Wednesday, April 27, 2011


THE WITCHMAKER producer, great character actor and A BOY & HIS DOG director L.Q. JONES, didn't want our authorized release of THE WITCHMAKER to go out without an on-camera interview for the fans! We quickly rushed and got LQ JONES to sit down with us for a quick chat to speak directly to fans of THE WITCHMAKER regarding his views on the film. He even wanted fans of the film to write in and speak some criticism about the film! On release date, CODE RED and LQ JONES will take both your praise and complaints about the film on this blog! So chime in and let LQ know how you feel, and he'll respond! So keep on eye on our release date, and give your opinion on the film (good or bad) at that time, and converse with the legendary L.Q. Jones!


Allen w/ Code Red Facebook Fans said...

Oh, this sounds awesome! I just had to share it with the Facebook supporters. We're up to almost 500 now. Hopefully they'll come over and share their thoughts and questions with LQ!

Matthew David said...

Novel idea, looking forward to the exchange with L.Q.

CiNEZiLLA said...

Well Damn! I'm really looking forward to an officiall release of that great movie!


Here's a review from last year.