Friday, December 28, 2007

Some pictures from our commentary session with OVIDIO ASSONITIS and NATHANIEL THOMPSON for BEYOND THE DOOR

Here are pictures of Producer/Director of BEYOND THE DOOR Ovidio Assonitis when he came all the way from Italy to L.A to do a commentary for our up coming release of BEYOND THE DOOR! He was joined by noted Euro-Horror Historian/writer Nathaniel Thompson and our moderator Lee Christian for a enjoyable session. We had fun recording this, a must listen for any Euro-cult fans, and we hope you will too!


Anonymous said...

Code Red, why do you suck so much? Care to explain?

Blogstein said...

Yeah, you Code Red clowns are pure ass. I see that you're all too dense to release The Redeemer. If you're not gonna release it, don't announce it to beging with, assholes! I hope your joke of a company crumbles down on top of you.

Rico said...


Anonymous said...

Enough of THE REDEEMER! Just buy the $1 DVD, it's all over the place! And they never announced this, asshole, Fangoria did without authorization!

Anonymous said...

$1 DVD? That is not us fans of this masterpiece wants, you loser. You can make the film look like it was shot yesterday, I don't care how much you spend, you MUST satisfy us consumers. In agreement that NO ONE cares about a stupid turd like BEYOND THE DOOR, or THE UNSEEN, or NIGHTMARE, get it? NIGHTMARE wishes it was atmospheric like THE REDEEMER is. I want REDEEMER in widescreen, uncut, with tons and tons of extras, and a 5.1 sound. If you can't supply us with that on THE REDEEMER, you are NOT a company to support. Dam BCI for supporting you, hope they go down with you.

Anonymous said...

Good golly gosh, if you feel that way, why don't YOU release THE REDEEMER yourself? A friend of mine is trying to track down director Constantine S. Gochis. I spoke to the screenwriter many years ago, and refreshingly, HE said he didn’t know what was going on in the film either!

-- Greg Goodsell

Anonymous said...

The director died several years ago.

Cryptman said...

It is YOU who do not understand. These guys baited and switched us into assuming THE REDEEMER is coming out, only to give us a excuse that the negatives are gone, and all prints are damaged. Horsepucky! They probably have the negatives, and are laughing their way to the bank.

As for the prints being damaged, it can be restored. Did you see how they restored craps like DR STRANGELOVE and BLUE SUNSHINE? THE REDEEMER is far more important and needs to be restored.

These idiots wins attention from the horror public by mentioning THE REDEEMER, and turns out they did it to gain attention, for all their other titles are crap crap crap. Who gives a crap about NIGHTMARE, SCHOOLGIRLS IN CHAINS, NIGHT WARNING, THE FOREST, THE UNSEEN,DON'T GO INTO THE WOODS, BEYOND THE DOOR, HOT MOVES.

They failed to realize that they are the waiters, and I am their customer, awaiting the main course. I paid netflix to rent these, therefore they have gotten some of my money.

Since they gotten my money, I now OWN a part of their company, for I funded them. And if I own a share, they better listen to their shareholders!

And you seem to fail to realize what a important film THE REDEEMER is. Without THE REDEEMER, there would never be HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY THE 13TH, hell even SCREAM!

I have never truly seen a horror that captures the atmosphere that Hitchcock wishes, nor the masterly of set pieces that Argento can dream of.

It is YOU who seem to fail to understand. The writer knows what he wrote. Perhaps you asked the wrong questions. WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is the funniest stupidity I've read in a LONG time. This 'cryptman' is either a total joke, or he's just a complete whack-job. What a total idiot. Keep the dumb posts comin', cryptman. We're all laughing at you.

Anonymous said...

While cryptman does have a point (Tired of these morons hyping up dvds that are taking forever to get released. SMARTED UP, CODE RED), his method of rant leaves a lot to be desired. Plus he is incorrect. Look on IMDB and this site. It is "Nightmare" that is the most anticipated release from these guys, and it's also the one they're being so GODDAMN quiet about. Like I said in a previous post: If we don't get any info on this DVD soon, Code Red is going to loose a TON of possible customers.

I'm going to be a total ass here and tell Code Red how to run the show (it's apparent they haven't a clue how). CODE RED: Concentrate on the titles you have advertised (or the titles you know we want) and quit posting all your goddamn hopes for releases in the future. GET TO WORK or give the film to someone who will actually get on the ball. Small company? EXPAND.
There's no excuse for ANY of this.

fedupwithhorrorfans said...

I love how everyone seems to know how to run a DVD company. As has been mentioned tons of places, what kinds of info do you want on NIGHTMARE? The maturity level of fans is so incredibly low that I would be surprised if you whiny babies can detach yourselves from your mother's teet to purchase these discs when they come out!

Anonymous said...

Blow it out your arse, puritan. Cover scans, screenshots, trailers, list of features... you want me to continue? It has nothing to do with knowing how to run a DVD company. It is VERY POSSIBLE for them to release info on the progress of this dvd (clearly their most anticipated). But they don't.

