Sunday, March 2, 2008

NIGHTMARE update from Romano Scavolini

Romano was kind enough to answer some questions regarding some comments made about NIGHTMARE.

Some claim a longer cut exist, with additional footage; Romano replied, "Regarding the scenes which were never edited into the film (scenes with Baird buried in the sand, and others scenes about C.J. hanging himself in front of his friends, etc): I don't know where they are. They were thrown away, discarded, and never edited together as completed scenes. Romano Scavolini "


As for the head scene repeating twice, Scavolini told us this was a editing choice by the editor, and quotes " I ACCEPTED ROBERT MARGGISON'S IDEAS AND THIS IS IT."we hope this answers the critics.

Also Romano want you to see the trailer of his new movie, TWO FAMILIES, starring Richard Johnson and Franco Nero! Here is it!


Anonymous said...

Fair enough, but Scavolini's comment there about the repeated shot is somewhat vague and it does not explain why there are other, slightly longer prints where the shot of the head opening its eyes is only shown once. It just makes more intuitive sense that it be shown the for the first time and only once as a shock technique immediately after Tatum "closes" his eyes, the severed head then opens its eyes, back into the "nightmare" for Tatum. The same exact shot of the head opening its eyes with complete silence on the soundtrack smacks of an error, it's really out of place. I would never be so vehement within my questioning it were it not that other prints do not show the shot twice, that's all. There's my final two cents, ad nauseam....and only due to this relevant posting.

I know I love the film perhaps a little too much...haha....... ;)


Anonymous said...

p.s. If Scavolini truly watched your CODE RED cut and approved it, that's superb!

Will Romano do a commentary or contribute any on-camera interviews to the dvd, etc.?

p.p.s. Does CODE RED perhaps have any interest in releasing either of the last two films he directed, "APOCALYPSE OF THE MONKEYS" or "TWO FAMILIES"?

Thanks again!


john malloy said...


I have been reading your rant and your equally rant at imdb message board. You keep mentioning this "slightly longer print" or this "longer overseas cut without the head being shown twice". If Codered do not have this slightly longer version, then you are saying they have no right putting this title out?

I bought all the overseas version and several dvd-r & grey market video. they all do not run longer than 98min. I want to see your version which runs longer. I know imdb claim a longer version, yet all the bootleg I bought is the same 98min version.

If you claim to have this version and has this version in your possession, then you are doing a disservice to fans of this film by with holding this version. You are main block to any Nightmare fan like me to see this version you have.

I for one join the boycott and will not buy code red's release till we get to see this longer cut that Stephen claim to have. Obviously, Scavolini is even clueless over the film he shot! (which makes one wonder about his directing abilities). Stephen, the ball is in your court, give these code red people your rare version which is longer than 98min, so that they can put the dvd out so we can finally see these scenes.


John Malloy

Anonymous said...

*Shakes Head*

Anyways, CODE RED, I can't wait for the DVD. I know it'll be superb. Thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Dear John Malloy,

First of all, you seem to have the misled perspective that I am the only one who’s seen these “longer overseas cut(s)”. The Dutch and Australian tapes have been common knowledge as differing from and being slightly longer than the Planet Video/21st Century Distribution released cut for a considerable time and I am hardly the only one who has posted a commentary regarding this either here, at imdb, or on several other fan-based message boards populating the net like so many charming malignancies. The two-hour cut of NIGHTMARE which might have comprised the footage that the Code Red staff posted information about within this bulletin does not exist, maybe the footage was shot, as seems to be so, but, even if so, it was never formally integrated into any release prints and would now seem to be, alas, lost forever. The Australian Video Classics Gold vhs tape release from the early 1980’s runs approximately 99 minutes and 24 seconds and this is expanded upon and differs from the Planet Video cut solely in terms of a dialogue sequence involving the babysitter character but also differs in that the shot of the severed head opening its eyes only is shown once at the juncture immediately following the shot of Baird Stafford closing his eyes whilst lying upon the motel bed. The Dutch official vhs release from the 1980’s (which was then heavily bootlegged in a supposedly official release version along with a bunch of other out of print Dutch prerecords/films by Nico B. through his KultVideo shop in Amsterdam) print appears, from all accounts, to be identical to the Australian Video Classics Gold print. Here is the link to the artwork for the Aussie tape release:

I am offended deeply by your assertion that I stated that Code Red have “no right” releasing the Planet Video cut, or any other cuts dissimilar to the ones I seemed to be extolling. I never made such a ridiculous statement.

As far as I am concerned, Code Red can and should release the best quality and most complete version economically as well as pragmatically feasible and I support them irregardless of which version manifests in the end. I am confident that they will do the best job they can. Perhaps if the time and means were illimitable, a realistically transferable to dvd source print could be located that is synchronous with the prints of the film that I personally feel are “correct”, but Code Red is a smaller, intimate, fan-conceived and run entity and this type of extenuating and exhaustive searching is probably not very practical and would be to the detriment of their logistics right now and as well considering all of the other work they are intending to do regarding the considerate, thoughtful restorations of other cult films.

I am sorry that you are purchasing the “wrong” bootlegs….lol………..Why is it my duty to provide you or anyone else with my copies of my own shitty dubs of foreign prints? Certainly there are others as well in possession of these tapes!!?? Anyone posting here as well as running the show could find dubs or perhaps even originals if they’re lucky. The fact of the matter is that a vhs prerecord that is more than twenty five years old is hardly a source print that can be restored unto any acceptable dvd release manifestation by Code Red or anyone else. Nor is it likely (though not impossible) that procuring such a tape would enable anyone to locate or even put someone on the trail of a different foreign source 35mm print or materials that one could use to author a sound dvd if that is your intended implication?

I would adore seeing this cut of the film restored, but I won’t AT ALL condemn Code Red for trying their best and I still support them wholly. Now, if they wanted to confirm the head shot thing with me as existent within the other prints and consider to edit out the out of place shot from their release version, then that’s another story……… ;-) hee hee

Steven (NOT “Stephen”)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the link didn't
come out, go to:


and search for NIGHTMARE.

Anonymous said...

Well, Code Red or anyone else still fail to provide answers for why a longer, more complete version of "Nightmare" does exist and within the version, why that "head shot" only appears once.

Anonymous said...

Read the entire posting and comment thread. There is no longer version, and the head shot has been explained.

Anonymous said...

I did read the posting, did you? There are longer prints "officially" released on Dutch and Australian foreign vhs tapes in the early 80's containing one extra scene with the babysitter that is not in the Planet version and those prints contain only one "head shot". If these prints were shorter than the "New York" cut, might explain other cuts but these prints ARE longer! Reality of existence of these longer prints with different head shot contradicts the information in the posting.

Anonymous said...

No such scenes exist in the Dutch or Australian tapes. That's a rumor that has been debunked.

If not, post these scenes on youtube and prove it.

Anonymous said...

You're completely wrong, man. This is nuts! I have only vhs copies and no way to put them on my pc. Surely someone else must have copies of these tape versions to upload and help us prove this to these people?!!!?

Anonymous said...

If you have such a mythical beast in your possession, get a friend to upload it to youtube. Barring that, post exact descriptions of these prologue scenes, dialogue, running time of scene, the shots before, the shots after, etc. Make it convincing.

Anonymous said...

Great idea no one has ever mentioned! Why not release an extra disc of the brilliant and absolutely killer orchestral music score by Jack Eric Williams? Similar has been done by other companies for lesser score and lesser films!

delicreep said...

Let's be frank, here. Nightmare's script is ridiculous, the acting as atrocious, and the plot is moronic. Do we really want to sit through a LONGER version?

That was slightly tongue in cheek. Yes, as a collector and movie lover, I like to know that I'm getting the most complete version. However, if the director didn't see fit to include--nor can he even recall--most of the scenes in question, I don't see why anyone would scour the earth looking for them. Especially if the source is going to have to be VHS.

If Scavolini is involved and doesn't see that these alleged scenes are critical, then there's no reason for them to be included if the source is inferior. Considering that they are not shots of more gore or sleaze--which is what the film has going for it--then I would really have to wonder if throwing resources in that direction is prudent.

I actually love the little controversy surrounding this release. It highlights the almost surreal nature of the horror/exploitation enthusiast's quest for dependable sources for our films: we want the best experience from our rotten little gems (in part because many of them are legitimately great films), we rally for companies to polish our cinematic turds, our dirty little secrets of a bygone era that we use to shock and amaze the uninitiated, and we shake our fists with rage when our exceedingly high expectations are not met. I do not envy any company that produces remastered genre DVD's for this crowd.

This isn't to say I think that the current discourse regarding Nightmare is trivial or futile. Well, it might ultimately prove to be futile, but not trivial.

