Sunday, February 27, 2011


We have been receiving many emails regarding CODE RED titles being released on Blu-Ray. We looked into sales of Blu-Ray and the product is simply not moving as well as most people think it is. It costs 3 times more money to release a blu-ray, and Sony needs to get paid also. With the Blu-ray market being at 18% and the code red titles in 2010 selling between 174 to 2,156 units, Blu-ray releases will never even come close to breaking even. We do have many HiDef masters and it's a shame not to release these film on a beautiful format. But an idea has come up, as we can release older CODE RED titles on a double-bill Blu-Ray with no extras for $26.98. This will not make the old dvd obsolete and it's basically just an upgrade disc for the movies themselves. Reason for the price is these dvd will most likely sell no more than 388 copies (18%). What do you all think? Please post comments.


venoms5 said...

Considering the market, I'm fine without them. But as long as select Blu discs will not hinder the survival of Code Red as a business venture, I'm all for them.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Code Red in Blu-Ray. I suggest with such a limited print run (less than 500 copies) why not charge a higher rate but make them collectable by being signed and numbered? I'd be in for that.

Benjamin said...

I think this could be a really good idea. What about a set of more titles, like the Sony "Icons Of..." releases? Four, maybe five similarly themed titles?

Re: movies I'd love to see in HD, I'd dig seeing these from CR:

-Messiah Of Evil
-Dead Are Alive
-Night Child
-Beyond The Door
-Weekend Murders
-The Visitor
-Stunt Rock (that music in DTS-HD? Yes, please!)

Then of course, any future titles would be an interesting possibility. But only do so if you think it's something you're willing to take on. I know things have been difficult enough already -- is this something you're willing to tackle? How much more work and anxiety could this lead to? Things to consider.

Benjamin said...

Ooh, RITUALS would be cool too!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't rebuy I love your company I would rather see you work more on titles not yet released. I own almost all your dvds and love them the way they are. I can care less about Blu Ray unless its a new movie these old films really don't look that much different I laugh at all the horror fans who who demand blue ray on old titles, lot of these films are more fun to watch grainy they ain't lord of the rings. I would rather see Nightmare, Butcher Baker and Ritauls on DVD instead of Blue Ray of the Forest or Don't go in the woods. Thats just my 2 cents anyways keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Not necessary at all. Please continue releasing the films on dvd as it has served the films you have released thus far just fine. I am a big supporter of blu ray and Code Red both, but I would never go back and double dip on any of the previous purchases as I have already invested too much, and what I have purchased looks great in the current state. If you were to move forward with. Just my opinion, but if your asking if an existing CR customer would answer is a big NO!

Jimmy said...

My oppinion on this FWIW

As you said in your message Blu-Ray just doesn't sold and are too much of a risk to take. If the Roger Corman's blu-ray that Shout Factory had released last year didn't sell well I can't imagine any cult movies doing better. Sure a vocal minority ask for them, but even if we believe they buy it all most are happy with a DVD release.

Of course you could try a Blu-Ray/DVD combo as a test run for the format wich is a lesser financial risk to take. It's this practice who convince me to get a Blu-Ray reader at the end of last year, but I continue to get 95% of my movies on DVD.

I'm sure some anonymous will write to do it and they will get them all, but don't put to much value in anonymous comments (even more when it could be the same 2 guys writing 30 times).

I prefer getting 3 or 4 new titles a month on dvd from you than one Blu-Ray every 2 or 3 months.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I care not one bit about blu-ray. I am perfectly content with dvd.

Anonymous said...

I've bought many of your releases and would probably buy Blu-ray re-releases (it all depends on the titles).

Off topic - I see VCI is releasing Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde and you're supposed to be releasing it in the future. Will you still be releasing it? And any idea of what the extras would be. Just trying to decide if I should hold off on buying the VCI edition and wait for yours.

Keep up the great work!

Mike K said...

It's great that you guys are asking for the fans' opinions on the matter but personally I think you should just stick to DVD. I think the restoration you guys do on the DVD releases are good enough. I'd rather continue seeing more new releases dished out than costs being spent on re-released films on Blu-Ray. It's just not worth it. Keep releasing more obscure stuff on DVD, you guys are doing a great job so far!

Anonymous said...

Dead Are Alive and The Visitor double feature BD, do it.

Troy Windhorst said...

I'm fine with DVD. Personally, I don't like older films to be cleaned up and presented with Blu-Ray quality. It doesn't feel right when a older film looks like it was just released this year.

combustion said...

Double bill blu's sounds like a good idea but only if you are going to break even. I unfortunately don't buy many blu's yet because I don't have my own bluray player but when I get one (which should be soon) I'd buy them in a heartbeat.

Ninja Dixon said...

I'm fine with DVDs, but if you should release double feature blu-rays regionfree, I would buy them!

Seamaster73 said...

Early adopters of blu-ray who are collectors in the kind of genres Code Red specialises in will pay to have HD versions of some of these titles. I have my wallet open already for Beyond The Door. You guys have to make a profit. We understand that. So price accordingly.

Anonymous said...

I would rebuy them all on blu-ray! Do it!

A. said...

As was already stated above, I would rather see more films on DVD than recycling older titles onto Blu. Please just keep releasing the titles no one else dares touch, you are quite simply the only label of your kind anymore what with all those that went under and Blue Underground simply regurgitating their catalog onto Blu.

Anonymous said...

Can any ideas of Blu-Ray, and release more of the long overdue promises on DVD instead.