I'm sorry if I hurt your little feelings about your precious dvd company, but TOUGH.

This is a LONG OVERDUE release and it's almost an insult to give us a taste of it at the start, then ignore it for months, only giving info on the other titles (many of them absolute CRAP, but that's just my opinion) that you may or may not release.

Again, puritan, blow it out your arse.

Cryptman said...

Are you saying THE REDEEMER is crap when it is a superior movie over THE NIGHTMARE, my friend?

BEYOND THE DOOR is crap. NIGHT WARNING is worse than crap. THE MUTILATOR blows chunks. SOLE SURVIVOR stinks. THE NIGHTMARE wishes it was as influential.

Name me one TRUE horror fans who want any of the above titles out? None.

Perhaps you have never seen THE REDEEMER, therefore your eyes have not opened up yet??

Anonymous said...

Ummm no I just don't give a rat's ass about your film. And unfortunate for you, the films you've listed (especially Nightmare and Beyond the Door... the latter I'm not so crazy about) are obviously NOT crap as they are more anticipated (do some homework, inbred) than your goddamn film.

Go crawl under a rock and don't come out until you pull your head out of your own ass.

cryptman said...

Thank you for your thoughts, however, you are the one misguided. THE NIGHTMARE wishes it could be anywhere near THE REDEEMER is. Perhaps you have never seen THE REDEEMER? The ambiance, the atmosphere. The director, Constance Gouchis, has created a horror masterpiece with his masterly of the mis-en-scene, something lacking in the poor direction of films such as BEYOND THE DOOR and NIGHTMARE, as well as the other film this sorry ass label is putting out.

I can understand your misguidedness. You probably never seen the uncut THE REDEEMER ever, as it is being suppressed, what is the greatest horror masterpiece ever, so importance in it's historical significance, as without this film, there will never be HALLOWEEN nor FRIDAY THE 13TH.

And as for popularity, does imdb matter? Simply put without THE REDEEMER slasher genre would never existed. That is historically important, and for you to show disrespect to THE REDEEMER stuns me to no end.

In fact, you complain the lack of updates for THE NIGHTMARE. They are ABSOLUTELY silent about THE REDEEMER, as they had updates previously about THE NIGHTMARE where they wasted their time with the guy who played the killer (which the time and effort could have went to the restoration of THE REDEEMER as well as interviewing the director, the writer, and other important artists who were pieces of the puzzle to create this film).

If you want to waste your time bitching about THE NIGHTMARE, please do. but I, for one, represent the majority of the true horror fans and speak on behalf of THE REDEEMER, the real SON OF SATAN. I am also planning on boycotting BCI/Eclipse titles, as their pathetic Spanish line is a joke! Paul Naschy wishes he would be as good as TG Finkbinder as THE REDEEMER! He is also much better than Susanne Tyrrel is NIGHT WARNING, That killer in THE NIGHTMARE, or THE MUTILATOR, a film made by a bunch of morons.

I suggest you stop wasting your fight against them for THE NIGHTMARE,and help us horror fans with the protest for THE REDEEMER, and also tell BCI we mean business, and remind BCI we are the customers, they are the waiters, and we are here for the main course: THE REDEEMER. All others are disposable appetizers at best.

Until Code Red puts out the uncut, uncensored version of THE REDEEMER from the negatives with a 5.1 sound. I will not rest until I rent this holy grail of a film.

Also I will remind BCI that not only did I rent some Code Red titles, but have rented some BCI titles as well, this makes me a majority shareholder on BCI's stock, so now I own a piece of this company, so they better listen to my complaint on THE REDEEMER more than your THE NIGHTMARE. Without THE REDEEMER, there will never be NIGHTMARE or MUTILATOR or BEYOND THE DOOR. Get It?

quote The Cryptman, nevermore.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to fight back because... well.. it's really pointless to fight with a self righteous retard LOL.

What I WILL say though is this: anyone needs a good laugh? Check out any post by crypt-bitch. It'll really brighten your day.

Lastly, I've seen "The Redeemer" in its uncut format as I have a bootleg of it. Yes it was a good film. But it's not the most anticipated title that Code Red has. Deal with it your kill yourself. Either way, shut up.

P.S. The film is just called "Nightmare". not "The Nightmare". Stop talking about films you know nothing about.

thatsjustsad said...

I love this! So the two obsessive trolls turn on each other. You two are both a pair o grade A morons you both think your chosen favorite film is the end-all meet-all of horror films and that anyone who doesn't agree isnt a "true horror fan". This is a perfect illustration of the stupid side of horror fans. You both give us all a bad name!! Go ahead, boycott this company, what happens when REDEEMER and NIGHTMARE come out? Does that mean your boycott is over? Gimme a fuckin break!

