Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ALICE GOODBODY DVD streets on 8/17

This wild 70's sex comedy follows the exploits of a greasy spoon waitress, Alice Goodbody (Sharon Kelly - star of SUPERVIXENS, ILSA), as she sleeps her way to stardom via encounters with the cast and crew of a rock-musical production of Julius Caesar. It's bad luck for Alice, though, because while she sleeps to get to the top, a series of mishaps on the set keeps getting her injured and delaying production. It's a ribald, sexy comedy romp that Roger Corman called, "Hilarious! The funniest, truest take on Hollywood -- EVER!" Hollywood will never be the same as Alice sleeps her way to the silver screen, if she can make it out alive! Co-starring Vic Caesar (Duke Mitchell's MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE) and George "Buck" Flower (ADVENTURES OF THE WILDERNESS FAMILY)!

+ Brand New 16x9 (1.85:1) Mastered from HiDef from the original CRI negatives
+ audio commentary from the director/writer Tom Scheuer and editor Gary Maxwell
+ Code Red Trailers

MSRP 19.98

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Tim Rivers said...

I've never seen Alice's Goodbody, but am willing to pay to. Terminal Island sounds like a buyer too, again never seen it, so will give it a try. Very much looking forward to Night Hair Child a creepy little slice of perversity, Julie Darling would make a great companion future release.