Monday, May 26, 2008

Marilyn Joi gives Code Red an on camera interview as well as a audio commentary for CHEERLEADER'S WILD WEEKEND!

The star of CHEERLEADER'S WILD WEEKEND, the veteran drive-in actress Marilyn ("Cleopatra Schwartz") Joi, was kind enough to not only give us an on camera interview, but she and director Jeff Werner also given us an audio commentary for the film, moderated by Mickey T and Marc Edward Heuck! We hope you enjoy what they have to say about the making of this drive-in classic!


Anonymous said...

Marilyn Joi, you are more beautiful than ever! You and I used to hit the WeHo clubs back in the day with a guy I was going out with named Danny. It's so good to see you again!

Russell Blaine
Former Manager of Everybody's Bookshop; currently Marketing Administration for Cast & Crew Entertainment

David said...

Marilyn, I was friends with your daughter, Troi, in high school, but haven't seen her since. How is she doing? What is she up to? My name is David Misraje, and my email address is I was Alexander Hamilton High School class of 1982, and we were in theater arts there together.

Anonymous said...

I love Marilyn Joi as well.

Did you had any luck tracking down the other girls in the beauty contest scene and the other girls who were naked in the movie: Courtney Sands, Janus Blythe and Joan Wolff.