Friday, November 30, 2007

Leo Fong's REVENGE OF THE BUSHIDO BLADE, finally, the way it was meant to be seen!

For years, fans of Leo Fong actioner REVENGE OF THE BUSHIDO BLADE (aka LAST REUNION, NINJA NIGHTMARE) was stucked with a garnished, reddish ugly TV print that was available on video for years, well not anymore. We went back to the original negatives and did a 16x9 master, and as you can see from the results, the film now looks like it was shot yeserday! Now you can make out those dark night shots! Plus, the negatives contained additional nudity not seen before! Leo already recorded an audio commentary for this, so we hope fans of this actioner will now see the film in a new light!


Anonymous said...

I hope that this is true. This is a fine movie, both action filled entertaining and yet quite sad given the story line. Leo Fong puts in s fine and solid performance as do the other actors. I own this film on vhs video and I would like to get a copy of this on dvd. Please can you provide some updates as I'm waiting in anticipation. Thanks.

Mr Seventies

Anonymous said...

Looks like Media Blasters will be releasing this in their Rare Flix Volume 3 set.

Ty said...

Buishido!!! Not a bad flick at all! check out our review: