Friday, February 29, 2008

Brett Leonard to be at L.A Fango show to promote Code Red’s DVD of THE DEAD PIT!


Genre director Brett (THE LAWNMOWER MAN) Leonard has joined the lineup of FANGORIA's West Coast Weekend of Horrors edition, to be held April 25-27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (1201 South Figueroa). Leonard, whose features also include FEED, MAN-THING, HIDEAWAY, VIRTUOSITY and HIGHLANDER: THE SOURCE, will preview the upcoming Code Red DVD release of his first film, THE DEAD PIT, the 1989 cult favorite about a mad scientist and his zombie experiments.


Greg Goodsell said...

I be there!

Anonymous said...

Why this guy? Why aren't you using this oppotunity with Fangoria to bring out Constantine Gouchis? Imagine what THE REDEEMER will do to a packed crowd at a Fango show. A wasted oppotunity! YOU GUYS NEED TO WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Cryptman,

You always give away your identity due to you continually misspelling THE REDEEMER director's surname. It's GOCHIS, idiot, not "Gouchis", unless this is your revisionist spelling as you seem content to revise and distort deeply within a state of goober and uber-geekozoid psychosis, nearly every aspect of this film and of its valid position of focus within these postings any longer.

I truly find your persona deeply distressing, and not at all "distressing" as akin to the silly, overblown, cartoonish, veritable "performance art" stylization type pretense epitomized within your beloved T.G. Finkbinder's REDEEMER characterizations either. You ably embody the worst excesses of borderline psychosis, self-abusive sexual frustration, and as well all of the most extreme infantilistic retrogradations of the psycho-emotional, the psycho-sexual, and (in your case, non-existent) emotionally and analytically intellectual.

Your arbitrary thematic analysis of THE REDEEMER's dubious intrinsic traits are almost as childishly ludicrous and emptily absurdist as are your comparative juxtapositions of them with other structurally, philosophically, and thematically dissimilar horror films. Since you however have excelled at elevating and evolving your own teratogenic self-abasement and psychic self-flagellation (perhaps even physical self-flagellation, too...within the most intimate confines of your basement bedroom?)into a virtual and highly enchanting "art-form", I only hope that you have the good sense to seek a means of translating this skill into a financially lucrative manifestation of self-humiliation and self-exploitation that will reap you the monetary rewards necessary to finance your own personal restoration of THE REDEEMER, replete with all of the missing, genius Constantine Gochis miracles of your self-delusional depersonalization reveries and then you can finally cease to inundate the rest of us with your energy.

Interestingly, Finkbinder has stated in more than a single interview that Gochis (who had little to nothing to do with the writing, story conception of the film) was an NBC network employee who seemed to be drunk on the set the vast majority of the shoot's duration and that he was hardly very steadfastly "together" in terms of actualizing some grand vision you have appointed and christened unto the film and also that the film's raison d'etre was, as it is with most others, purely for financial rewards and as a tax write-off..................



Anonymous said...

Well said. I love how he hasn't responded at all to you either.

Some 'people' just need to be kicked back down into the dirt where they belong.