For my money, I just want to see a clean version of the film, with some nice supplements. From all that I have read, the Planet Video version seems to be complete in terms of what the director put together. If this is the case, then I won't be bent out of shape if this is the version Code Red goes to. But, we won't know until Code Red tells us, and they don't have to until they are ready.

As for Scavolini's other movies, I would love to see someone release his giallo 'Spirits of Death' aka Un Bianco vestito per Marialé. Which doesn't, in any way, translate into Spirits of Death.

sickofnightmarefan said...

OK here's the deal: some overseas versions may or may not have the second "head shot" removed. THIS SHOT IS IN THE US NEGATIVE, MADE WHERE THE FILM WAS EDITED FOR ITS FINAL VERSION! If this foreign tape has the extra shot removed, it was done THERE and isn't the original (admittedly flawed) vision of the editor, who has been given Scavolini's blessing. Stephen, move on!!

Anonymous said...

For DeliCreep:

haha Delicreep, you're on shaky ground criticizing NIGHTMARE whilst professing fondness for SOLE SURVIVOR! *wink wink hahaha

Seriously though, NIGHTMARE is so often criticized for these reasons and I disagree wholly with those contentions. NIGHTMARE was a permutation of the whole slasher golden period harvest bounty initiated by the financial success of Carpenter's HALLOWEEN (an equally derivative film in and of itself). But, unlike all of the other opportunistic clones, Scavolini's conscious intention was to subvert precisely the type of almost comic book type personification of a killer that was embodied within the Michael Meyers character in HALLOWEEN. In actuality, NIGHTMARE's entire structure is consciously inverting and subverting the structure of HALLOWEEN, whilst concurrently and arguably owing its existence to Carpenter's film. Scavolini purposefully set out to subvert HALLOWEEN down to the wire. Every element, of which there are many, shared as parallels between both HALLOWEEN and NIGHTMARE's structural plot mechanics are direct acts of interpolative terrorism on Scavolini's part. It's as if NIGHTMARE is engaging in patricide, slaughtering its creator in an act of rebellion and objection, just as the entire dream within a dream within reality of NIGHTMARE is predicated upon patricide, killing your father/creator just as NIGHTMARE is doing thematically and symbolically unto its "creator", acting is fine, I don't know wherein you derive your criteria for judging acting, maybe you are more impressed by stagy, classical Hollywood over-acting of the overripe strident variety which seems to impress most as well as reap ludicrous 'awards'? The way the children and mother characters behave is highly unmannered and low-key from an acting standpoint as it is less stylized, more plausible however. C.J. Cooke is wonderful and completely believable kid. Sequences such as the mother serving the screaming kids hastily burnt dinner just before the police car pulls up are so reminiscent to me of my own house as a child...haha...The psychiatrist and d.i.a. government feds characters are intentionally written as inept and myopic within their procedures and behaviors in their given situations as these types are so often this way with these government and clinical types, gross errors of judgment and oversights and stupidity....commentary is being made here, Scavolini is highly socio-politically minded as it inflects and predicates many of his films and documentaries. technically the film is nearly flawless considering its budgetary restrictions and, honestly, a slicker, more technically stylized approach just wouldn't work at all for the material. The camera movements and the manner within which they flow into one another through cross-cutting bear a conscious symmetry as does the very carefully thought about manner within which the elements from Tatum's recurring nightmare are incessantly juxtaposed with his conscious undertakings in the "real time" of the film. These contrasted dream elements are hardly empty, mathematical stylizations as in, for example, an Argento or DePalma film, they offer insight and depth and provocation in terms of character and situational psychologies within the film. Argento even rips off Scavolini (just as Argento has ripped off countless other filmmakers from early on and now even ripping off his own films in brain-dead self-parody in all of his latter period dreck) it seems by stealing the shot wherein Tatum appears over a victim's shoulder when she bends down. Dario uses the same shot in TENEBRE. Even such small details as the cutting away to an inner mind, idyllic, and innocent "portrait" of Tatum's wife's smiling face whilst he is smelling her underwear is a gauge upon which one can discern intellect, psychological depth, and thought regarding the execution and construction of NIGHTMARE. The sequence where C.J. is interrogated by the police officer presiding over his friend's corpse is very real, singularly harrowing, and very effective.....haha...I could go on....Yes, I am total geek, I confess........... :)