I can see exactly what you're trying at - getting a bite of Midnight Legacy's action, with their video nasty to Blu-Ray ethos.

Frankly, I'd say CR should be aiming more realistically and making a better job of getting discs out into the World.

Still, whilst you're talking and thinking like this it does at least sound like your drama-queen antics are over and that CR might actually continue past September!

Anonymous said...

I haven't bought a DVD in years so yeah, please do release double feature Blu-ray discs. I'd love a Messiah of Evil/The Dead Pit double bill.

criminalmischief said...

Don't do it! It's too risky & uncertain yet. If sales pick up within the next year then move in with old titles slowly.
Go from there!
We don't need this great company going under!

chris said...

heck instead of thinking about releasing titles on blu-ray lets get nightmare released on dvd first unless nightmare is the first blu-ray title released from code red then i'd be fine with it

Steve's Warped World said...

I'm purchasing a Blu Ray player this year some time.
There are tons of titles I would purchase on Blu Ray of Code Red...AND I'd still keep my special edition DVDs. That's a good idea as long as Code Red doesn't suffer financially.

Lt Forbes said...

Bill, don't waste your time and money. Most of us have little or no interest in Sony's latest proprietary "gotcha" - I've been avoiding recent Synapse releases for that very reason (why do I have to pay double/Blu-Ray price when all I want is a standard DVD?). As you note, they're costly and appeal to a very limited market (i.e. PS3 users and some hardcore videophile fans of current, mainstream "blockbusters"). I'd much rather see you putting out more unreleased forgotten "Nightmare USA" and Euro-horror classics from the 70's and 80's (near exclusive attention to which is what makes Code Red so special in the first place). I think from surfing the various forums since last August your fans are more interested in getting stuff like Rituals, Nightmare, Night Warning, Gang Wars, Black Gestapo, and your recent VCX acquisitions on the release schedule than putting out something we already have with a slight upgrade (which is exactly what everyone is made at Bill Lustig and Blue Underground for!). All the best to you either way.

Lt Forbes said...

Bill, don't waste your time and money. Most of us have little or no interest in Sony's latest proprietary "gotcha" - I've been avoiding recent Synapse releases for that very reason (why do I have to pay double/Blu-Ray price when all I want is a standard DVD?). As you note, they're costly and appeal to a very limited market (i.e. PS3 users and
some hardcore videophile fans of current, mainstream "blockbusters"). I'd much rather see you putting out more unreleased forgotten "Nightmare USA" and Euro-
horror classics from the 70's and 80's (near exclusive attention to which is what makes Code Red so special in the first place). I think from surfing the various
forums since last August your fans are more interested in getting stuff like Rituals, Nightmare, Night Warning, Gang Wars, Black Gestapo, and your recent VCX
acquisitions on the release schedule than putting out
something we already have with a slight upgrade (which is exactly what everyone is mad at Bill Lustig and Blue Underground for!). All the best to you either

Anonymous said...

No blu for me...

When it come to Code Red, DVD is fine by my standarts.

Fazeo said...

I'd buy blurays of your back catalog of titles in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see blu-rays of the currently unreleased titles. I would suggest giving it a try ONLY with the most anticipated titles, like Night Warning, Nightmares, or maybe Rituals.

I would be less inclined to re-buy something I already own on DVD, with a few notable exceptions (like Madman or Primal Rage).

Anthony1138 said...

I'm very happy with the DVDs Code Red has produced and don't know off hand which titles, if any, I would upgrade to Blu-Ray. I personally like to replace my DVDs, so I wouldn't really be interested in Blu-Rays without extras, even if they're double features. Some of the bigger titles allegedly still in the pipeline, like Nightmare and Rituals, would be definite buys on Blu-Ray for me. Though overall I'd rather see new quality titles on DVD coming out, than re-releasing titles on bare bone Blu-Ray.

Thanks for asking the fans for input and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I have a Blu Ray player and love some of my Blu Rays but I remain satisfied with the picture quality of standard DVDs. If money were no object I would say release on Blu Ray however as you frequently point out sales are not that strong. I would much rather you focus all energy on releasing DVDs. With an upscaling DVD player we can get a pretty damn good picture. As an example I would love to have the DVD release of Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker to replace my worn out VHS! I hate the idea of never seeing Butcher Baker Nightmare maker delayed

Anonymous said...

I would just stick to DVD. Considering that you are a small company and the state of the economy is still bad, I think you should just keeping pressing your titles on DVD.

I would hate to see something happen and you not be able to earn your money back with Bluray.

Just keep your efforts on DVD for now.

JCB said...

I would be all over any Blu-Ray release from you, but only IF you treated these releases "properly", and include the specials features from the DVDs.

That idea of releasing a BD with only the film, meaning having to keep the DVD (or purchase it) in order to get the special features is just plain silly.
Either you decide to to a release properly, or you don't.

Personally, I never upgrade to a BD of a film that is missing numerous content from a previous DVD release, I prefer to wait for a possible release that keeps all the content intact.

If you want to test how well a possible BD could do, why don't you start a pre-order program of sorts: you open pre-orders (paid fully or partially in advance) for a certain title (obviously disclosing the proposed specs and price), and if it reaches "x" number of copies the title would go into production.
Just an idea. :)

Anonymous said...

I would prefer Code Red DVD carry on releasing films on DVD than start releasing some or all of them on Blu-ray.

- WaveCrest.

Anonymous said...

