Friday, June 10, 2011

public service announcement from Maria Kanellis


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Malcontent,

FYI, the home-video and broadcast
television industry before that, have had a long-standing tradition of employing spokespeople, in strange attire, to act as hosts for B-horror and scifi films. And before you say it, NO, not all of these horror/scifi hosts had a connection to the horror and scifi film industry before they got their b-film-host gig. In the case of Maria, she's obviously a very good sport to get into those outfits, not to mention being
being extremely easy to look at...
So come on guys, give her a break
and try to have some fun, ok?
Otherwise she'll tell all of her
Playboy Magazine model friends not
to date film geeks, and you'll have to scratch one more unrealistic fantasy off your list.

-Code Red Fan

Anonymous said...

Code Red, your customers are not 13year old boys, grow up!
She doesn't even seem remotely interested in doing this. She almost looks humiliated and I don't blame her.

Anonymous said...

This is dark, sad and pathedic. We just want
to watch movies.

Anonymous said...

Lame and pathetic.
I have a hot girlfriend already. Can't you guys just be juvenile pervs on your own time and just release good movies?

Gothzilla said...

1st let me say... Maria does this BECAUSE she loves these movies. Hard as it may be to wrap your heads around, beneath that exquisite exterior lies the heart of a TRUE B MOVIE GEEK!in other words: She's one of US!
And, as far as being embarrassed or humiliated... Obviously you are not connected with the B Movie industry (or, as we prefer to call it: Indie Horror) because if you were, you would know WE AIN'T ASHAMED OF NUTHIN! Whether we are tied to a tree stark naked at 3am in February and set on fire (Brrrr) or Distracting Nuns at the convent location from entering while shooting Sex Scene in the Chapel, we know its All Part of the Job!
In short: If havin a Babe on the Package helps Code Red sell more DVD's so they make more money and stay in business and keep bringing us the Shit we Love... WTF are you BITCHING ABOUT!
***SHAMELESS PLUG: Watch MONSTER MAN on Syfy Channel! Premieres March 7th!!***

Cleve Hall