Thursday, February 28, 2008

TEENAGE HITCHHIKERS screening this weekened!

Code Red DVD presents



1403 NE 50TH ST , SEATTLE, WA 98105

Friday, Feb. 29 & Saturday, Mar. 1

Friday, Mar. 7 & Saturday, Mar. 8


Dir: Gerri Sedley

1975 / Color / 74 min. / 35mm 11PM! $5!

Ride us... for the time of your life!

An audience favorite at the L.A. Grindhouse Film Festival and QT Fest in Austin, Teenage HitchHikers is a campy and genuinely funny sex-comedy. Loaded with T&A and hilarious, off-beat situations (including a wacky rapist!), this seldom-seen 70's sleaze classic has some of the most imaginative and amazing dialogue ever put to film! Don't miss this chance to see this incredibly rare 35mm print, the best print of this title out there, cuz once it's gone. . . it's gone! A must for genre fans.


delicreep said...

*WAAH* Nightmare!
*WAAH* Redeemer!
*WAAH* Release [title here] now!
*WAAH* Code Red sucks!

Did I leave anything out from the usual half-wit screed that follows ANY new post from Code Red? I guess if I had been able to put it up in crayon, it would have been at the appropriate age level.


I assume this is screening is in LA or thereabouts, so I won't be able to make it. Sounds like a cool, sleazy little flick.

So, any plans for a screening of the remastered Nightmare prior to it's release on DVD? Grindhouse's showing of their new print of Pieces was a big hit, so I hope Nightmare gets a shot at making the same waves.

Yes, I'm sure the CR folks are almost sick of questions about Nightmare, but it IS a pretty heavily-anticipated DVD.

Anonymous said...

How about arranging any future screenings to take place in the NYC area??!!


Anonymous said...

Well, you started it, "delicreep", doing your own Code Red defensive whining (no difference between either extreme end of such stupid conflicts, either) regarding those "anticipated" ;)

I noticed the preliminary specs on the release indicate NO Scavolini involvement whatsoever, perhaps this is subject to change, however?

If Romano is not to be involved though, there is NO excuse for this although I am sure they'll come up with one, as earlier defensive postings made indicated that extensive discussions were done with Scavolini throughout the preparations for this release and if this is true, where are the interviews and commentaries in the specs announcement?

I can empathize with Code Red being annoyed by a bombardment of postings whining over this and a couple of other titles, but I think there has to be a little more tolerance for such. The fans buying your dvd's deserve a voice and SO many dvd transfers have been FOULED up these last several years there is ample reason to be insecure. This may well be the ONLY time NIGHTMARE gets released, period!!! So it is NOT annoying to be insecure regarding it being done properly.

Several Code Red announcements about the specs and transfer details incite legitimate reasons to be alarmed but we'll all see what happens in the end and then let the adulation and praise spew forth or the bile and contempt. My concern has always been for attempting to point out mistakes, errors, oversights at a juncture of the release inception and preparation wherein something could still feasibly be done to intervene or correct any manifest problematic.

This film should be released BOTH open matted and matted as well to afford both perspectives and options it seems. I am for open matting as to many (even respectable) "avant-garde" companies have made errors adapting films to anamorphic versions, chopping to much off of the top and bottom of the composition/frame.

The CUT of the film should be correspondent with the Dutch and Australian (the uncut Aussie tape, not the "Schizo" version) tape releases! It should NOT be correspondent with the Planet Video release as that release is incomplete and DOES contain an error of editing wherein the same exact shot is repeated twice. This shot only appears ONCE in the longer Dutch and Aussie print masters and it clearly is NOT meant to be shown twice, despite Lee Christian's insufficient attempts to rationalize its thematic, structural existence and incorporation in an earlier, "mediated" exchange I had with him.

Lastly, Romano Scavolini must be involved as he is absolutely the most important figure relative to the film, no offense to the others involved!

I don't think any of this is at all whining or unreasonable to expect from CODE RED if they care as much about the film as its many perhaps rabidly over-anxious fans do?

CODE RED, keep up the great work and I am behind you one hundred percent! I swear!

Thanks! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow - I thought this thread was about "TEENAGE HITCHHIKERS"!

Duh! Stupid me! It turns out it's the same old "NIGHTMARE" nonsense.

I wish these idiot fanboys and trolls would just go away. It's truly at the sickening phase. Pray for the human race.

Anonymous said...

But what else would idiot fan boys and trolls do? They don't leave the house. They just sit on blogs and message boards and whine all day long.