The lower middle class, broken, unstable family, the corrupt, completely vile government psychiatrists and physicians, the babysitter and her relationship with the children/mother, the lower class suburban environment, the mask worn, Tatum's "boogeyman" persona/character, Tatum's murder of and fixation upon his parents as opposed to sister etc. ........The thematic and formal parallels with HALLOWEEN are all there, but they are all inverted and hence, subverted, assassinated almost.......The technical stylization of the film also is within diametric opposition to the technical stylization of Carpenter's film. All of the elements, exposition, locations, dramatic mechanics that people cite as being boring and poor and slow moving are compelling, wonderfully atmospheric, and necessary to the film, nothing is empty or filler...Okay, I have gone on long enough with my NIGHTMARE love rant!!!!

DeliCreep, That Scavolini giallo, which he did the amazing cinematography for as well by the way, is highly underrated and criminally obscure. Scavolini himself is far too critical of it as well...haha.........


Anonymous said...

Quote: "Tatum's recurring nightmare are incessantly juxtaposed with his conscious undertakings in the "real time" of the film."

Steven, with the comment you made above, I still don't understand why you don't understand why there's a subliminal flash of the freaky, severed head nightmare image repeated later in the film. It fits entirely within the way this film is structured, and it's a shame foreign audiences didn't get to see it.

Anonymous said...

Dear "last" anonymous:

Cut from Tatum as a child closing the bedroom door from outside of it whilst staring still inside of the bedroom and into the camera. Cuts then directly to shot of severed head opening its eyes. Cuts directly then to Tatum as adult lying upon the motel room bed, eyes open and then he finally closes his eyes in exhaustion within the same shot. Cuts then directly to the exact SAME shot (Not closer, no alternate angle, the same) of the severed opening its eyes and a rumbling, dissonant sound is heard this time on the soundtrack. The shock of this is spoiled, for one thing by seeing the exact same shot of the head opening its eyes literally a few seconds before. The silence accompanying the first placed shot of it opening its eyes and its placement are very awkward and seem truly like an error and SO close to the same shot being used to make a symbolic point as well as shock immediately after George closing his eyes. Nowhere else in the film's continually juxtaposed and referenced dream imagery is there such a proximal repetition of the exact same shot from any other portion of the nightmare either which is suspect regarding the contention that it was consciously appointed "style". Perhaps a reel change resulted in this possible error, I didn't time the juncture precisely though? The head shot only appearing once in the foreign tapes is highly suspect, do you really think someone would go out of their way to edit out such a shot on purpose, or were errors made in some 21st Century Distribution print(s-?), or as it all totally intended on the part of the editing, which it seems Scavolini may have possibly had nothing to do with? I don't profess to have the answers but, sorry, I truly feel that the shot does not belong there, my gut feeling is that it was some kind of mistake, especially since prints exist where the shot occurs once during that ten seconds as opposed to twice. Maybe it can all be directly addressed by Scavolini when he does the audio commentary for the film playback on the Code Red release, as he hopefully will do.


Anonymous said...

I always want more head myself! The more, the merrier! What's the problem?

Code Red should implement seamless branching so you can watch the film with or without the extra head shot. I'm joking, of course, but it shows you really how absurd this whole issue is.

eduardo Risperdal said...

I just check my vhs and this so-called head scene is diffrent. it's not the same. diffrent background sound/music. You just hate to admit you are wrong weirdo for you have zero evidence. Just because you want the scene out, doesn't mean to lie. Nutcase.

Anonymous said...

You're the nutcase you insulting moron. You're completely WRONG!!! It's exactly as I stated. Your judgment is faulty, confused..........

Anonymous said...

I think this blog has run its course. "Steven" is correct about the scene and placement as it is in the 98 minute planet video tape print. Maybe this other guy is looking at one of the many vhs releases of the film that runs just over 90 minutes as these are hacked to pieces all over the place but I don't know if that footage is different in those versions but probably as they are all hacked and messed up. Whether or not the shot was meant to be in the planet version I don't know but sounds like it is if code red say the right specific clear info to Scavolini and he then comments on it. I have not seen the foreign dutch or australian tapes though so I don't know about those.

