Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Joe Dante and Sondra Currie gives Code Red a on camera tribute to Candice Rialson

Mr. Dante and Ms Currie was kind enough to take a few minutes out of thier busy schedule to give us a nice ancedote about Candice Rialson for our upcoming DVD of PETS! We do hope to get more interviews with people who worked with Candice for a tribute documentary to be featured on the DVD release. Thank you, Mr. Dante and Sondra!


Anonymous said...

Who kare bout some dead nobodie actress, give us mo slasher!

Anonymous said...

Big deal on a tribute to some skank B actress who died, where is the interview with The Redeemer!

Anonymous said...

The Redeemer is probably never coming out. I hope that just KILLS you.

Plus, I must add: you call this girl a skank B actress? Your precious "Redeemer" wasn't exactly an A-list film, you worthless retard.

And to the previous poster: "Who KARE BOUT some dead NOBODIE actress, give us MO slasher"??? Are you TRYING to prove to everyone that your a crack-smoking inner city statistic? Get back into the unemployment line where you belong or cash in some food stamps or something.

Keep it up Code Red :-)

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Candice biography? I think that Code
owes the fans an explanation.
I do give Code Red credit for
even releasing Pets in the
place, but a C.R tribute
(that was promised)would
have definately made the
dvd more enjoyable.