Monday, June 30, 2008

Code Red re-teams the cast and crew of HOT MOVES!

"Hot Moves" stars Micheal Zorek (Bubba from "PRIVATE SCHOOL") and Adam Silbar reunited with the writer Peter Foldy and director Jim Sotos for a wonderful audio commentary track moderated by our hostess Julia for Code Red's upcoming release of the 80's teen comedy classic "HOT MOVES". Zorek made a special trip to Los Angeles, to join us and give us plenty of stories regarding the film and to see his old friends, whom he hasn't seen in years, and it was one reunion everyone was very happy to be a part of

HOT MOVES will street date on October 21st! Also for October, we have Jim Soto's directors cut of SWEET SIXTEEN scheduled for 10/14, as well as Tim Kincaide's cult classic RIOT ON 42ND STREET for 10/28, which will feature an on camera interview with the comedic genius Zerok!!

Photos courtesy of Lee Christian


Anonymous said...


slasher bob said...

I agree! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Bring us more fukin' slasher!

Kristie Alley said...

Wow, looks like the Old Country Buffet reunion! Never saw so many potbellied geezers! Even the girl is fat!

FilmSnob said...

Hey guys! Give Code Red a break; Hot Moves is a Drive-in, teens-ploitation classic. Thank God someone is archiving the cinematic black sheep that were born under the stars. I say, “More power to Code Red!!!” If you want more slashers, Slasher Bob, why don’t you get off your butt and start your own company. Code Red has already blown the doors off Blue Underground, Anchor Bay and Subversive and have proven themselves to be a the best damned DVD company in America…at least the one who carries the largest set of balls. Keep up the great work and don’t listen to these poor, unworthy fools.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but the wealth of titles that Anchor Bay and, to a lesser extent, Blue Underground, have released in the past and by FAR exceeds ANYTHING Code Red have yet to do or even boast of intending to do in the future.

Quit being such a buttboy!!! Can't ANYONE take jokes and criticisms??!!

"kristie alley" is correct, too..These people look really sad, evidently take very poor care of themselves and it shows!!!!

Dudley said...

You are correct, these guys look like losers and it shows why none of them became famous at all! I will give them kudo's though, they gotten a 4 eyed large girl that fits the size of the talents she is standing with! Chunky A baby!

D_R said...

Some of these comments i see on this news site makes me wonder why Code Red even allows comments to be made.

I don't see this sort of Activity at Synapse or Subversive's news page. And they're less active in horro than Code Red is at the moment.

For a new company, Code Red is doing just fine for me. I was wondering if I would ever see Night Warning be released onto DVD.

Disappointed with how Code Red, or any other DVD comapny does business, and can't find what you want in region 1? IMPORT IT and/or BUY FROM ANOTHER COMPANY. Can't import it or buy it from another company? Save your money, find investors, whatever you can do, and start your own DVD company.

Some of the comments the anonymous and others say in this thread are a bit harsh for comments directed at people who have nothing much to do with the Code Red company. Why don't you try saying some of these things to their face?

Internet makes some folks brave.

Anonymous said...

People post things in public, exist in spotlights, want acknowledgments for what they have done in mainstream popular culture, have aspirations towards being celebrities or involved in show biz, etc. etc. then as far as I am concerned they invite and should expect public scrutiny, criticism, sarcasm, etc. as well as accolades and praise.....Lighten up, everyone!!!! This culture is so sick and diseased and the entertainment industry on all levels, top to bottom, embodies how messed up it all is and its all part of a problem and hardly a solution....Code Red at least have the thick-skin and balls to understand this and that is precisely why they invite comments and allow them, I think they enjoy the critical as well as the heralding, it's ALL ultimately ATTENTION regardless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Anonymous, you must be an affluent, perfect physical specimen with absolutely no faults…or at least as athletic and nimble as Harry Knowles. As far as the “wealth of titles” Anchor Bay and Blue Underground have put out, well, those are all pretty mainstream. I mean if I really need to watch crappy cable television shows like Silk Stalkings or buy a re-re-re-release of Heathers, Zombie or any Argento/Fulci film, I know I can count on Anchor Bay to fill my Christmas stocking with the same transfer in a new package. To ad insult to injury, Blue Underground simply re-releases earlier Anchor Bay DVDs (same transfers, commentaries…everything); way to go, Mr. Lustig…I do hope you will honor with world with more amazing films like Smithereens and Starstruck.

I agree that both of those conglomerates comprise many more titles but Anchor Bay and Blue Underground have yet to release ANYTHING as rare or cool as Devil Times Five, The Forest, Don’t Go in the Woods Alone or Soul Survivor and with the upcoming releases of The Farmer (never available before) and Beyond The Door II, there can be no comparison. Now, get back to your Bowflex machine and your Hellboy Limited Edition two-pack (with figurine) and keep your conventional opinions to yourself.

