Monday, June 30, 2008

Code Red re-teams the cast and crew of HOT MOVES!

"Hot Moves" stars Micheal Zorek (Bubba from "PRIVATE SCHOOL") and Adam Silbar reunited with the writer Peter Foldy and director Jim Sotos for a wonderful audio commentary track moderated by our hostess Julia for Code Red's upcoming release of the 80's teen comedy classic "HOT MOVES". Zorek made a special trip to Los Angeles, to join us and give us plenty of stories regarding the film and to see his old friends, whom he hasn't seen in years, and it was one reunion everyone was very happy to be a part of

HOT MOVES will street date on October 21st! Also for October, we have Jim Soto's directors cut of SWEET SIXTEEN scheduled for 10/14, as well as Tim Kincaide's cult classic RIOT ON 42ND STREET for 10/28, which will feature an on camera interview with the comedic genius Zerok!!

Photos courtesy of Lee Christian

Sunday, June 15, 2008

DEAD PIT limited edition 2 disc as a BestBuy Exclusive

BestBuys will carry in stock the limited edition 2 disc set of THE DEAD PIT. The second disc features number of behind the scenes shorts, and still gallery that we were unable to squeeze onto the first disc. So stop by your local BestBuy to pick 'em up."

NEW UPDATE: Our distributor has spoken with BestBuy, and the 2 disc one will be available to purchase on line from BestBuy shortly.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Producer/writer Stephen Breimer gives Code Red an on camera interview and an audio commentary for BUTCHER BAKER NIGHTMARE MAKER

The Writer/Producer of BUTCHER, BAKER, NIGHTMARE MAKER, Stephen Breimer, was kind enough to not only give us an on camera interview, but he and co-writer Alan Jay Glueckman had also given us an audio commentary several months back for the film! It was moderated by Mondo Digital's Nathaniel Thompson, and we hope you enjoy what Stephen and Alan have to say about the making of this superb cult thriller.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Joe Dante and Sondra Currie gives Code Red a on camera tribute to Candice Rialson

Mr. Dante and Ms Currie was kind enough to take a few minutes out of thier busy schedule to give us a nice ancedote about Candice Rialson for our upcoming DVD of PETS! We do hope to get more interviews with people who worked with Candice for a tribute documentary to be featured on the DVD release. Thank you, Mr. Dante and Sondra!

Monday, June 9, 2008

THE UNSEEN available for pre-order!

THE UNSEEN is now available for pre order at amazon, and other stores.

The street date is August 19.

It is a 2 disc set, here is the cover and the specs

Disc 1

Brand New Anamorphic 16x9 transfer from the original IP

Audio Commentary with Producer Tony Unger and star Stephen Furst moderated by Lee Christian.

On camera interview with co-stars Furst and Doug Barr

Still Gallery

Original Trailer

Code Red Trailer

Disc 2

On camera interview with make up effect supervisor Craig Reardon.

On camera interview with Make up effect legend and writer Tom Burman.

Make up test slides, sketches and behind the scenes stills from Craig Reardon's personal collection.

The MSRP is 24.98.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Audio Commentary for SAVAGE STREETS recorded!

We were happy to help out Cliff at BCI/Navarre for his release on the Sleaze Classic SAVAGE STREET, as we did an audio commentary session with co-stars Robert Dryer, Sal Landi, and Director of Photography Stephen Posey, moderated by Marc Edward Hueck, as well as on camera interviews with all but Posey! Here are some picture from that session! We hope to post more news from Cliff and BCI/Navarre as they have more great news for all cult fans soon!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clip from the THE FOREST screening at the Alamo Drafthouse!

Here is a footage from our screening of THE FOREST at the Alamo Drafthouse, where star GARY KENT, and director DON JONES appeared to introduce the film!

THE FOREST is now available for the price of 9.98 at most stores so pick it up!

Thanks Anne for the footage!