Anonymous said...

hey surely this argument has gone on long enough. I live in Sydney and have seen the Video Classics release (in fact it still exists in the crusty old VHS section of my local library). HOWEVER, there is no way I'm going to give this ridiculous bitch-fight any more power by checking out the running time of the Australian release. Nightmare really isn't that great a film anyway. I'm sure Code Red will do a good job no matter which version they release.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not you think a film is great is irrelevant and redundant to the matter. Although I am sure that your tastes and opinions are very important, impeccable, and are worlds beyond lowly garbage such as "Nightmare". I also didn't think that the SOLE and ONLY reason for these blogs was to bend over and be penetrated anally by Code Red and then in turn to suck off their excrement slathered member. You are the submissive "bitch" here.

Anonymous said...

Quote:"I live in Sydney and have seen the Video Classics release (in fact it still exists in the crusty old VHS section of my local library). HOWEVER, there is no way I'm going to give this ridiculous bitch-fight any more power by checking out the running time of the Australian release."

I think it's hilarious that your local library has NIGHTMARE for rental. It would be great, and would put an end to the rumors, if you did take the video out and take a look at it. Not so much to see if there's a repeated shot of the head, as it has been established that the original materials and prints have it, but some tape transfers dont... but to debunk or prove if there's a dialogue scene with the babysitter.

Anonymous said...

Cmon y'all... does this one trivial shot really matter?

I like to think of myself as a die-hard completest as well (especially when it comes to horror films and long forgotten gems like this)... but a line has to be drawn somewhere. It's not as though it's a KEY scene, and it's not as though the difference between 2 'eye-opening shots' are really going to affect a film of THIS caliber all that much. Let's face it... it's not a great film. I love it as I'm sure you all do, but the film is neither hindered nor helped with the absence or presence of this second shot. I've only ever seen the film with this second shot present anyhow...

I know of the fabled babysitter scene as I have a bootleg of (what I believe to be) the dutch video. This scene is there (the kids come down the stairs, whine about staying up late, and the Cathy flips out on them). And, even being the completest I am, I could really care less if this shot makes it onto the dvd or not. Neither of these scenes are paramount to the film.

Look at the posts, pages, time and arguing that this minor issue has caused!! Can't we all just relax and be happy that this film is getting the attention it finally deserves? Even though the negative is toast, these guys are doing everything humanly possible to clean it up...we're getting extras.. a trailer for christ's sake! (can ANYONE who wasn't of age back when this was released claim to have seen a trailer for it?!)

Just relax y'all, it's going to be a stellar release. And you KNOW you're going to grab a copy when it's released.

If you want to talk about film butchery, why don't you all hit up Paramount or Columbia and join the fight to get "My Bloody Valentine" and "Happy Birthday To Me" released uncut? The footage DOES exist, and is in great condition...

Let's put our energy where it's needed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, anonymous. I completely agree about My Bloody Valentine and Happy Birthday to Me.

Can you tell me exactly where the babysitter thingy appears in your Dutch bootleg?

Anonymous said...

Yup, it's right near the beginning, before she has her rooftop scare. She's watching tv and the kids (except for CJ) come down and ask if they can stay up and watch TV or something (it's been a while). She immediately barks at the kids (almost literally) to get up the stairs.

I'm pretty sure it's from a dutch copy as it has what I believe to be dutch subtitles. I downloaded this off bittorrent.

The other version I have was purchased from, which is the version I'm sure most people are familiar with (all violence intact, no extra baby-sitter scene, no subtitles)

Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

The presence of this scene plus the head shot appearing only once confirms, ABSOLUTELY that the cut that Code Red are releasing is NOT correct. Whether you think this film is important enough or worthwhile enough to be restored properly is moot and irrelevant. The first shot of the head is a fucking mistake and if this were some Argento film no one would object at all to anyone complaining about it. I happen to believe this film is an extremely well-made masterpiece and SHOULD be restored correctly, goddammit. Yes, the first wrong insertion of the head shot DOES spoil its proper insertion seconds later, period!!!! It's not in a print that is MORE complete than the PLANET print so it should not be there, those foreign tapes are the ONLY CORRECT edits of NIGHTMARE. END OF FUCKING ARGUMENT, existence of the this longer cut with one head shot proves this IRREFUTABLY. I just wish that Code Red would have admitted from the beginning that they just don't have the means, energy, money, or even desire to search for a proper print, I am sure it's out there somewhere though. Maybe they should leave the release to a company that cares more about the film than they seem to or than many of the blog posters here even seem to. If they had only admitted this from the beginning and not concocted b.s. just to cover it up and make their source material appear legitimate, this whole stupid argument, which I was correct about from the start, could have been avoided.