Do it, we will BUY them!

daniel said...

Blu Ray is fine but just concentrate on actually RELEASING great titles. 3 years down the track and we are no closer to seeing Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker!!! Can't we just get the titles you announced so long ago rather than this new enterprise?

I love Code Red but how about some info on these long-promised titles?

For the record, I prefer to see old films left relatively the way they are (within reason).

G.G. Pan said...

No no no, Blu-ray should not be your priority. Right now, Code Red is one of the only DVD companies that's still unearthing obscure cult/drive-in DVDs on a regular basis. That's the value of Code Red.

Anchor Bay has sucked ever since they merged with Starz, & as already mentioned Blue Underground is focused on remastering their most popular titles. Synapse hasn't done anything worthwhile in a while. Hell, even MGM stopped putting out their interesting Midnite Movies double features in after being absorbed by Fox in 2007. I don't know what's going on with Media Blasters.

Basically, right now Code Red is still active where most companies gave up around 2007. For films like Redeemer, Blu-ray simply isn't necessary.

IMO, the one area where Code Red could use some "updating" is in the area of rentals. I think there are people out there who are curious about your titles but don't want to commit to buying. And I haven't found Code Red titles on Netflix or Blockbuster-By-Mail. There's also digital rentals through companies like Amazon & Itunes. (I hate Itunes, btw, I'm just trying to be pragmatic.)

At any rate, I say focus on new SD releases with interesting bonus features.

Ron said...

please just put out butcher baker nightmare maker. on any format, and everyone will buy it!!!

David N Holt Jr said...


don't know where you got your info about blu-rays not selling well, because all I see when I got to the store is people buying blu-rays. reposts the sales of blu's every week and the new release movie always out sell the dvd.

I think you may get more sales if you release some or your titles on blu. I for one 99.99% only buy blus now.

If you released a double feature of some or your older title without extras I would buy them as I really don't even watch the extras most of the time.

I think you should try a couple of your biggest sellers on blu and see how it goes.

I for one have not bought any code red DVDs in awhile mainly because they are DVD.

Anyway, I hope to see a code red blu-ray soon as i'd buy it.

Big Daddy aka Brandon Sites said...

Don't do it! I don't want Code Red to do anything that might hinder their survival. I love Code Red too much for that.

Erik said...

Please, listen to JCB.

Personally, I prefer quality over quantity so I'd love to see more blu-ray releases of future titles.

I want extras too though.

Anonymous said...

If all of the bonus features aren't carried over then there's no point in rebuying the films. I say stick with DVD or try what Synapse does and release everything from here on out as a DVD/Blu-ray combo.

Anonymous said...

Don't do it! The people saying "we will BUY them" are probably competitors that want to see you crumble, or are people who will buy them but don't realize nobody else will! It would be an awesome thing to happen, but the Blu-Ray shift is not happening as quickly as people let on, and you WILL lose money. So don't focus on the people shouting 'DO IT', as they are just trying to fuck you up. Stick to releasing DVDs and things will not go down the bad road like if you chose Blu. I would support Blu if I did not already see the havoc that would be brought up in the future. NO to Blu. Blu would also stall future releases, so don't. Just don't. Just DVD, please! We need your company afloat.

Anonymous said...

any chance we could ever get "what waits below" on dvd?

JustinCase said...

Stick with DVD, BR is a waste of time and moneyl. Blu-Ray is the Betamax of the 21st century. Sony still hasn't learned that it's better to share their toys and they should be punished for it.

Anonymous said...

the type of films CR specializes in are not necessary for a blu ray format.Most films are not fot that matter unless they were filmed with hi def cameras. I would like to see CR continue releasing rare films in a truly hi def standard dvd.

Anonymous said...

I must admit - I would love Code Red titles in Blu-ray and, in some cases, would upgrade titles I already have - Messiah of Evil, for instance.
Definitely worth thinking about.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to the people saying we will buy them. We would like to, but realistically aside from a few titles this is a bad investment.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother. Blu-ray is only worth it for modern films, especially digitally shot stuff. Stuff shot on grainy film back in the 70's and 80's will only look grainier and show more flaws (check out An American Werewolf in London on blu-ray sometime as an example). It's a gimmick basically and Code Red's catalog already has a very select audience as it is. I say no.

Anonymous said...

I think the VERY limited edition making the blu-ray a very rare n' collectable item is the way to go at least at 2 different levels: First if it doesn't sell as expected the lost money wouldn't be as much as if it was a bigger print run, second, fans and collectors (And I am one!) Looooove that stuff, and knowing that there is only 500 copies of a movie and that's all u'll have, people goes nuts to get one, I even have a european limited edition to 1500 of Requiem for a Vampire and I don't even like J. Rollins and the movie kinda sucks. Code RED tittles rock and it would be awesome to watch'em the HD way.

monty.britton said...

I am just happy to have these lost classics on video...period! It doesn't have to be blu ray. I love blu ray with its hi res picture, but come on people, the film stock used for most of the films code red releases is not the greatest. I am not picky when it comes to your releases. I enjoy the special features available on your dvds and would not want to spend extra money when you do a great job with the dvds. Not everything has to be hi def. Now where is THE FARMER dvd? We fans want this movie to be released in our lifetime! Don't get so hung up on blu ray fiasco, just keep releasing the great dvds you are known for.

criminalmischief said...

If you do decide to go forward with it. You guys should make a list & have a fan vote to see which double bill should get
the 1st code Red/Blue - Ray

JCB said...

