Friday, November 30, 2007

Leo Fong's REVENGE OF THE BUSHIDO BLADE, finally, the way it was meant to be seen!

For years, fans of Leo Fong actioner REVENGE OF THE BUSHIDO BLADE (aka LAST REUNION, NINJA NIGHTMARE) was stucked with a garnished, reddish ugly TV print that was available on video for years, well not anymore. We went back to the original negatives and did a 16x9 master, and as you can see from the results, the film now looks like it was shot yeserday! Now you can make out those dark night shots! Plus, the negatives contained additional nudity not seen before! Leo already recorded an audio commentary for this, so we hope fans of this actioner will now see the film in a new light!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


We didn't want to annouce this film so soon as it's not in our 2008 planned release schedule yet. However, we could not keep it a secret any longer and want to let the fans know we have made a deal with the rights owners of the missing exploitation film BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD (aka TERROR CIRCUS) directed by Alan Rudolph! This is the first authorized U.S home video release (according to the rights owner, the vhs wasn't even authorized) and we hope the vault elements the rights owner will be sending us will make this one fantastic DVD. Andrew Prine has politely declined to give us an interview for this film, but some of the other people involved have shown interest. Stay tuned!

Code Red looks into THE UNSEEN

Code Red has acquired the 1981 thriller THE UNSEEN, starring cult faves Barbara Bach, Sidney Lassick, Stephen Furst, Doug Barr and Karen Lamm. We will be doing a new 16x 9 master from the original IP, and special features to include an audio commentary with veteran producer Tony Unger and star Stephen Furst moderated by Lee Christian, photo gallery, and more extras TBA. This is a very twisted tale, and we hope it will find a new audience with this release!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Code Red gets LUCKY 13/RUNNING HOT

We have just acquired the 1984 drive-in action film RUNNING HOT (aka LUCKY 13) starring Eric Stoltz as a young man convicted of murdering his father, who's on the run from a sadistic cop (Stuart Margolin). Directed by Mark Griffin, we will be doing a new 16x9 master from the original negatives, with special features TBA.