Wednesday, September 21, 2011



CODE RED has learned that PAUL HUNT, director, producer, and writer of many exploitation films has passed away on September 13. Paul wanted CODE RED to release TWISTED NIGHTMARE, DEMON WIND, and THE GREAT GUNDOWN, but we were unable to find 35mm prints of these films. The last conversation I had with Paul was back in April when he called me at 1:00am telling me that his mother was in the hospital. He wanted to talk to me to get his mind off what was happening and he started to tell me all these crazy stories about his past films (e.g. Quincy Jones was originally supposed to do the music for ERIKA'S HOT SUMMER!!!) He kept telling me that Gary Graver's family have his 35mm prints and that we can put out deluxe editions of the films he made, but it's a shame nothing was found and we never were able to do anything. We'll miss you Paul and will remember you for all the films you worked on.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sucks RIP! Twisted Nightmare and Demon Wind are long overdue for proper DVD releases.

Anonymous said...

RIP. What a shame.
Twisted Nightmare and Demon Wind are a lot of fun. A shame they won't be coming to DVD. :(
As somebody else mentioned here, Double Exposure would be a good film to try to look up.

Martin Montag said...

RIP Paul, never seen any of his movies.

Please, please, pretty please with sugar frosted coating on top can Code Red find a 35mm print of grindhouse trash classic TRUCK STOP WOMEN and if possible Moon Shine County Express and also enigmatic biker movie The Jesus Trip. What do other fans think of these three?

Gothzilla said...

OMG! I had no idea Paul died! I was planning on contacting some people in Jacksonville FL who might have a lead (ie: stole a copy) on a 35 print of TWISTED NIGHTMARE. I still talk to Rhonda occasionally and will let her know. If I am able to find a print, we would be down for any commentary youmight want.

Cleve Hall