I honestly don't understand most of these comments "bashing" the Blu-Ray format, or even saying people who want Blu-Ray releases are competitors looking to run Code Red into the ground.
While some people might not be interested in "upgrading" to a new format, there's no reason for comments that are almost borderline insults to the people who are interested in the format, especially since more and more people already own a BD player (which nowadays are pretty much as cheap as a decent DVD player), and more and more "niche" companies are investing in the format, with good results (see UK label Arrow, for example).
I should add that while many people are yet to switch to BD, the opposite is also true: many already did, and are cutting on DVD purchases because of that, hoping for future BD releases of wanted titles.

There's a huge misconception that a HD format is only for modern films with CGI or films shot on digital cameras and similar things.
What some people apparently don't get is that pretty much anything will look better on BD, due to the simple fact that the format has much bigger storage capacity, which allows for less compression (especially with the codecs it uses).
From personal experience, the films I own that benefited the most of the format are actually these older, "grainy" films, which look lovely on the format due to the increased resolution, which makes for a great movie watching experience closer to a theatrical exhibition. The SD formats (such as the DVD) don't have enough resolution to properly handle film grain (resulting in artifacts and/or soft image).
DVDs may look good on CRT TVs, but ever since I had to buy a new TV, and went for a HD TV set, it became pretty easy to spot problems with the format such as compression artifacts and even macroblocking.

Obviously it wouldn't make sense to release all Code Red titles on Blu-Ray, since if you have something whose source is a videotape, you clearly won't benefit from the format.

But anything sourced from 35mm (or even 16mm since, for example, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre looks great on BD) would clearly benefit from a BD release.

A few films I would love to see on BD from Code Red:
-The Dead Pit
-Beyond The Door
-Primal Rage
-The Unseen
and more.

I wish Code Red followed the idea I posted a few posts back, and try out releasing a BD title, to see how things go. If you used a pre-order program of sorts (the title would only go into production if "x" number of pre-orders were reached), you would minize the risks involved in such venture.

You could even run a poll to see what title(s) (from those you have HD elements/transfers available) people would be most interested in seeing on BD.

Anonymous said...

Nah, not worth it.

When is Ritiuals coming out????

DEF said...

I'm very interested in Blu-Rays and more than likely won't buy DVDs in favour of them. However I understand the financial implications for a small distributor. As long as you have the source material though I'm sure it would be worth while. Particularly if you did extremely limited pressings. Blu Ray and Cult film collectors LOVE limited editions and are willing to pay a premium for them as long as they are as good as your likely to get of the film, E.G. Full 1080p HD and no issues with the transfer.

Anonymous said...

I buy the Shout Factory Corman Blu-Rays (okay may have missed one) but Pirhana and Galaxy of Terror were totally worth it for the uprgrade in quality.

I would say go ahead with one BD release of the double feature mold, using only your two highest selling titles, try that and see how that goes. It's a minimal risk.

Stunt Rock on Blu-Ray, please, though I think the Stephanie Rothman titles on one Blu-Ray would be a natural, even the cover art is similar.

Anonymous said...

Ok so where is Butcher Baker, Nightmare Maker?????

Anonymous said...

I have quite a few of your dvd's and would love some of your stuff in HD, so why not convert your HiDef masters to the MKV format (or other) and then have a download section where people can pay to download the HiDef versions. These could then be played back on media players, P.C's or with as bit of conversion the PS3 or Xbox. A much cheaper and less risky option for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Stay away from blue ray, Blue Ray is going be dead soon, DVD will be around alot longer. Cost is going to come before quality. Stick to releasing new titles and follow up on it when you say your going to release something (nightmare) At this point I could care less for special features just get it out already instead of saying your going to do it. re-releasing is what is killing companies, look at blue underground, no new titles just re-releasing stuff anchor bay already released or now re-releasing everything on blue ray wasting money and passing off a high cost on their loyal customers, people want new titles, that is what is going to keep you in business if you can aquire titles people want to see your going to make money.

cinemarchaeologist said...

"don't know where you got your info about blu-rays not selling well, because all I see when I got to the store is people buying blu-rays. reposts the sales of blu's every week and the new release movie always out sell the dvd."

I don't know anything about, but it sounds like yet another Sony internet propaganda arm. An astonishing machine, I must concede, and Sony has nearly drowned itself in red ink trying to get people to adopt the format, but it just hasn't caught on in the U.S. at all (maybe those figures they use are worldwide?).

The actual sales figures for DVD vs. Blu-ray are readily available: in any given week, DVD sales account for 80%-89% of total disc sales, with Blu-ray making up only 11%-20%. With few exceptions, Blu-ray sales have remained within that range for about two years. Typically, only one or two Blu-ray titles account for most Blu-ray sales in a week. As others have noted, the only BDs that move in any real numbers are the handful of new upbudget projects from Hollywood, mostly big effects shows, as far removed from Code Red's standard product as it gets. In the most recent week for which comprehensive figures are available, 80.98% of disc sales were DVDs, with Blu-ray making up 19.02%. The best-selling BD was MEGAMIND, but over 64% of the overall sales of that movie were on DVD.

The expense involved in releasing on Blu-ray is just insane--given the sales figures you've mentioned, it's quite a bit more than most Code Red movies could ever reasonably expect to make in profits--and even then, you still end up having to pay Sony a big fee every year just to keep the product on the market.