Anonymous said...

First of all, it's spelled SOLE Survivor, not "Soul"....and Code Red is releasing "Beyond The Door" and NOT "Beyond The Door II"...Take your mouth off of the bong........

I am hardly in love with Blue Underground nor Anchor Bay AT ALL....but....Where were you when Wanker Bay released brilliant Giallos and EuroTrash, and Cult fare such as AUTOPSY, WHO SAW HER DIE, SHORT NIGHT OF GLASS DOLLS, CASE OF THE BLOODY IRIS, BLOODSTAINED SHADOW, LET SLEEPING CORPSES LIE, BLOOD SPATTERED BRIDE, SHOCK, MACABRE, BLADE IN THE DARK, HELL NIGHT, etc. etc. and Blue Underground has released stuff like SHOCK WAVES, TOOLBOX MURDERS, DJANGO KILL!, THE PROWLER, EUGENIE, VENUS IN FURS, etc. etc. ....and then went on to release the MONDO CANE boxset of Jacopetti and Prosperi films such as AFRICA ADDIO and ADDIO ZIO TOM (This Mondo collection alone is of a worth Code Red or any other company would have to bust their asses FAR more than they have to even come close to), and let's not forget the BLIND DEAD COLLECTION.........You compare the Code Red titles you mention as being superior to these??!!

.....I have a HUGE list of American and Euro horror and cult films of FAR greater worth than much of anything that ANY entity has released thus far to dvd or even to tape for that matter....These companies all have failed as far as I am concerned and don't know their shit, either....Bill Lustig is very ignorant of many many films existences and I have had numerous conversations with him to back this up, he took advice from lame-asses regarding many Euro thrillers to release in his big, shitty second wave of giallos that he did a couple of years ago.....Code Red's selections are very uneven and they are ignoring TONS of titles that everyone else has ignored, too.........Many of their selections , and I am sorry, just plain suck ESPECIALLY in light of the WEALTH what is out there that, VASTLY SUPERIOR films that COULD get restored (and that is the reason I am so harsh with my words regarding this)....hahaha...Do you want a long list of stuff unreleased and ignored and then compare this list of titles with the forthcoming releases from Code Red, Severin, Subversive, Barrel, Synapse, etc. etc.??!!! I'll happily post it and invite others to add to it!!!!

Yeah, BOARDING HOUSE, THE FOREST, SOLE SURVIVOR, DON'T GO IN THE WOODS ALONE, DOOM ASYLUM, etc. etc. are like movies Troma would dump onto dvd............The people running this entity don't know their shit, it's clearly evident when you survey the majority of their released as well as forthcoming releases. Save for a scant handful of worthwhile titles, their majority is so much filler displaying lack of knowledge, financial opportunism, and just plain hideously putrescent subjective taste................... a WASTE...................

Anonymous said...

Add to the Anchor Bay/Blue Underground former release list:


Cannibal Man

Two-Lane Blacktop

The Cheerleader Collection

Daughters of Darkness


Nightmare City

Mario Bava Collections volume I AND II

Night Train Murders

Werewolf Shadow

Curse of the Devil

Salon Kitty

..and even more esoteric films I am forgetting about.......I am not defending any of these films or saying I love them, etc. I am merely pointing out that there is a wealth of valid cult titles that these companies you arrogantly, flippantly, and ignorantly insulted have restored in the past....They made no money so they no longer concentrate upon such titles any longer perhaps but the contribution was, for what it was, vital and I think, in it's own way, coupled with all of the stuff that Image Entertainment put out, has hardly yet to be surpassed in scope and vision, perhaps there was more capital behind these entities though, too.....I wish I were wealthy but I am a pauper...If so, I could and would restore countless films no one has even bothered to think of doing yet.......Not the (largely but not wholly) complete junk everyone seems to be wasting their time and $$$ (however much or little they have) with now.........

Shaggy said...

And let's not forget, their DVD girl looks like the girl Velma in SCOOBY DOO! And their DVD Producer who is always photographed looks like a insurance salesman!

Why don't they put out something we want to see, and not this garbage. THAT'S RIGHT, GARBAGE!


Fuck BUTCHER BAKER WHATEVER MARE MAKER, who wants that crap? It is not even a SLASHER! Its about a crazed woman and gay people! HOT MOVES, hated it! THE FARMER, deserves to be UNSEEN, which is another crap that the director disowns, and piece of shit like A SILENT SCREAM, FINALE EXAM, SOLE SURVIVOR, DON'T GO IN THE WOODS ALONE, DEAD PIT, DEVIL TIMES FIVE, all filled with over bloated extras that nobody cares or watches!