To all of the Code Red defense team: If this was one of your favorite films, you would complain yourselves and want the print complete and in its proper edit. This really is hardly too much to ask and no one should be criticized for asking. ANY FILM SHOULD BE RESTORED PROPERLY NO MATTER WHAT IT IS OR WHAT ANYONE'S OPINION OF IT IS.................

I hope you drop this release and allow someone else to restore it properly.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I won't any longer read any more of nor contribute to any more of this nauseating vomit either so you can all celebrate and throw a huge party within the glowing light shed by absence and my presence no longer gracing your hallowed blog spaces.......


Anonymous said...



Leslie Harrison said...

This anti-gay statement steven and anonymous is posting is offensive. steven is homophobic and he is filled with hate. anonymous last post is offensive. code red's webmaster, please remove them from the blog. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Leslie: I'm gay. And I didn't even find that offensive. For one, Steve said nothing anti-gay... and that second guy was an inbred douche... how could you (gay or straight) even remotely take offence to that? You're a whiney bitch who needs therapy.

To elaborate just a bit more before I leave this blog for good:

I do not have my tongue up Code Red's ass, in fact they've made quite a few moves that have really upset me (biting off more titles than they can chew, etc). But, I repeat, these minor shots are NOT important and no one except those with NO LIVES gives a good goddamn about them. In fact, at this point, I would just like to see it released EDITED just to watch you fuckers squirm yourselves into a blog-trolling frenzy.

Like I said, I don't agree with everything Code Red does, but it's evident they ARE taking great care with this DVD release. You want them to give the rights up to this film? Then you'll probably never see this released (remember Program Power?). Content to just keep around your grainy old bootlegs? Then get off this blog and go watch them.

Just take a long look at this blog. This really isn't a matter of missing footage and a complete film (and I'm sure within the next 2 days there's going to be at least 3-4 trolls counter-attacking this point). This is just a battle concerning who's right and who's wrong. At the end of the day, does it really matter? Do you think any of you're bitching is going to impact this release at all?

It's blogs like this that almost make me ashamed to be a horror fan. This is almost as bad as the trolling you see in World of Warcraft or some other online 'sensation' that attracts people who believe their opinions matter the most.

I am NOT kissing their asses, but Code Red is doing their best, and I support them with this release. It's the only release of this film we've been able to count on in... ever. To throw all this away because of one or 2 minor shots...well... if you're willing to do that, you're obviously not concerned with the film at all... You're just concerned with being right.

Anonymous said...

"Nightmare" should be restored in correct and 'proper" way and is NOT and NO amount of extras makes up for this!

I'd rather to have NO extras at all and to have movie restored CORRECTLY! Print being used is mistake and not intended vision!

Show Romano Scavolini BOTH versions side by side and ask him then what he thinks about which to release and then prove this by have him on camera saying he seen both and supports "Code Red" version. You're lying about what he is saying and if he does say these things in your main post here then you are also lying about the information that is presented and way it is being presented to Scavolini about your release "cut".

"Nightmare" original theatrical trailer is hardly "rare" as it was available on other "Planet Video" titles which I am sure is "Code Red" source for trailer.

Please let someone else restore "Nightmare" in the right way!

Anonymous said...

it's funny many wants CODE RED to drop the title and give it to another label. I don't see other label update blog as much as code red does. Doesn't make sense, unless these complaint are from people who never liked code red to begin with. just my two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable - these trolls just go on and on and on, and they are illiterate as well. Advice to you trolls: stay longer in English class instead of whacking off to your "Nightmare" bootlegs. You'll go further in the world and maybe even make a friend or two, although I have reservations about that.

I can't tell all of the anonymous trolls apart (as far as I know they are the same troll because they all have the same illiteracy), but the Steven fanatic is really getting out-of-hand. Didn't he say recently he was finally giving up on the issue, but then he continues to rant on and on about the same shit over and over again? What a complete douche.

And just because there's an "alternate" version of the film from some obscure Dutch videotape release that has an extra babysitter scene proves NOTHING about what the preferred version of the film is. A lot of TV-prints of movies have deleted scenes put back in, there are alternate cuts sometimes prepared for various markets, sometimes extended-sometimes shortened for various distributors, etc. It proves NOTHING. This idiot probably feels Code Red should get every deleted scene shot for the film and never used restored into the film to make a 3-hour+ epic. The footage was cut for a reason, but since the footage was shot by Scavolini, it should ALL be in the film! Every last frame. Otherwise it's BUTCHERED!!! I sure wish Anchor Bay had released the authentic export version of Argento's DEEP RED on DVD instead of the bloated extended version with all that comedy-romance crap edited back in. Get the point? Longer does not always mean the preferred final cut.

