will become savage again very soon! Check the Code Red website for updates and additional news.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Special effects make-up artist Edward French, Oscar Nominee and Emmy Winner, quickly gave CODE RED a last minute interview regarding the New York gore scene in NIGHTMARE! French told us about his involvement in the effects, including who made the decapitated head, and who supervised it and who was there. Cleve Hall did the Florida scenes, but now we'll all finally know who did the bloody final scene! French also gave us some other wonderful stories regarding RIOT ON 42nd STREET, BLOOD RAGE, BREEDERS and DEADTIME STORIES. The insghtful interview will hopefully be edited on time and be featured on the dvd!