It's too bad the screening wasn't local. I would go.

delicreep said...


Well, you're obviously not a whiner; you're also correct: I should have left well enough alone and not tossed gasoline on a smoldering dead horse. Especially in a thread regarding a completely different horse.

On the IMDB board for Nightmare, Baird Stafford says that he was recording his commentary on March 29, 2007. (he also mentions that he was going to try to convince Scavolini to "look favorably" on the DVD). Stafford also mentions an extensive interview, with the producers on hand as well.

Baird hasn't posted since April of 2007, so maybe Code Red asked him to keep any remaining details quiet.

Your post pretty much sums up my feelings: excited at the prospect, cautious about the actual product.

And, from now on, I'll take my Nightmare musings to the proper threads. I swear!

Code Red: I hope SOMEONE will post about how the screening goes. I'm curious, both about Teenage Hitchhikers, and about how the print looks.

The Cryptman said...

To the NIGHTMARE fan,

I am not sure what you are complaining about, considering there has been numerous updates on your title, with pictures of actors and such, unlike the one title that they have that is not only better than the films they been yakking about (who cares about BUTCHER BAKER, BEYOND THE DOOR, SCHOOLGIRLS IN CHAINS) but is even better than NIGHTMARE? I am speaking, of course, about THE REDEEMER.

A real DVD label would restore this film in all its uncut glory. They came up with a lame excuse the negatives are gone. BS! There is such a easy solution: create a NEW negatives! WAKE UP Code Red! I just solved your problems!

A true DVD label will offer the following

1) A new widescreen presentation from the newly created negative

2) 5.1 surround sound to capture all the beautiful and ambience and frightening score

3) an audio commentary by the great unsung master of horror: Constantine Gouchis

4) All the deleted violent footage too hard for the MPAA to take, as this film had more censorship problem than any other slahser in the 70's.

5) All the trims imposed by the stupid producers , destroying the vision Gouchis has

there, a true label will create this, so I can rent and enjoy this. How can I even rent this, if they are not serving the main course?

Also, let me compare THE REDEEMER with your NIGHTMARE film. You screen both films back to back, in a crowd of a 1,000 filmgoers, THE REDEEMER will have the crowd in a state of shock over the snooze fest that is NIGHTMARE. Your killer was just a mindless babbling, drooling idiot. TG Finkbinder, as the title character, played not one but SEVEN different psychos, all setting the bar on what a screen villian is to be. Can your killer do that?

Also THE REDEEMER is like no other slasher out there. This predated HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13TH, it also has an atmosphere untouched by the genre, not before, not ever.

Also THE REDEEMER makes one ask questions of religion and their faith. Name me one horror film that can do that? None. This film is more powerful in it's comment on religion than the over hyped film THE DEVILS! That how important of a film THE REDEEMER is. Can BEYOND THE DOOR do that? I think not.

Also THE REDEEMER makes one ponder about their mortality and fate. This film makes one wake up in cold sweat about their own fate when the grim reaper comes knocking on their door. The film will hypnotize you in a trance, a dream that you will not be awaken from, and even after the end credits rolls, you aren't sure if you have woken from this dream or not. Can NIGHTMARE do that? Or THE UNSEEN? Nope.

It is a crime against horror world that Code Red is suppressing this film . I emailed them several times, and they have this girl secretary who keeps playing spin doctor, refusing to acknowledge they are the waiter,I am the customer, to whom they must serve.

I pray to the DVD Gods a real label puts out THE REDEEMER, in all of its uncut glory!! The film was the most violent film of 1978 , if not the whole 70's, and need to be seen in its restored glory! (hint, Don May Jr)

this is the cryptman, nevermore

Anonymous said...

"nevermore"??? If only that was true so we wouldn't have to listen to this dumb REDEEMER crap over and over again. "Cryptman" is either a complete joke-troll, or he's the saddest, most pathetic human being on the planet. Anyone reading his posts can clearly can see what a complete doofus he is. "Create a new negative"???? Hahahahahahaha! That would pretty much mean re-film the whole movie, dumbass! You can't create a new original negative out of nothing. If all that's left are crappy prints, that's all that's left - idiot!

This joker is truly the stupidest person ever and needs to get out of his parents' house cellar and go socialize and start a life. I doubt anyone would be his friend, but I wish him luck in the world!

Anonymous said...

Teenage Hitchikers sounds fun. I may have to pick it up now.


