Tuesday, December 25, 2007

UNCUT BEYOND THE DOOR screening this Saturday!

Code Red and Cinefamily proudly presents the first time ever in L.A, the uncut International version of BEYOND THE DOOR!

1/5 @ 10:30pm / SERIES: ladri di cinema

Beyond the Door:

The Italian upchuck brigade of Exorcist cash-ins began with this hit from Ovidio G. Assonitis (Tentacles, aka Jaws, the octopus) starring wholesome Juliet Mills (currently seen on the soap opera Passions) as an expectant mother carrying a Rosemary’s Baby-style satanic tyke. Profanity, telekinetic toy mayhem, and head-spinning ensue, all to a funky score by the great Franco Micalizzi. Drive-in gold released by the shady Film Ventures International (whom Warner Brothers sued over the film’s balls-out rip-offery – and lost), Beyond The Door ends up being more stylish and disturbing than you might expect. In addition to its quizzical jabs at the source material -- the character of Mills’ son is addicted to Campbell’s pea soup – the film is interesting and refreshing for its deeply religious overtones. Because Italy is a Catholic country, there’s no guilt over questioning whether or not the characters are believers; the film’s evil comes from The Devil, period. This is the LA premiere of the extended Italian cut of the film.Dir: Ovidio G. Assonitis, 1974,109 min.

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Anonymous said...

WoooooT! Can't wait till this release. Hell if I lived close enough, I'd be at this show too!