Monday, September 28, 2009

MESSIAH OF EVIL to be unleashed 10/27!

On 10/27, Code Red DVD will be unleashing MESSIAH OF EVIL: THE SECOND COMING for the first time ever in widescreen! After receiving a series of chilling letters from her reclusive father, Arletty (Mariana Hill, "High Plains Drifter") drives to the remote seaside town of Pointe Dune to discover the reason for her father's developing madness. Upon her arrival, she encounters a mysterious trio of strangers investigating a local legend known as "The Blood Moon"... a curse that has transformed the inhabitants of the town into a terrifying horde of blood-thirsty maniacs!

This disc will include:

Brand new Hi Definition master in 16x9 (2.35:1) widescreen supervised by Director Willard Huyck and editor Billy Weber.

Audio commentary by Huyck and writer Gloria Katz, moderated by Lee Christian

Featurette "Remembering Messiah of Evil" with Huyck, Katz, Weber, Director of Photography Stephen Katz, editor Morgan Fisher, directed by Lee Christian

Audio interview with star Joy Bang

Short films by Huyck and Katz : "The Bride Stripped Bar" and "Down These Mean Streets"

MSRP is 24.98.


Ninja Dixon said...

I just preordered it the other day, so this is great news :)

Anonymous said...

I suppose it would be pointless to ask if we'll be seeing Scavolini's Nightmare before the end of the year...?

Benjamin said...

There are videos up at YouTube of the doc for the MoE dvd. Did someone from your company post these? If not, you might want to email YouTube to take them down. And, I preordered this sucker a while ago. Cannot wait to get it! Thanks!

Drew said...


I have waited nigh on 2 years for you to get organised with Night Warning/Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker. I've enjoyed visiting your site at times but it has unfortunately become a miserable mess of incompetence which I'm afraid I can no longer support. I hope at some time in the future you can operate in an even semi-professional manner and that the wonderful Susan Tyrell who recorded an interview for you, has not passed on by the date of its' release.
I suppose 'good luck' is the appropriate thing to say here...I suspect you're going to need it.

Rob Talbot said...

Excellent - I'll definitely have to order this as I've only seen it in Brentwood Box Set Crap-o-vision!

delicreep said...


The DVD waiting game can be a frustrating one, but 2 years is just not out of the ordinary. Every niche DVD company, even the ones that are considered more "professional" than Code Red, have at least a handful of releases that have either been delayed over and over, or have just fallen off the radar.

But, I share your frustration. BBNM is one I've been anticipating for some time. But, since Messiah of Evil is just as much a favorite, I'm still pretty pleased.

Anonymous said...

Just look at MYA COMMUNICATIONS, hardly a wealthy enterprise, they don't even have a web site hyping their releases (For this I respect them SO much!!!), they are just cranking out slews of amazing stuff in a short period of time, their list of releases slated for between now and 2011 puts EVERYONE else to miserable shame and leaves them in the dust...And they are making good, they are just releasing the stuff the say they will, when they say they will....They aren't loudmouths and braggarts shooting blanks like so many others, this company here means well but there are far too many disappointments, sorry......

Anonymous said...

Night Warning/Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker and some other announced Code Red titles will be out via Scorpion Scorpion releasing.

And yes, let's lets look at the fantastic MYA! All we get from them is reissues of No Shame titles (this time barebones) in 4x3 letterbox....not si much yay!

DR said...


So, because a release is delayed, you no longer support a DVD company?

I coudl understnad if the DVD company ran over your dog, or released a defective DVD without offering any sort of exchange, but because of a delay?

I've been buying DVD's for many years, and SOOOOO many companies have had delays, cancelled titles, incorrect tranfers, defective DVD's, etc. I'd rather take delays instead of cancelled, defective, or subpar titles.

Each their own, however I have a feeling if it is Code Red who releases Night Warning, you'll be there to buy it. Or, if not buy it, borrow, rent, or "share" it. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL That's a bunch of bullshit about MYA, wake up!!!! They've all ready released a ton of things, not NO SHAME rehashes either. Some releases are bare-bones, transfers are fine, they might not be HDTV/Corporate gloss but neither are CODE RED's!!! I could care less about extras in the end, I am mostly concerned with seeing the FILMS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've had about enough of this.

Drew/Anony2:47/Anony3:06, we all know you're the same person and it'd be nice if you just screwed off somewheres else.

Yes, MYA is a fine company, but why make competition? Why can't both co-exist? Code Red is doing a fine job here with Strangess, Messiah and others and just because of some delays (which btw, MYA, Synapse, Dark SKy, Anchor Bay and others have had their full share of) should not be a reason to kick the can. So please, take your whiny useless hate somewheres else because although we were not saying it before, we were all thinking it. You are the same person, and may you please f*ck off.

