Sunday, October 2, 2011


Recently, Bob was kind enough to come in to give us an audio commentary for BLOOD MANIA. The moderator did not show up, so Code Red president Bill sat with Robert to do the commentary, which didn't turn out as planned. Bob admitted that of all the films he made, this is one that he was not pleased with, so the sluggish film turned into a sluggish commentary. The film takes place in one location (one house) so very little can be said about the location, so the commentary turned into a retrospective of Bob's career. The majority of web critics hate when a commentary shifts away from the film on hand, but when nothing is happenning in the film, shifting the conversation to another subject is the only thing to do. Also, the DVD we viewed skipped and ended early at the 70 minute mark. Bob is willing to do a 2nd commentary with cast and crew, so BLOOD MANIA might be blessed with 2 commentaries.


Jimmy said...

As I always say it's better to have a commentary track going "off-topic" than one filled with dead air.

No problem if he talks about his other works, it's the same with the Julie Darling DVD and it's an interesting discussion.

BTW good job on The Witchmaker track Bill. I finally watch my dvd yesterday and it was an interesting listening.

The Dude said...

I enjoyed the movie, "Blood Mania." I waited too long to buy the Rhino dvd and that's fine with me since Code Red announced their intention of releasing it. How soon will it be out on dvd? President Bill, will "Butcher Baker, Nightmare Maker" ever come out on dvd? If so, when? Would it be possible for Code Red to release a few of these movies, "Death Weekend (1976);" "Demented (1980)" "Kill Or Be Killed;" "Nashville Girl (1976)" "Psycho From Texas (1975;" and "Silent Madness?"

Jimmy said...

Death Weekend belongs to MGM, Nashville Girl to New World Pictures (try Shout Factory) and Kill Or Be Killed to Film Ventures International (Shriek Show did release their movies). So for the first two it's impossible.

No idea who own the three others...

BTW I don't speak for Code Red, it's just my feeling.

The Dude said...

Hello Jimmy,
Thanks for enlightening me. I had it mixed up when I said, "Kill Or Be Killed." I actually meant the martial arts movie, "Kill And Kill Again." I appreciate your input.