Cryptman, I don't know where to begin, but I have no doubt that you're some 14-year-old with no friends and what's the point in arguing with someone whose world revolves around a horror film with a meager cult following. Code Red has said in several places that REDEEMER's negs are gone, and they're looking for better elements that's the hold up. Other guy, they also said they're working on piecing together the ultimate NIGHTMARE and waiting for Romano Scavolini to do extras. None of this is done in one day and why not work on other titles they have in the works instead of sitting around, twittling their thumbs? You both need to grow up and go outside, get some fresh air, make some friends, read a book, expand your mind. And a happy new year to both of you; may 2008 find you maturing and hitting puberty.

P.S., You rented some DVDs? How is that supporting Code Red or BCI? How about buying somethin for a change? To be a stockholder you need to purchase shares in a company not rent a DVD from Netflix or Blockbuster. Maybe when you get old enough to vote your daddy will teach you how stocks and financing work. And what is this waiter and customer bullshit? The other guy is right there, your posts are a guaranted laugh riot. Continue embarrassing yourself, it's giving us all some great laughs

Anonymous said...

Well said "thatsjustsad"!

I frequent this blog every once in a while as I look forward to quite a few films that Code Red will be releasing, but reading the moronic, immature, and just plain stupid comments from some of these "fans" (especially cryptman and that other idiot) really makes me wonder if it's even worth it for any DVD company to deal with this juvenile stupidity. These idiot 'fans' should just shut up and get a life - if they don't like something in this world, than either they should do it themselves or just shut the 'f' up about it. Honestly, though, their comments are so dumb that they are pretty entertaining, so maybe they should continue their stupidity so we can all have a chuckle. I once thought these idiots must be fake-troll comments because no one can actually be that stupid, but now I'm scared because I think these people are actually real!!! Oh, the horror!!!

In any event, let the idiots continue to spew their stupidity. I know there are a lot of us out there that really recognize and support all your work and dedication to the films you are putting out. So ignore these juvenile idiots who apparently live their whole life around one film. Hey, I like both "THE REDEEMER" and "NIGHTMARE", but I have never seen such fan-obsessed lunacy about any film before as evidenced on this blog. This is total insanity!

By the way, although I will buy "NIGHTMARE" (and REDEEMER" if good elements ever do surface), I look way more forward to titles like BEYOND THE DOOR, THE VISITOR, BOARDINGHOUSE, and many other films Code Red has than the ones that those two idiots are fighting over.

So ignore the stupidity! Your fans are out there. Let those two idiots rot in their dumb juvenile fan-boy insanity. Just keep up the good work and we're thrilled that you have a new distributot to get your films out there!!!


Anonymous said...

Do you like the smell of shit? You seem to have your nose so far up Code Red's ass....

Those two "idiots" as you referred to them are very immature, yes, but they do have a point.

No, rome was not built in a day. And neither is a DVD company. However I can understand where these two "idiots" are losing their temper. Well, not so much cryptman as he's basically declared himself a stockholder of Code Red LOL. But think of it: These are films that ppl have been fighting for to have released for years now. It finally happens, and the company is soooooooooo secretive. Not just with one title, but with many. It upsets a long time fan to see a film get announced MONTHS ago for release, then NO INFO released on it since. And I doubt Code Red has been sitting on their ass all these months doing NOTHING. There HAS TO HAVE BEEN progress made in these titles. But... they're being secretive about it. Why?

Maybe the way these 2 voiced their opinions was totally unruly, but the reasoning behind it is 100% understandable.

Get off your ass Code Red.

gimmeabreak said...

Listen, man, there are plenty of companies who announce titles months in advance and then continue to work on them. Synapse announced titles like MADAME O and THE DEPRAVED ages ago, yet give no updates. Grindhouse gives no updates on PIECES or MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE. Barrel gives no updates on HOUSE ON STRAW HILL. Dark Sky gives no updates on their Arthur Marks titles, or any title, for that matter. Of all the DVD companies out there, only Code Red has an active blog that is regularly updated. Be thankful they're actually keeping fans informed of what's going on!!

Perhaps the reason why there are so few inactive blogs and DVD company reps communicating with fans because all of these companies have no intention of giving day-by-day updates on what they're doing on a certain title. No one has ever done this, and no one ever will. I ask again: what do you want to know??? They're working on a master from multiple prints of which none are of perfect quality, are waiting for Scavolini to do interview and commentary, and have done interviews and a commentary already with other people from the film. What else do you want to know? It's all being worked on! Don't you want these releases to be perfect? If that's the case what's the problem with the company taking time to ensure it's all done right? Horror fans are the whiniest and most impatient cult out there, and many of the posters here illustrate that.

pinkfit said...

gimmeabreak is right, Code Red actuallly do a great job of updating us on their progress compared to some companies. Not only do we get written bulletins and blog postings but, screen shots, menu pages and photos of commentary recording sessions and interviews. That is way more than some other distributors are giving us.