Sunday, April 22, 2007

NIGHTMARE commentary with Baird Stafford hosted by David DeCoteau done

Baird Stafford, who plays the lead in NIGHTMARE, was kind enough to fly all the way from the East Coast to share his memories and thoughts on an on-camera interview, as well as an audio commentary for our upcoming release of NIGHTMARE. Baird had many, many good memories of the film, and gave us over an hour's worth of on camera interview!

In the commentary, Baird was joined by the make up artist Cleve Hall who did the bulk of the make up effects, and he and Baird end all the urband legends regarding some of the myth surrounding the film. (There were NO six different endings shot,there was no shot of the 16 year old girl being killed, etc)

The commentary was hosted by Lee Christian and moderated by filmmaker David DeCoteau who stepped in the last minute when the original moderator Sage Stallone was unable to attend due to last minute schedule changes. Thanks Baird! Thanks David and Cleve! Stay tune for more updates!

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