Thursday, March 13, 2008

Message from Romano Scavolini

After a length talk with Romano on the phone, he has a messge he would like for you to hear after we told him about other versions floating around and the demand of the fans to remove the repeat head shot.

"To the NIGHTMARE fans,

There were 3 editors to NIGHTMARE. I rejected the first two editors vision/cuts, they kept printing new work prints to make their cuts, but I rejected them, for they did not shared my vision. Then I brought in Robert T Megginson, whom I trusted to deliver my vision, and he did, for he shared the same thoughts as I. The producers wanted me to deliver a 98 minute film to fill more screening per night, so we never edited a cut any longer than 98 minutes. The version I have seen from Code Red is my final cut/version. This is my vision.

The head showing up twice is my vision to show the madness of George Tatum with all the drugs he is under. If anyone removes this shot repeating, then that is not my cut as I told Meggenson to edit it this way, and I will disown it if it is removed, period.

As for other European cuts with this shot appearing only once, that is not my cut I delivered, as well as the babysitter scene many are talking about where the kids come down to want to watch TV. I never authorized this scene after the credits, the cut I approve is the cut Code Red have shown me, which is the exact same triple X version shown in NY. This is not BLADE RUNNER, where I tried to re cut it three- four times after the release, this version is my final cut.

I wish no more argument regarding this, if you disagree with my cut, I can't help you for I will REFUSE my name being involved in this project if Code Red cuts the head repeating, or add any additional scenes I never approved of. Please understand and respect my vision as a director.Also the transfer is being worked on by my dear friend Jim Markovic, whom I trust will make my film look the best it can on DVD.

Romano Scavolini"

So the question is, do we give into your demands to alter the film from Scavolini's vision, thus making him not participate in the project, as well as having to remove his name off the credits, or do we honor his wish?