Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some screenshots from our recent transfer of BAKER COUNTY USA (TRAPPED)

We just finished the transfer on our recently acquired title TRAPPED (aka BAKER COUNTY USA) A 1982 Canadian backwoods thriller starring Henry Silva and Nicholas Campbell and directed by Canadian Cult director William Fruet. The transfer was taken from the original IP and we also hope to do some extras for this title. We are shooting for an early 2009 release.


Anonymous said...

Hats off to you Code Red!

Anonymous said...

everytime i visit this blog i see crap. crap, crap, crap. quit for the sake of real horror fans. Henry Silva film for god sakes. whats next another crap movie nobody wants. Go out of business and let the real cult dvd label take over.

Anonymous said...

every time i visit this blog, I see whining little bitches from some other label, or miserable fat asses sitting in their mother's basements crying the blues because the world doesn't revolve around them.

Kill yourself if your life is that miserable. One less prima donna for the world to worry about (and trust me, NO ONE is worrying about you.)

Anonymous said...

Notice how he said "everytime i visit this blog"? He hates code red yet keeps coming back here.

NO life.

Anonymous said...

Many of the other labels seem to have slowed their release of horror films. Code Red, and BCI seem to have picked up much of the slack the other labels have left behind. I wasn't sure if I would ever see Mausoleum on DVD...

Anonymous, since Code Red is nto paying you much attention, you should e-mail the other companies you enjoy, and ask them to release what you like. See what type of response you receive.

Anonymous said...

"r" said it perfectly.

Go after every company if they are not releasing a film you want. Why just this one?

This troll on this blog is obviously a representative of a competitive DVD company (Synapse, Dark Sky, Severin, etc?) that wants to trash-mouth a company they are competing with. Why else would this idiot continually come back here?

Go complain elsewhere, dumbass. I never thought someone could be this stupid, but this moron has achieved that task and even moreso. What a complete idiot.

Anonymous said...

Code Red DVD's? Not good. I've had my share of DVD offerings from niche labels and I can definitely tell that this was lower quality. The extra's were bad, and the cover sleeve felt pretty bad in my eyes. It was a netflix rental, and after buying other labels like Synapse and Dark Sky, where I can get better quality believe it or not, I was not impressed.

Disappointed, to say the least.

Anonymous said...


its like why pay little money for a heaping mount of gross extras when you can pay like 3 dollars more to Severin, Anchor Bay or Synapse and pay the same for a decent sized mount of really good extras

maybe it is just me but every time i have gotten Code Red's DVD's, it has either been overly produced and tasted like it was soaked in sugar or it tasted like dirt water

there are many other DVD labels on DeepDiscount. and honestly i think Code Red is the last choice for me

Anonymous said...

Why are these morons even commenting here if they are not fans of the product? I don't spend time and effort commenting on companies I have no interest in on their websites. Life is short - just don't buy it if you don't like it. Spending any more time on it just proves that the person(s) making these comments has some sort of hidden axe to grind. Go away, idiots. No one cares that you are creaming your pants over Synapse's release of some ultra-obscure asian crap-flick. I couldn't care less about that crap Synapse is releasing, but I'm not over at their website bitching about it.

Anonymous said...

Why? Because A) These "people" are FROM those labels and are getting scared that Code Red is doing so well or B) Lard ass/disabled fan boys who can't leave the house.

Either way, laugh at them. It's worth it :-)

Anonymous said...

Code Red are a fantastic DVD label. I have all their releases and for Horror / Cult DVD fans like myself , they are truely a godsend. Also not only do they release Rare movies - but they also work hard on getting the Interviews & Special Features sorted aswell. Their prices are superb also. Better than many other labels. "No names" I look forward to many more of their releases , Trapped is a cult classic , let's hope one day Death Weekend gets a possible release also. Good old Fruet. Cheers Code Red. Long may you reign.

Steven Carter said...

I also like Code Red DVD's, but the mojority of the time, I read the comments and it's half full of whiners saying that Code Red sucks, so on and so forth, etc. etc. All I have to say to those posters is that you were given common sense for a purpose. You don't have to partake of something if you don't wish to. In my opinion, Anchor Bay sold out, since they are offering "safe" titles like Masters Of Horror and the occasional super-ultra-mega popular titles like Re-Animator and Hellraiser. Code Red, as I have said in another post, is one of the TOP 3 companies I always get titles from. I don't go and e-mail Anchor Bay every day whining and complaining about them. In closing, I wish to reply to anonymous2 in saying that I am a real horror fan and what is anonymous2's general malfunction.

B.T.W. I'm awaiting STUNT ROCK in widescreen (my VHS copy is wanting to retire), and Wacky Taxi. Can't wait folks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those complaining need to contact the other labels. Ask them to release something you like. See what type of response you get.

Those complaining could also create your own label, and try to release what you want to have available.

Other Region 1 Labels, and my observations:

- Anchor Bay - nothing much new, many re-releases. However, I do look forward to more Blu-ray from them.

- Blue Underground - same as above.

- Cult Epics - They've released some good titles, but they don't have much output.

- Barrel entertainment - Same as above

- Dark Sky - So far, so good. They keep a steady output, have taken some of the slack others haev left. I also look forward to their Blu-ray releases.

- Grindhouse - Nice releases, though very few of them.

- Media Blasters - Nothing much lately from Shriek Show, though they have released some titles that are branded as.... Code Red!

- Mondo macabro - nothing much lately, but they have a nice library of titles.

- noshame - They never released much horror, and seem to be OOB.

- Subversive Cinema - Some nice releases, however they also appear to be OOB.

- Severin films - Some nice releases, many Franco, a good library, however their prices seem a bit high on some of their titles. I generally wait for their titles to drop in price, used.

Image - Not so much lately, but still some good stuff here and there.

- Synapse - Many nice releases, a good catalog of titles available. Recently released anamorphic Patrick. I hope they get into Blu-ray soon.

- Troma - Some nice releases of their films.

- Legend Films - Nice to see them pick up some catalog titles from others, and release them, such as Phase IV.

- BCI - Nice stuff so far, through Deimos, etc.

Big Labels (MGM, etc) - so far, so good. Every so often something unreleased becomes available (Prom Night 2). Plus, their catalog DVD's tend to sell for less than the minor labels!

Code Red, BCI, and others are doing fine by me. Where-as the other labels slowed down, or stopped releasing, the more obscure and/or yet to be released titles.

Code Red has a nice pacing to their releases, and if they continue releasing sought after, and unavailable titles, I see a nice future for them. I'm looking forward to Rituals! I'm glad I didn't spend $30 or so for the X-rated Kult release.

Steven Carter said...

I agree with you, r. I would like to add Video Asia has been adding some Grindhouse fare under the "Grindhouse Experience" banner but they use tape for their source, which varies from decent to poor (hard coded foreign subs, anyone???)

Anonymous said...

is this a slasher?

Anonymous said...

Shut up slasher, your shtick is getting old.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see all the whingers if Code Red and all the other cult labels slaving to release hard to find films decided to pack it in. Spoilt little geeks who need to release how good we've got it.

Thanks Code Red! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Realize how good we've got it sorry.

Anonymous said...

TRAPPED is a very good thriller, and it was released briefly in Toronto as THE KILLER INSTINCT. The filming title was CHATWILL'S VERDICT, and it was made in November and December of 1980 in Canada and Clayton, Georgia.

I've got a so-so quality VHS so I'm looking forward to the DVD of this. Lots of Canadian genre vets in this, too - Joy Thompson of PROM NIGHT and Gina Dick of MY BLOODY VALENTINE.

~ Dave

Anonymous said...

yet another very fine title from code red! thanks!