My own vote, insofar as Code Red is concerned, is the only one any reasonably sane, informed person can cast: Forget about Blu-ray. Stick with what works. Code Red is great. I want it to continue.

Amazing Mr X said...

Firstly, let me state that I absolutely LOVE your DVD releases, and have purchased about 70% of everything Code Red has released thus far. Frankly, with so many DVD publishers throwing in the towel due to crashing sales, Code Red has become EXTREMELY important to fans of 70's and 80's exploitation cinema.

All that said, I think it would be a BIG mistake for you to begin releasing these films on Blu-ray Disc. For one thing, the minute collectors even suspect that there's a chance your offerings will one day be re-issued on BD, a significant percentage of your
flock will stop buying the DVD's,
which will make it very difficult for you to justify pressing marginal titles due to BD-reduced demand for CR DVD's. IMO, the only way for you to avoid this would be to draw a line in the sand, saying that everything FROM THIS DATE FORWARD WILL BE RELEASED
IN BD/DVD TWINPACKS LIKE SYNAPSE HAS WISELY DONE. But a strategy of first releasing the DVD, and
delaying the BD release, even if you remove the extras would have a
catastrophic effect on your DVD sales.

The other thing to consider is the fact that just because you have a 1080P master does not mean that the master would be well-received by the EXTREMELY critical Blu-ray buying public. Unfortunately for
smaller publishers of modest budget films, the Blu-ray product itself brings with it an expectation of perfection, or at least near-perfection in the reviewers and buying public's minds. Although decent, but not
stellar DVD transfers are generally
well received by people willing to
accept PQ limitations based on the
poor condition of source material,
such pragmatism and goodwill is in
MUCH shorter supply in the Blu-ray arena.

At any rate, unless you can justify running Code Red as some kind of charity, where you pony up for fresh 2K (minimum) scans of
pristene materials, or elephant up for costly archival restorations,
as cheaper digital restorations and manipulations are always spotted and ridiculed by HD reviewers during their requisite microscopic anal-probe aka Blu-ray Disc reviews, I think you should
avoid BD like the plague.

Seriously, I love you guys, but as a heavy purchaser of both DVD and BD (I own over 800 Blu-ray Discs) I think you should stay away from Blu-ray, unless that charity thing holds some appeal, or you
derive pleasure from being drawn and quartered by people with rapier wit and 20/10 vision.


Erik said...

I'd LOVE to see MALIBU WEEKEND as a Blu-ray disc with extras!

Cam said...

why all this senseless debate about bloody Blu-Ray when titles everyone have been waiting YYYEEEEAAAARRRRSSSS for (ie Nightmare and Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker) still languish and struggle to get their release?

If this truly is a forum for feedback as the post heading suggests, then please note: Can we have some honest feedback and updates from Code Red??? Why do everybody's questions about these unreleased titles continue to go unaddressed? It is not difficult to provide at least some comment on production status. God knows everyone has been waiting long enough.

razzzor! said...

I own all of Code Red’s DVD releases and I will continue to purchase your product. I love blu-ray, but I would rather see your time and money spent on bringing movies unavailable or out of print to the home video market. Since you already have HD masters of many of your films, why not make these films available on recordable blu-ray discs and sell them directly to the consumer through your website. I think this would be a win-win situation as you could sell copies of the HD masters to the fans with a minimal investment.

jb said...

If you were to do this I'd love to see The Carrier on Blu-ray. However, my preference would be for any film that wouldn't otherwise be seen to get a DVD release from you.
Keep up the fabulous work!

Nick Cato said...

At this point I'll take NIGHTMARE on a CD-ROM!

Anonymous said...

I'm content with DVD definately, I don't think you'd be serving many fans by reissuing to Blu, unless you roll with double featuring as mentioned which is always I believe a good buying motivator. A continued effort in releasing movies that are unavailable on DVD however would be more worth your time, I don't switch my DVDs to Blu Ray unless I can pick them up for less than $10. I will try my best in the future to support Code Red, I couldn't have been happier with the Dead Pit release!

Valerie Bacon said...

I don't even have a Blu-Ray player yet. Don't see a need for one. I've seen a few films on Blu-Ray and the picture/sound doesn't seem any different. I say stick with dvd for now.

TheLurkingFear said...

Im fine without the Blu Ray, I only concern is the survival of Code Red. as long as it doesn't jeopardize the company im fine without Blu Ray.

gregjarvis73 said...

Personally, I haven't adopted blu-ray, and I was an early adopter of DVD in the late '90s. I have over 1500 DVDs and love them all dearly. As long as Code Red can survive just fine without going Blu, why change? I mean, how good are these old films gonna look anyway?

ProgMark said...

I do not have blu-ray and don't really care for it regular dvd's are fine for me, besides I'm tired of always changing to a new format. I remember when cd's replaced the tape and vinyl now VINYL is big again. Mark

Anonymous said...

I upgraded to Blu back in the summer and my first purchase was Machine Gun McCain followed by Django. I find niche independent video labels to be pretty awesome and would support a move to Blu.

That said, I think it would make sense to only do Blu's of movies that would benefit most from the format. Kind of like an original camera negative that's in good shape considering its age.

Anonymous said...

I love Blu-Ray. I like to watch old films remastered on this medium if they are done well. I do feel, however, that Code Red should focus their attention on releasing more titles. Stuff like Rituals for example. There are plenty of forgotten gems that need to be given some love. This is what collectors are really looking for. Blu-Ray would be cool, but ultimately unnecessary. New titles is where it's at. Besides, Code Red does such a good job on their dvd transfers anyway. I have no complaints.

