Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HORROR HIGH 35th Anniversay Edition on 8/10

A series of grisly murders wreaks havoc at a small Texas high school! A no-nonsense cop is assigned to find out the identity of the mad devious killer who roams the corridors of the high school. A mild mannered student has been drinking a mysterious potion that turns himself into Vernon, a genetic freak. Terrorizing students and teachers alike, Vernon spreads his web of violence and terror to all who have mocked or laughed at him. Vernon also plays a deadly game of cat & mouse with the cop who is trying to stop him. Can the cop beat the killer at his own game, or will he become the final victim at Horror High?

+ Brand New 16x9 (1.85:1) Mastered from HiDef from the original 35mm dupe negatives from Crown International's vault
+ Uncut for the first time on home video!
+ on-camera interview with Lead star Austin Stoker
+ comedy commentary with TV's "Beat the Geeks" J. Keith Van Straaten, Marc Edward Heuck, and Paul Goebel
+ bonus footage shot for TV on the TWISTED BRAIN release.
+ original theatrical trailer
+ code red trailers

MSRP 24.98


Ninja Dixon said...

Another fantastic release! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

This is the Code Red Releasing that I have come to love.

CVB said...

This is great news. A lot of folks have been waiting years for somebody to put out a decent DVD of this movie. Any chance of CodeRed putting out a Julie Darling DVD?

Anonymous said...

Oh marvellous!, yet another 'out of the blue' release of some obscure barrel scraping rubbish INSTEAD of Butcher Maker Nightmare Maker, and Nightmare In A Damaged Brain... Is there some way we consumers can nominate additional unknown, unwanted toss to futher delay and divert us from remembering CRs promises?!!!

Justin E said...

Great news! Just pre-ordered this and cannot wait to get it. The specs look awesome and Im glad this film is getting such wonderful treatment, nice work Code Red.

Benjamin said...

Someone at AV Maniacs (who apparently knows you CR folks) posted that CR has decided to go ahead with NIGHTMARE for a release by the end of the year. Looking forward to the details.

And everyone should order SLITHIS! Great movie...thoroughly enjoyed seeing it again for the first since I was a kid renting it in my local mom'n'pop store.

Anonymous said...

All this bitching about Butcher Baker... and Nightmare in a Damaged Brain reminds me of the bitching Synspase received years ago for delaying their Street Trash DVD release. They tried explaining to consumers that they were still working on the documentary. Eventually, they seemed to get tired of the endless complaining, people saying they msut not really have the rights to the movie, etc, and released a movie only DVD release. A year or so later, the 2 DVD edition of Street Trash was released, and still some bitched about that because they felt like they were fooled into buying the bare-bones release, and questioned why Synapse did such a thing...

Sometimes you just can't please the super geeky consumers. Do a rush job with sub-par elements, and you get bitched at. Push out a DVD without the extras that were planned because theya re taking too much time for the eager consumers, you're bitched at.

It's fun to see not much has changed, and it's still similar of the complaining about Street Trash.

db said...

Great to see CR finally releasing something. But I do agree that the length of time we're waiting for releases like Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker is negligible. How many more months/years will we wait for this title. What to Susan Tyrrell and Jimmy McNicol think of this delay??? Will their contributions to the alleged CR release ever be seen?
Can we PLEASE have a post from CR that outlines the status of BBNM and the other promised titles that everyone wants to know about? I think this a fair request from people like me who have supported CR and bought many CR titles.

Anonymous said...

I think most people don't mind waiting for a release (particularly one with great extras) but the absence of any updates about titles like BBNM indicates:

(a) no news to report
(b)the possible release date is so far away that the distributor is concerned about announcing the date
(c) someone is asleep at the wheel of this blog
(d) CR simply don't give a shit anymore.

Whatever the answer, people will make up their own mind.

Anonymous said...

More great news!! Thanks!!

One person's "obscure barrel scraping rubbish" is another's gem! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Mister Mumps' performance is vastly underrated, is imbued with so many hues of conflict, complexity so effortlessly and seamlessly integrated unto an entirety of one distinct "whole"......I sincerely hope CODE RED will secure us an interview and, as well, audio commentary from Mister Mumps!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this film, great news!

Anonymous said...

Best DVD release of the year so far. Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

Just watched this today. Great film and great job on the disc! Also I really dug the Slithis disc!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Code Red for putting one of my all time favorites out. I bought 3 copies--1 for a friend and 2 for me. :-)

Charlie aka DocCyclops