Friday, May 4, 2012


Why sell some titles direct?  Are sales that bad for obscure films?  Well, selling 600 copies is simply not enough to break even.    Once upon a time back in 1976, an east-coast singer named Peter Lemongello released an LP album called "LOVE 76" and placed direct-sales TV ads all over New York stations, and then placed ads in California and west coast stations.  This album started the whole TV album sales craze back then and it sold a million copies.  And he was just a singer singing cover versions of today's hits (well, it was today's hits in '76).  The man proved to the world that a nobody singer could penetrate the music and home shopping industry just by advertising on TV, as people will buy things direct.  Titles like NIGHTMARE are still in the red ink, so selling direct is the only answer for customers in the world. So right now, Code Red is the Peter Lemongello of the dvd world.