David N Holt Jr said...

I posted earlier and after I thought about it for awhile I think you guys (Code Red) should just keep putting out the great DVDs you have been doing and try Blu-Ray maybe later in a couple years. Lets just get some of those DVDs out you said you where working on some time ago.

Anonymous said... is certainly not a sony propaganda site.

However, while big main titles sell very well on blu-ray, lesser known titles from code red won't necessarily mean more sales if they're available on blu-ray. The royalty fees for blu-ray is aruond $30000 per movie. Code Red would need to see quite the spike in sales to make it worthwhile.

Perhaps a blu-ray here and there for code red's biggest titles for which they have a HD master of put that should be all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the people who would rather have new dvd releases over old release put out on blu ray.

Patrick c. said...

Code Red of late reminds me very much of a scratched old dvd; it misfires, freezes and pauses, occasionally skips information, sometimes it just doesn't work at all, but then it goes smoothly for a while and you think everything is fine.

This highly predictable unpredictability is getting very boring Code Red. Can some basic degree of professionalism please rear it's head here?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you focus on putting out the films you've already promised to put out ages ago (i.e. The Farmer & Rituals) on dvd instead of worrying about putting out different movies on Blu Ray. I mean, if you can't even get out all of the films that you've promised on dvd & haven't delivered, how the hell are you going to manage to get any films put out on the more expensive & less popular Blu Ray? I fear if you try to take that on it'll just lead to more broken promises & disappoints for your customers.

I'm not trying to be mean, but damn dude. I have a hard time trusting a person who doesn't follow-up on things, much less a business that I'm going to be sending my money to.

delicreep said...

The Farmer has been in the hands of Scorpion Releasing for about 3 years. You need to contact them about it. Code Red has nothing to do with that title.

Rituals has a release date of 4/19 and you can preorder it from dvdempire and other sites.

For the record, I say hold off on Blu-Ray.

Anonymous said...

I agree with almost everyone, I'm content with having these releases on standard DVD, just keep on releasing those old obscure titles and I'll keep buying them. I really don't think that blu ray is necessary

Anonymous said...

I'm content with standard DVD. Just keep on releasing those old obscure titles and I'll leave my wallet open. IMO blu ray is not necessary

Daniel said...

Interesting that so many of the people knocking Blu-ray do it as "Anonymous". Some of the comments about old films not looking any better because "they weren't filmed in HD" (sic) are laughable and show true ignorance.

That said, there have been many sensible comments here and I can see both sides of the argument.

As much as I'd love to have some of your existing releases in HD, from a commercial perspective I don't think that going back and re-issuing titles on Blu would be particularly wise. You'd be relying on people re-purchasing films they already own on DVD and this could see quite low sales figures.

I personally prefer to buy Blu when available but totally understand that it's not always viable to release very niche titles this way. I'd love to see you release films on Blu but would suggest that you try it from a certain point on with a more high-profile release and make it a dual DVD/Blu edition as Synapse have done.

HD downloads and burn-to-request BD-R are other options suggested by others that I think might have legs.

Michael said...

I would love love love Blu-Ray releases from you guys and a matter of fact I would make them even more exciting and fun. You could take two films like "Beyond the Door" and "Night Child" as they one time originally played as a double bill and recreate the theatrical experience but better than some of these other companies have tried to. Open it with maybe some old theater chain ad to trailers and sandwich them with an intermission. Please go Blu.. at least try out a couple releases. I would go with the best mastered HD transferred films so they get the best possible reviews and PLEASE no DNR .. Blu Ray can bring out the true look of film, even with the flaws.. I would love them. PS. Maybe just port over any extras in SD.

Lt Forbes said...

No interest whatsoever - to the extent that it jeopardizes Code Red's DVD release schedule and/or Code Red's finances, I'm totally against it. If the company was more "flush" with $$, it would be an innocuous (if annoying) sideline (as is the case with Blue Underground), but the concern is that this will become the raison d'etre (as with Blue Underground, who went from a great company to in effect a dead one, endlessly recycling its own vomit, as it were). Skip it, just put out the stuff everyone's waiting for, like Rituals, Gang Wars, Nightmare, Night Warning and these new titles like Ghosthouse and Night of the Demon.

glenn said...

love the new website..much more professional! Now for Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker !!!! Great stuff Code Red.

Anonymous said...

NO, your going to kill your company wasting your resources on production for Blue Ray. Blue Ray has a one foot in the grave. Your worried about Blue Ray and you have been sitting on Nightmare for the past couple of years, cock teasing fans telling them your going to release it and still nothing, stop making excuses and release it or cancel the release give up the rights and let another company release it. You guys are like MGM you have great titles but you want to sit on them and do nothing. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

I'd say just focus on the DVD market first and foremost. I could care less about Blu-Ray at this point, it's not worth it when you could be using those funds to finance products full of the awesome special features I've come to expect from this company.

Cronosmantas said...

I own a Blu-Ray player but I'm not overly impressed with the new format. Sure it has better picture quality but I don't find it worth the extra money. I am very happy with the DVD format and to be honest I would buy the DVD version over the Blu-Ray for Code Red releases.

G.G. Pan said...

cam said... "If this truly is a forum for feedback as the post heading suggests, then please note: Can we have some honest feedback and updates from Code Red??? Why do everybody's questions about these unreleased titles continue to go unaddressed?"