To 'Nightmare' fan: You should be thankful it's coming at all. They don't "owe" it to you. Code Red is a small company, trying their hardest to release what they can. If it takes them a year, it takes them a year. If you're such a big fan of 'Nightmare', keep rewatching your VHS tapes, and wait patiently.

God! And multiple people are interested in those so called unanticipated releases.

'Delicreep', I give you positivity. You're in no way the same as the trolls.

Anonymous said...

I never suggested any pressure to release NIGHTMARE quickly, are you sure you read my entry properly? I was only concerned that it be done as correctly as possible and pointing out potential mistakes whilst they are still perhaps able to correct them, before it's too late to do so.

Why should I be "grateful" for a release if it is messed up? That is an asinine remark and delicreep would agree with me. So, I should just shut up and not offer any constructive criticism, especially in light of the fact that CODE RED are taking their time in order to do their best?

I suggested that none of my supposed "demands" were at all unreasonable, either practically or fiscally. I never suggested either that CODE RED "owes" this to me, merely that it be done as well as is feasible and within the scope of my feasible, certainly 'affordable' requests. If you read your friend Delicreep's reply to me, he found nothing unreasonable within my posting and even concurred with me. Don't be so dimwitted and reactionary.

Please return the blog subjects to the matter at hand, the screening, sorry for this by I didn't start it.


Anonymous said...

"Nightmare" man:

You may have not started it in this thread, but you have continually brought up your feelings about this "Nightmare" DVD over and over again in previous threads. It gets really annoying for fans of all the other films Code red is dealing with to have to listen to your same constant harping over "Nightmare" over and over again. We know you don't agree with the extra 'head' shot already! We know all your other "constructive criticism" issues. I am sure Code Red does as well. You've stated your case about all the concerns you have with this film coming to DVD again and again. The more you keep saying the same thing ad nauseum, the more ridiculous you look. If you don't like what Code Red eventually does with "Nightmare", then just don't buy it. But saying you're just trying to make sure that they do it right and that you're simply offering constructive criticism is beyond insane at this point. They've heard you - many times already - and the more you spout on and on about it makes you just look like an insane, obsessive fan. Give it up and move on or just keep repeating "it's only a movie."

In all due respect, I do find you to be a lot more mature and level-headed than that "Redeemer" guy, but all opinions, including yours, have been heard already - numerous times. I'm sure Code Red will deliver the best product they can on this film. If they don't do what YOU want, then you can bitch and complain and not buy it, and maybe other people will agree with you. But we've all heard your feelings already!!! End of discussion. I really think it's amazing and respectable that Code Red even allows this open forum considering all the venomous trolls and whatnot that prance around here with their negativity against the company. I know if I had my own DVD company that I would never be able to listen to this childish vindictive fan behavior on a daily basis. No way at all would I allow it! Code Red has some serious guts and balls to allow such fanboy nonsense on their own blog.

On a more positive note, I'd like to see "Teenage Hitchhikers", but I don't live in Seattle. Never even heard of this film before and it has the girl from "Last House on the Left" in it!!! It's a must-buy for me just for that whenever it comes out on DVD.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, agreed, and empathized with!!!!!!!!!

LOL I admittedly am OBSESSIVE, a FANATIC, a MANIAC......hahaha......But we all are here and it inflects both ends of the spectrum, the blade is double-edged.........Face it, all of us posting here...we are ALL trolls, fanboys, the obsessive geeks and film dorkasauruses, the incessant, maniacally consistent frenzy within which we ALL post and counter-post here is concrete testament to how obsessive, maniacal, and dorky we all are regarding these films and these endeavors at hand...hahaha........Better we are all obsessed with shit like this though than more soulless consumer-slave material goods or almost worse, we could all be obsessed with films solely because they are on dvd or blu-ray, etc. (i.e., paramountly fanatical about equipment and hardware....ugghhh..).....At least all of us here seem to bear a singular type of genuine passion, as twisted and self-absorbed as it may

So, I apologize to every geekezoid, troll, fanboyz, and dorkasaurus here for my own dorky, passionate, and obsessive fires of mildly repetitive self-interest in NIGHTMARE and I vow this will be the last time I spew any.....

Let's ALL be friends now and support CODE RED for their efforts, no one is perfect, whatever quantifies "perfect" anyway, nor ever shall be........I'm sick of "complaining", even though that's not completely what I was doing................

I am truly looking forward to ALL of their intended releases and intend to purchase every one of them forthcoming, just as I have with what they already released, and this with my hard earned pittance!!!!!!!!!