Sunday, December 7, 2008

Smokey Huff, lead guitarist for SORCERY, gives Code Red an exclusive interview

Lead guitarist for SORCERY, Smokey Huff, just gave Code Red a very insightful on camera interview about his career. He discussed his involvement in the film, as well as on the history of the band SORCERY. We are honored he donated his time in granting us this interview which will be featured as an extra exclusive to the U.S release of STUNT ROCK, scheduled for 3/31 street date. Thanks Smokey! And also a big thanks to Jeff Dolniak and David Hayes of BAN 1 PRODUCTIONS for shooting the interview for us!


Steven Carter said...

What do you call a film about the lead guitarist from GUNS & ROSES?

A "SLASH"-er!!!!

(bad ba boom tssss)

Thank You! Thank You! I'll be here at the C.R. blog all week!
Enjoy the buffet!

Well, anyways, the STUNT ROCK DVD is looking good. The only question is that if CODE RED keeps getting more material, is it going to become a two-disc affair?

Not that I'd mind, of course.

Thanks, CODE RED!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the trailer for this on a something weird trailer tape. It looks absolutely insane! Will pick it up for sure.

Anonymous said...

Get Perry the drummer to do an interview too!

Anonymous said...

Stuntrock Movie and the band Sorcery are a must have.
You really should get a interview with the drummer,Perry Morris.
He was the main man!
I dig their music and the Sorcery Live show was a one and only for it's time!

Anonymous said...

CodeRed produced the materials for the aussie release . That has a Perry interview. Im sure its on the US release with the other extras.