Yes. It would be nice. If you're willing to reply to the people who bash you on the avmaniacs board, can't you follow up on what your supporters here have written? Or at least a new blog saying whether our feedback has made the slightest difference? Show us a sign!

tahli said...

do it. code red titles on blu ray would be awesome. I would by them all.
messiah of evil on blu? holy shit!

tahli said...

do it. it would be amazing to get code red titles on blu ray! messiah of evil in HD? holy shit!

Anonymous said...

I recently bought and watched the Code Red dvd release of MESSIAH OF EVIL and I am happy with it. Thankyou for releasing it. One of the trailers on this dvd is for RITUALS, the Canadian stalk 'n slash film. Will you still be releasing it?

Anonymous said...

I was reading the back pages of your blog and noted that you found the negative for DEVIL'S EXPRESS which is a blaxploitation/kung fu/horror classic. It was stated that DEVIL'S EXPRESS would be released on dvd in September 2009. Here it is over a year and a half later and I was wondering what happened? Please release DEVIL'S EXPRESS on dvd.

Anonymous said...

I used to think the whiners who bash code red where a bunch of overweight, greasy neckbeards who lived in their mothers basement amongst pizza boxes, mountain dew bottles full of urine and old sport socks full of dried jizz -- then I emailed a question about a release, and got ignored. Code Red practically writes it's own hatemail with their inept business handling.

Anonymous said...

keep them on dvd, blu-ray isn't worth it. i have hundreds of dvds and probably 20 blu-rays, and i could care less about collecting blu-ray, but i'll keep buying your dvds.

Erik said...


Anonymous said...

Blu-rays would be nice. The last DVD I bought was in November 2010. The number of DVD's I own can be measured with 4 digits. I've bought plenty over the years. The only media I buy much of anymore, is Blu-ray. At a decent price, I'll purchase Blu-rays. Such as Taxi Driver, $12.99 USD for the Blu. I know smaller companies can't always get THAT low, but, for some better looking Code-Red releases, on Blu, in double features... I'd pick a few up.

Synapse is re-releasing a few of their older titles on Blu, I know of one due later this year that I will purchase on Blu, though I already have the DVD release I purcahsed in 2004 or so.

I also rent a lot more, but for the smaller companies, if they release good product, of a film I like, at a reasonable price for the media (No $20+ DVDs), I'll buy it, but I prefer to purchase Blu-rays, not DVD.

This is not to say I totally ignore DVD, I am interested in Code Red's release of Rituals, but I need to read a review of it first, as I am curious to the Picture quality and if it is indeed the uncut version. A blu-ray of that film would be nice, but if the quality of the DVD is better than what I have, I'll purchase that DVD.

In a way, I think a lot now about buying older media. DVD, while nice, has been around since 1996. I purchased mostly used DVD's in the past few years, not so much new. I also rent more. Oh, and I picked at the corpse of BCI, when much of their stock was cleared out at dirt-cheap prices. Other than a few exceptions, and buying used, I'm not buying much on DVD anymore.

It was the same with VHS when I got into DVD. For a few years after I had a DVD-player, I bought a few VHS here and there, mostly used, of stuff not yet available on DVD, but as more became available on DVD, I abandoned VHS, and some years later, sold all of my VHS tapes. It's a similar situation with DVD now, however, I won't be purging the DVD's anytime soon or trying to "upgrade" everything to Blu-ray.

Code Red, regarding your post again, you might as well port the extras to the Blu-rays if you do this. Generally, if I buy a Blu-ray, and have the same thing on DVD, I usually give away the DVD, since after the Blu-ray release, it's usually not worth trying to sell.

Also, you could go the route some other companies are going,a nd release both a blu-ray and a DVD in the same package.

The point is, it takes quite a bit for me to buy older media, especially when I know the company has an HD master. I know as long as the company continues to survive, there is a good chance for it to make it's way onto Blu-ray. If not, I can always rent the title on DVD or purchase it used for less than the cost new.

LorriLives said...

Don't worry about Blu-ray just yet. Stick to releasing dvds.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm unlikely to upgrade any of the Code Red DVD's I currently own for a bare bones Blu Ray release. Please continue the awesome release!

Martin Montag said...

You need to make sure that your blu rays are region free, and then you will sell them outside of the USA.
Blue Underground are your only competition as other cult labels like Synapse and Severin are releasing region locked blu rays which is restricting sales.
I would certainly re-buy Messiah Of Evil on blu ray, and Nightmares, though the format best suits highly cinematic films rather than ultra low budget time-capsules. Rituals might be one to put out on blu ray, but is it ever going to get a release?

Chuck Esola said...

I'll take Blu-Rays any way I can get them. I've pretty much stopped buying DVDs but I'd be first in line for Blu versions of many of your titles.

Anonymous said...

Stick to DVD. If you were to even test the Blu waters by releasing a couple of BD's, you'd lose 25-33% of your DVD sales, even the titles not being offered on Blu-ray, as collectors would wait it out for the BD, even if it never comes. People hate buying DVD's and having to replace them with BD's a few months later, and the only reason they buy your DVD's without hesitation is because Code Red doesn't do Blu-ray. Just look at
Olive Films (Paramount) releases.
What do you think the collectors who bought 'Crack In The World' and
'Hannie Caulder' on DVD, only to have them announced on Blu-ray a short time later will do about future Olive Films DVD releases?
As I guesstimated, about 25-33% of them will never buy another Olive DVD, rather than risk another 'Crack In Hannie Caulder'

Fear Finder said...

