Sunday, April 12, 2009

For June, we have a Canadian backwoods horror with HENRY SILVA and aerial-action with BO SVENSON and LANCE HENRIKSEN

For June 21st, we have the Canadian backwoods thriller TRAPPED, directed by cult director William Fruet (DEATH WEEKEND, KILLER PARTY, SPASMS), written by John Beaird (MY BLOODY VALENTINE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME) and photographed by award-winning cinematographer Mark Irwin (SCANNERS, VIDEODROME, THE BLOB, THE FLY, SCREAM)! An innocent camping weekend turns into terror and murder for four young university students. Henry Chatwell (Henry Silva, OCEANS 11, SHARKEY'S MACHINE, CHAINED HEAT) tortures, stalks and kills his wife's lover, all witnessed by the students. Unable to contact the sheriff, the students return to their campsite where they are taken captive by Chatwell. Chatwell's verdict is that the students must die! Realizing he has gone too far, two villagers release the students, but they are soon recaptured one by one, except for Roger (Nicholas Campbell, THE DEAD ZONE, tv's DaVINCI'S INQUEST). Chatwell goes after Roger with an axe and the fight is on. When you are trapped like an's kill or be killed!

Specs on this disc are:

Brand new 16x9 master from the original IP

Original trailer (in Spanish)

MSRP is $19.98
And also on the same day, we have the 1986 action film, CHOKE CANYON! To Dr. David Lowell (Stephen Collins, 7TH HEAVEN), Choke Canyon was the only location where he could conduct a vital experiment involving Halley's Comet and the production of safe, inexhaustible power. But to the Pilgrim Corporation's ruthless executive Brooke Alstair (Lance Henriksen, ALIENS, PUMPKINHEAD), it was an ideal spot to dispose of a deadly load of illegal nuclear waste. Lead by a veteran mercenary (Bo Svenson, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, KILL BILL), the corporation's hired guns come after Lowell with everything they've got! Filled with careening off-road chases and exciting plane and helicopter dog fights, CHOKE CANYON is a high energy action thriller directed by Veteran action director Chuck Bail (THE GUMBALL RALLY).

Specs/extras on this disc:

Brand New 16x9 widescreen master from the original negatives in Italy

Audio commentary with the late producer Peter Shepard, moderated by Lee Christian

BO SVENSON, STAR WHO IS ALWAYS WALKING TALL - an on camera interview with star BO SVENSON

Original Trailer

MSRP is $19.98.


Scab said...

I can't wait for Trapped!

Anonymous said...

Great news...and awesome coverart!

Anonymous said...

Is Trapped really a horror film? Whatever the case, I love the artwork, and if money works out, I'll be ordering this soon. :)

Robert said...

I'm very happy to see a disc of TRAPPED, especially one using the best of the one-sheet designs the film utilized for its numerous titles. Of the many thrillers that Bill Fruet made TRAPPED is one of his best and only slightly behind DEATH WEEKEND. It even features future CBC talking head Ralph Benmergui! This was Fruet's first pairing with Nicholas Campbell; he's direct episodes of his excellent series DAVINCI'S INQUEST years later.

Anonymous said...

...and they will both be mine!

Love the artwork as well! Keep up the good work!

Ray Smyth said...

I've been waiting years for this movie to arrive on dvd.
I first saw it under its European release title "On Dangerous Ground" and was a favorite vhs of mine.
And THANKS for making it such a loaded disc too!

Anthony Benedetto said...

This is a review of the DVD release from Review Fix