Friday, May 16, 2008

THE DEAD PIT, other titles up for pre-order now!

You can pre-book THE DEAD PIT, available 6/17 at all major online stores like Amazon, DeepDiscount, DVDEmpire, etc.

Also CAN I DO IT TILL I NEED GLASSES is out now and available in all on line stores.

The reissue of DOOM ASYLUM and JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH (aka WHERE TIME BEGIN) is up for prebook now, both will street on July 15,

THE DEAD PIT will feature

Brand New 16x9 anamorphic widescreen transfer from the original IP of the UNCUT Directors cut of the film

Audio commentary with Director Brett Leonard, Producer Gimel Everett, and the late Jeremy Slate

On camera interview with Leonard, Everett, Slate and star Cheryl Lawson.

Original Theatrical Trailer

MSRP 19.98


delicreep said...

I'm looking forward to Dead Pit. Nice that you used the original artwork once again. Too bad it isn't interactive like the original VHS. :)

Glad to see that the releases keep coming.

stevie said...

yeah looks like a great one...somehow missed it al those years ago.
Anymore news on when 'Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker' will be heading our way?

Anonymous said...

Can't freaking wait! I saw this recently on the old edited vhs rip. Cheesy to be sure, but there's also some pretty chilling scenes, great atmosphere and camera work. Only thing missing was a hefty dose of gore which this release is surely going to give us :-) I'm nabbin' this the SECOND it's out.

delicreep said...

So, Deep Discount DVD has this listed as a 2 DVD set. Folks online are also claiming to have purchased copy at Best Buy, with some saying it's 2 disk, whole others say 1.

So, who's full of crap?