Now, I'd LOVE to be BBNM, as it is probably Code Red's biggest title, but I've been waiting 10 years...something tells me I can wait 6-12 more months. :P

Anonymous said...

MYA blows CODE RED out of the water! They have done already so much more in six months than CODE RED has done in two years! Look at their abundant release schedule and weep, losers!


Anonymous said...

What the hells MYA anyway?

Anonymous said...

MYA is an Italian-based company that distributes mostly Italian films for the US market. Most of their stuff is super-obscure like sex-romps and other stuff, and a lot of their transfers are non-anamorphic. One recent one (Mafia Connection) was a dub off a VHS tape. They did put out Argento's FOUR FLIES, but edited and with wonky audio. It is apparently run by a former partner of NO SHAME and it looks like the only lesson he learned from that was to now not spend as much money on the transfers, extras and booklets. I hope they last a long while, but I have to admit, they're not releasing much of interest to me (and I love euro-trash). Most of the stuff they are putting out never saw a US release, even on video. I did just pick up FISHMEN, though, and the transfer looks good.

Anonymous said...

Just for information's sake, within the next six months, Mya Communications will release the following titles:



















SPIRITS OF DEATH (Romano Scavolini)



Joel said...

I think it's fair to complain about a 2 year wait on a title. it will be worth the wait I'm sure...but how about an approximate street date. That's not too much to ask is it?

Anonymous said...

Embarrassed to post the blog entry I made divulging the next six months of incredible MYA releases?

Well, you should be, Norton, you're a loudmouth, a liar, a braggart, an ignoramus, gutless, and essentially scum.

Your company is beyond pathetic and you are even more so.

Anonymous said...

Oct 6 11:06:

Obviously it is not pathetic if it is dragging people who even HATE Code Red to their blogs. :P

Anonymous said...

So what about MYA or any other company? What does that have to do with anything? Warners releases more titles than Universal. Paramount releases more titles than MGM. Sony releases more titles than Fox. Mya releases more titles than Code Red. Who gives a sh*t? All of these companies have had 'announced' titles delayed or cancelled completely and have had times when they released a lot of titles and other times when they release nothing. So what? What difference does it make? All these crybabies are ridiculous.

The anonymous idiot at 11:06pm whining over his Mya post not showing up (I see it!) and yelling insults and bad-names at "Norton" (I assume that is a Code Red guy???) just proves what morons these immature fanboys are. Man, sometimes I don't want to be part of this idiotic human race.

By the way, last time I checked, this was a Code Red blog so who cares about seeing another company's release schedule here? Go to Mya's site (huh? - ya, like there is one) if you want to know what crap they're putting out. I sure don't care about their crap, but I don't spend hours on various forums trashing them. I suppose it gives empowerment to crybaby nobodies who have nothing else in life to do. Grow some balls, Anon 11:06, and try to get laid. It may open up some new horizons for you.

Bradley said...

Hey Code Red! I am still a bit confounded by the negative posts on your blog. The vitriol at times is surreal. I just watched your amazing DVD release of "Beyond the Door" once again, this time with the incisive director commentary. I can't thank you enough for such a great DVD package! I've waited for several years for a decent release of "Messiah of Evil" and can't think of another company that would do the title justice. What a great Halloween present! (I paid for next-day shipping so I'm hoping to have it for the holiday weekend.) Thanks for all your great work Code Red!!!

Terry said...

Fantastic News!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to MYA and her company. I only recognise 2 of their releases. Doesnt excite me that much but Im not into that Italian stuff.

Anonymous said...

Does MAYA sell in the U.S? Ive never heard of them.

As for code red, thank you for PETS!

Anonymous said...

Where the fuck is "Nightmare" and why have you all fallen completely silent about it?

If you've decided to let Scorpion take it on, then fine. JUST SAY SOMETHING!

I've been a pretty big supporter of Code Red up until now. I could totally forgive them if they lost the rights to it or just aren't ABLE to release it. If that's the case, JUST ADMIT IT. This silence only makes you look afraid to admit what's really going on.

Again: WHERE THE FUCK IS "Nightmare"???!?!?!

Louis said...

So just to let everyone know a 35mm of Messiah of Evil is playing in Chicago on Thurs Oct 15th at Doc Films.only $5

Anonymous said...

Code Red PLEASE tell me you plan on releasing this movie onto Blu-Ray!

man with desire said...

The real code of the Messiah:

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just saw a bad copy of Messiah...last night, I loved the film. Is the song that opens it, a vocal track, used in this new release?