Saturday, December 29, 2007

Code Red will be distributed by BCI/Navarre

We have a new distributor now, and it is Navarre.

"BCI/Navarre is pleased to add Code Red to its line-up of exclusively distributed DVD labels. They have created some of the best cult titles over the last year; all of these will be re-released, along with over 20 new titles coming in the next year". - Cliff Macmillan, Director of Acquisitions

We will first release SOLE SURVIVOR in April, followed by BOARDINGHOUSE, THE DEAD PIT in May, and other titles such as THE UNSEEN, CAN I DO IT TILL I NEED GLASSES, BEYOND THE DOOR, BUTCHER BAKER NIGHTMARE MAKER, THE VISITOR, THE MUTILATOR, THE NESTING, NIGHTMARE, SPASMS, TERROR CIRCUS, RUNNING HOT, CAGED MEN, and many others to follow, including some drive-in "double features" of all new products. Keep checking our web site for more details, including our new website, launching next week!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Some pictures from our commentary session with OVIDIO ASSONITIS and NATHANIEL THOMPSON for BEYOND THE DOOR

Here are pictures of Producer/Director of BEYOND THE DOOR Ovidio Assonitis when he came all the way from Italy to L.A to do a commentary for our up coming release of BEYOND THE DOOR! He was joined by noted Euro-Horror Historian/writer Nathaniel Thompson and our moderator Lee Christian for a enjoyable session. We had fun recording this, a must listen for any Euro-cult fans, and we hope you will too!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


First released on video in 1978 on VCI (91min) which used a Gold Key entertainment TV print missing the pre-credit sequence, some other scenes here and there, and the ending, then later had an unauthorized Neon/Fusion Video (94min) which seemed to use a 16mm Crown International television print which was still missing scenes and the original ending. Then in 1988 VidAmerica released the overseas Columbia Pictures version (96min) which had the violence and the ending but still ran short. We were asked by Cliff MacMillian to check out thier master to make sure it's uncut, and are pleased to announced for the first time, the 107 min version has been found!

We our very happy that Cliff MacMillan and Navarre/BCI will be putting this out and CODE RED DVD is involved and hopefully we will be able to work with Cliff in doing some of the extras on this fantastic find since we are good friends with Bill Grefe! Check out the screen shot!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

UNCUT BEYOND THE DOOR screening this Saturday!

Code Red and Cinefamily proudly presents the first time ever in L.A, the uncut International version of BEYOND THE DOOR!

1/5 @ 10:30pm / SERIES: ladri di cinema

Beyond the Door:

The Italian upchuck brigade of Exorcist cash-ins began with this hit from Ovidio G. Assonitis (Tentacles, aka Jaws, the octopus) starring wholesome Juliet Mills (currently seen on the soap opera Passions) as an expectant mother carrying a Rosemary’s Baby-style satanic tyke. Profanity, telekinetic toy mayhem, and head-spinning ensue, all to a funky score by the great Franco Micalizzi. Drive-in gold released by the shady Film Ventures International (whom Warner Brothers sued over the film’s balls-out rip-offery – and lost), Beyond The Door ends up being more stylish and disturbing than you might expect. In addition to its quizzical jabs at the source material -- the character of Mills’ son is addicted to Campbell’s pea soup – the film is interesting and refreshing for its deeply religious overtones. Because Italy is a Catholic country, there’s no guilt over questioning whether or not the characters are believers; the film’s evil comes from The Devil, period. This is the LA premiere of the extended Italian cut of the film.Dir: Ovidio G. Assonitis, 1974,109 min.

611 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, 90036 / 323-655-2510© The Cinefamily and The Silent Movie Theatre.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Susan Tyrrell gives Code Red a uncensored, no holds barred interview!

Acclaimed cult icon Susan Tyrrell gives Code Red not only a scene specific commentary for one of our as of yet unannounced titles, but also gave us an incredible interview where she discusses many of her co-stars, including ones she wasn't fond of. Susan also discusses many of the films she did, and many she wished she didn't do! We are still doing more extras on this title including a possible audio commentary with the lead star and the producer/writer of the film! Thanks SuSu! Stay tuned for more details as we are doing a new 16x9 telecine from the original IP! Photos of Susu with the Code Red people by Lee Christian.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

some pictures from our commentary session on THE UNSEEN

Here are some pictures from the audio commentary session we did on THE UNSEEN with the star, Stephen Furst, veteran Producer Anthony Unger, and our moderator Lee Christian. We are trying to do some more extras on this title, and hopefully fans of the film will enjoy the behind the scenes stories!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Some screen shots for SCHOOLGIRLS IN CHAINS

Here are some screen shots from our just completed master for SCHOOLGIRLS IN CHAINS. The telecine was done from the only surviving vault element, which was a CRI that has pretty much turned green! We did the best we can to get the most color out, and we hope in the end, the result will be good news for the fans of this films. The new master is in 16 x 9 at 1:85 framing, per request of the DP, acclaimed cinematographer Ron Victor Garica.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Some screenshots of our up coming titles menu's!

Just to show the viewers out there that the DLT's are complete on SOLE SURVIVOR and BOARDINGHOUSE, here are screenshots of the menus of both of these titles! So yes, both are ready to be pressed! When a company changes distributors, we cannot just put out a title overnight. A lot of "red tape" has to be hurdled over. According to our new distributor, though, we should be able to schedule SOLE SURVIVOR for April, if not as early as late March, with THE DEAD PIT, BOARDINGHOUSE, THE UNSEEN, CAN I DO IT TILL I NEED GLASSES, the KILLER IN THE WOODS double bill, and others to follow, especially around the Halloween season where we will release our bigger titles! Plus we will also have some suprises in store, especially one critically acclaimed horror/slasher film that should make alot of fans quite happy. Stay tuned!