To the trolls and, yes, you Steven are one of them, although a bit more literate - please DO go away. I think most of us sane people here have had enough of your juvenile rants and whining. My advice for the mature members here from now on is to simply ignore the homophobes and the trolls. Remember the old line, "Please don't feed the trolls." They deserve nothing, not even a response. So, DO GO AWAY as you have promised us above. Go now. Be true to your word and just as Blondie once sung, "go away and stay away".

Anonymous said...

Holy crap dude... that was a brilliant post lol. Couldn't have said it better myself (FYI, i'm the "anonymous" that first stated these shots aren't really important, and had a post about having the extra babysitter scene etc etc... will be registering an acct soon).

We need more posters like you.

Anonymous said...

Forthcoming Code Red release of this film is WRONG and an INSULT to the film and any admirer of it.

All of the Code Red defense squad (obviously Code Red employees, too) here are the worst VERMIN. You ALL know ZERO about the film(s), some have mercenary and monetary interests, and you don't really even CARE about the film(s), you only care about if the movie is on a shit dvd or not, that is the most important factor for you. You are ALL the worst most superficial and opportunistic VERMIN, DORKS, GEEKS, FANBOYS, and the WORST ENEMIES to the proper treatment of these movies imaginable. You should all be shot in the head.

Mike Vraney (SWV) has located often gorgeous and complete prints of films FAR more obscure than NIGHTMARE and he has made an art of it through diligence, perseverance, and passion for many, many years .

I am sure since you are in such close contact with Scavolini that he'll be doing audio commentary and be shown the longer print for comparison of the extra scene and the head edit as well and address the issues directly on the disc, no?

All you care about is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Troll says, "You should all be shot in the head."


OK, well now this idiot is threatening murder, or at least condoning murder. Shows what kind of character we are dealing with here, folks. Nothing more needs to be said. Pray for the future of the human race.

Dr Butcher said...

Don't foget to assassinate the folks at BCI/Eclipse as well, as aparently, they have alot of say on what is on Code Red products as they are their distributors. WOW, it came to actual death threats now, amazing.

delicreep said...

Well, as of 6:48pm on 3/13, Romano Scavolini has spoken, and clearly. The matter of the proper print is closed.

Tenebre81 said...

Thank god. Hopefully (though it's doubtful), this will reduce the amount on trolling on this blog concerning "Nightmare".

Any complaints following Romano's statement will only prove that the poster is just a shit-disturber with absolutely NO LIFE. If it really bothers them so much, here's a suggestion: Make your own cut. You're all so sure that this extra footage is easy to find etc... How about you recut the film and release it?

Code Red is doing everything in their power to make this a good release. The negative is toast... most DVD companies would give up after that!

If you think you can do it better, I would LOVE to see you try.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that shut the trolling fucker up. Code Red have been selling their souls to give the film a proper release, one that'll never come around again. And these fat monitor huggers are going nuts because it's not some Australian cut or something. Pathetic. Or should I say, fat monitor huggER. It's obviously just one guy.

So yes! Thanks for the post Code Red. It should calm the storm...for now!

Dr. Gangrene said...

Dear Anonymous: I have a friend in Sydney that's willing to rent and check out the VHS from the local library you mention. Can you please post the name/location of the library? Thanks!

Quote: "Hey surely this argument has gone on long enough. I live in Sydney and have seen the Video Classics release (in fact it still exists in the crusty old VHS section of my local library)."

Lost said...

I've seen three bootleg versions of the film. The longest runs 99 minutes and includes BOTH SHOTS of the severed head opening its eyes. It has Dutch subtitles.

zaroff said...

My my, i've just read a monstrous number of pages, of folks arguing over how many times somebody opens their eyes in a trashy 80's flick, and even suggesting vengeance upon wrongdoers!

Perhaps if Code Red just releases an acceptably clean print with the bloody parts intact, strange people can stop ranting about it.

It is, after all, just a film. And yes, you should keep repeating it.

Anonymous said...

How about Code Red just releases the fucking thing already? They've had long enough. I'm not buying the whole "We need someone to translate italian" thing.

Just get this goddamn DVD out WITH the suppliments.