PLEASE DO THIS!!! Would LOVE me some code red blu-ray double bills!!!!

Domenick Fraumeni said...

I would LOVE Code Red titles on Blu Ray. I'd prefer with the extras, but if it's a cost issue, I understand.

Adam A. said...

No! No! No!

Most Code Red titles don't sell that much and with high royalty costs associated with blu-ray, I don't want to see Code Red potentially hemorrhage money.

Greg M said...

Frankly, I haven't purchased one of your titles yet, in the hope that you would some day cross-over to Blu Ray. I've wanted to pick up Madman, Rituals and several others... but have held off just in case they went Blu.

I rarely buy DVDs at this stage in the game. The only time I do is when the releasing company makes it clear that a Blu Ray release is not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that even by saying that you MIGHT re-issue some of your titles on Blu-ray, you've probably scared some dual-format(DVD + BD) collectors into no longer buying Code Red DVD's for fear of having to replace them later on Blu-ray Disc.

That's the real problem with CR trying out Blu-ray... Even if
you only release a few of your titles on BD, many people that
previously bought your DVD's will
only buy CR Blu-rays in future.
This of course erodes an already
small pre-order base and makes it
harder for you to justify pressing marginal titles.

The solution is obvious... Either
release 100% of your titles from now on, in DVD/BD combi-packs like
Synapse is doing... Or release
them separately on both DVD and Blu-ray, ON THE EXACT SAME DATE.

If you were to do this ON ALL NEW RELEASES, you could re-issue your better older catalog DVD's on Blu-ray Disc without any erosion of
pre-orders/sales that would otherwise jeopardize the viability of smaller titles/pressings.

Anonymous said...

This would be a great idea.Give it a try and see what happens.I'll buy them.

Ryan said...

I would buy Nightmare on Blu-ray but probably not the others. However, if you're gonna do Nightmare on Blu-ray, you have to put it out when you put out the DVD. I think a lot of people will be mad if you put out the DVD first, they buy that, and THEN you do the blu-ray, and they'll refuse to rebuy. I know I will.

Rick said...

I'd love to see you do blu-rays, and not just budget releases, but full releases with extras...I'd re-buy Messiah of Evil in a heartbeat. And Stunt Rock, an uncut Pets, Witchmaker, Horror High, Working Girls, Hot Moves, Nightmare, Slithis, etc. I do understand the risks though, being in the biz I know indie DVD sales are in the toilet.

So how about doing something on kickstarter to raise the funds? You either raise enough money to do it, or you don't and then you pass.

For example, if you were going to release a film on Blu-ray for $25-$30 SRP, offer it for $15-$20 for the kickstarter pre-buy (giving them a discount for the early support) you get 100% of it with no distributor cut. You can also do other levels of support, maybe under $5 as a straight donation, $30 for either 2 copies, or for 2 different titles, or for the upcoming Blu-ray and one of your current DVD's, etc. You get the idea. It's a great way to gauge interest and raise the funds at the same time.

Rick said...

Also, for the people asking for these (or any of your releases) to be limited editions - don't listen to them. If you have to go limited edition, do what Arrow did with Battle Royale and make a limited set with fancy packaging extras (booklet/postcards/box) and then put out a regular unlimited release with all the same disc content. That way the people who only buy collector stuff can get their nerd fix but those of us who actually watch films can do it without overpaying if it goes oop.

Seeing out of print discs (like Pets or Boarding House) that sell for crazy money on the secondary market is frustrating when you can repress inexpensively (all the authoring costs are already paid for so it's just pressing and packaging expenses) and help make the release and your company profitable, which in this market is a huge deal.

bizarre_eye said...

I have a fair few Code Red DVD releases, but to be honest, 99% of the films I buy now tend to be on Blu, so I'd probably be more inclined to pick up these releases in HD (and especially if some of the older, more obscure titles are released as double-bills).

The only problem I forsee is the availability of decent materials for a lot of Code Red's catalogue. Releasing some of them on Blu may actually make them look worse than their DVD counterparts, or in a lot of cases not provide a decent enough upgrade over the DVD to warrant the purchase of the Blu.

That said, I'd love Code Red to dip their toes into HD waters as they are a great company with a large and varied assortment of cult gems in their catalogue. I also think that they underestimate the number of sales they'd accrue from these titles.

Avery H. said...

I love dvd's and I don't intend to switch over to the BluRay format.
I've been collecting dvd's for a long time and I think it's pointless to go BluRay for a few reasons. 1. It would be impossible to re-issue every movie on this format. 2. A company will not utilize the space it can hold to put more movies on one disc. 3. The majority of movies released before the digital age will not look better on BluRay and you will get the same quality on a regular dvd disc. 4. Even though most companies don't do this anymore, I like to have a booklet to read inside the dvd which I don't think it's being done for the BluRay. I think BluRay is best for saving shelf space and watching movies that were made for the digital age.

Ryan Clark said...

Wrong, Avery. Any film can benefit from being transferred in HD. It depends on the condition of the elements and the amount of work that goes into cleaning up the transfer. I've seen films from the 30s that look stunning on Blu-ray because of the added detail. Educate yourself before you post a comment, thanks. ;)

Anonymous said...

I stopped buying DVD years ago so yes double feature Blu-ray discs from Code Red would be terrific news! I'd just ask that you pair similar subgenres together. Like 2 vampire films, 2 slashers, etc.