Put out great films we all want like GIALLO IN VENICE, DEATHSTALKER, NIGHT SCHOOL, THE KEEPER, HONEYMOON HORROR, FINAL TERROR, POPCORN, GALAXY OF TERROR, THE BRAIN, but no, all they care about is their BIG FAT ASS(and looking at Velma, that summons it) wallets!

I used to like BCI, but ever since they signed them up, their line up got stale! LOL!

They are the worst DVD label out their, why don't you all get killed and die a slow painful death! Ha ha ha! GREEDY NUTFUCKERS!

Anonymous said...


..and where would we as a species be if B.U. had not released EMANUELLE IN AMERICA???!!!

Please watch ALL of the genius snuff footage in that film frame by frame...It'll do you some good, I promise!!!!

No, maybe you prefer a future of director's cuts of Jim Sotos, James Bryan, and Tim Kincaide "cult classic" films.....?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but James Bryan thinks he is up there, did anyone try to watch his featurette? The guy thinks he is a cult icon! He looks like a senile Santa Clause! LOL! Wacko! And Tim Kincaid does gay films, thats something to be proud of! All you losers be a sheep and support this crappy label, and wack off to their bad DVD's!

delicreep said...

If you haven't noticed yet, Code Red seems to specialize in the grungy, the cheap, and the maligned films of the 70's and eighties. Whether those epithets apply to horror, suspense, comedy or straight exploitation, CR has pretty much toed that line. They've stepped out a few times (Day at the Beach comes to mind), but hoping that they'll swoop in and fill the euro/gonzo/giallo/mafia void that BU and Anchor Bay have allegedly let open is misguided at best. Code Red is a small company that, so far, has not dipped into the "prestige" genre waters.

Don't get me wrong, I agree that there are scores of titles that need quality DVD releases. I'm also frustrated that some of my pet titles don't have a worthwhile DVD release in sight (Love Butcher, Gore in Venice, Blood and Lace, The Killer is Still Among Us, Devil Story, Ogroff, Ritual of Death, etc.). I just don't see how seemingly laying the total weight on Code Red's shoulders, and getting mad when they don't deliver on promises they haven't made, makes any sense.

Here's a list of other DVD companies you might want to email your concerns, since they all, in one way or another, have helped carry the obscure horror/exploition/euro mantle for some time. If Code Red has to answer for title x, y, or z not being released, then the rest have to, as well:

Cult Epics
Unearthed Films
Mondo Macabro
Synapse Films
Barrel Entertainment
Cinema Epoch
Grindhouse Releasing
Severin Films
Subversive Cinema

Send 'em some email, and see what they have to say.

For the record, Shaggy, most of the titles you mentioned have already had DVD releases: Deathstalker, Popcorn and Galaxy of Terror have all been on DVD and are either available, or out of print. Lionsgate owns IVE's catalog, so they most likely have the rights to The Brain. Honeymoon Horror is from Sony Video, and they probably won't give up the rights.

delicreep said...


Dark Sky Films
Image Entertainment

Joe-Bloke said...

Code Red, you REALLY need to do better work on your transfers. I've been quite disappointed in the pic quality on every DVD of your's that I've seen thus far. If you're going to grab up gems like Night Warning, Sweet 16, etc, you need to get your act together and make sure your transfers are up to par. I find myself flinching every time you announce a film that I love, because your transfers all have very noticeable flaws. Get this problem under control, please!

Anonymous said...

You are actually looking forward to Night Warning and Sweet 16? I pity you, those films suck!

Joe-Bloke said...

Haha! How amusing that you believe I'd actually care what you think. Please, pity away...

Anonymous said...

Hey Im cool with anyone that tries to bring obscure horror films to the people. I dont care if its Anchor Bay or Code Red. Ive read some of the comments on this page and I have to say you "people" that feel you have to bitch like a bitch need to take your dads little pecker out your ass and go watch some fucking horror films. Bunch of fucking wastes of space. How does it feel to go through life knowing that you mother WISHES she would have done the old hanger in the vag trick? Oh I know, poor baby, you just wanted youre commercialized, everyday, run of the mill horror flims. Well, your not going to find them here. Theres no Eli Roth, or Rob Zombie here. Youve came to the wrong place and now your feelings are hurt, so you bitch. This is a company that releases the obsure films that are hard to find not the films you can find every week at your nearest walmart. OBSCURE!
Keep it up Code Red.

Marshall Crist said...


Anonymous said...

Jesus, what a bunch of mean spirited assholes posting on this site.


Be happy that Code Red finds and releases the films they do. They put their money where their mouth is.

Hey, Kristie Alley... why don't you post a picture of yourself? Lets see what you look like, bitch?

Hot Moves is a fuckin' riot and I can't wait for the DVD.

Anyone who doesn't agree can BLOW ME.