Saturday, September 29, 2007

Some screenshots of our up coming DVD of BEYOND THE DOOR

Here are some screenshots of our up coming release of BEYOND THE DOOR. Unlike the Japanese DVD, as you can see, our release is 16x9 anamorphic. It is the longer DEVIL WITHIN HER cut (about 10 minutes longer)!

We are still adding more extras on this DVD release, including a planned interview with Richard Johnson, in addition to the already filmed interview with Juliet Mills, Alex Rebar and an audio commentary with JULIET MILLS with Film historian DARREN GROSS and HOSTEL producer SCOTT SPIEGEL as well as a second audio commentary with OVIDIO ASSONITIS with Mondo Digital's NATHANIEL THOMPSON, both moderated by LEE CHRISTIAN. And who knows, we might be adding even more extas to make this the ultimate release of this cult title! Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

some screenshots from THE VISITOR

Here are some screenshots from our transfer of THE VISITOR. We did a brand new 16x9 transfer, and we feel techicolor Rome did a fantastic job, and by going back to the negatives, the film is much much longer than ever before! About 17 min longer than the U.S cut in fact! And it is even longer than the UK version by 8 min! Not only is Franco Nero now in the beginning of the film, telling the children about the plot but as you can see from the above screenshots, Sam Peckinpah has all his scenes back in as well!

The DVD will feature a full length commentary by star PAIGE CONNER moderated by SCOTT SPIEGEL and JEFF BURR, as well as scene specific commentary with star JOANNE NAIL, as well as on camera interview with both!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Leo Fong invites you to enjoy the real Grindhouse!

We just finished the telecine work on Leo Fong's TIGER'S REVENGE. We were going to inspect the print, but Leo went ahead and gave it to the lab without allowing us to QC it, and the result was, well, interesting. Yes, it is 16x9, but the print has green lines and many jumpcuts. Not only that, reel 2 and 3 were mixed up and in the wrong order! When we showed all of this to Leo, he approved of it, stating this is the way the film was probably shown in most Grindhouses! So unlike some DVD's which have used a full frame tape master for their so called Grindhouse DVD's, we at Code Red bring you a true 16 x 9, just like seeing it on the big screen, of Leo's 'classic' film, complete with authentic pops, skips, and green motion scratch lines! Leo calls it a "Leo Fong experience!" Check out these screenshots! And wait until you here his audio commentary! And if you think this looks to be in rough shape (considering it was suppose to be from the best out of 3 different set of prints), you haven't seen nothing yet! Just wait until you see the condition of the prints for THE REDEEMER which look 10 times worse!