Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maria Mania!!!!!

CODE RED is proud to announce that a TV superstar will be the hostess for our new exclusive horror line! Former WWE superstar, 2009 Diva of the Year, Celebrity Apprentice contestant, Singing sensation, and April 2008 Playboy cover girl MARIA KANELLIS is back for more! Maria will host Code Red's MARIA'S B MOVIE MAYHEM, and the first round of her horror/exploitation DVD releases will street in September! Maria will bring you the gory horror cult classic MARDI GRAS MASSACRE, the Native American horror flick HAUNTED with Aldo Ray, and Double-bills of SCREAM / BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD and LOVE ME DEADLY / CURIOUS CASE OF THE CAMPUS CORPSE. Then, on 9 more releases, Maria will host many other exploitation films including NIGHT OF THE DEMON, VAMPIRE AT MIDNIGHT, CAGED MEN, VOODOO DOLLS/MADONNA: CASE OF BLOOD AMBITION, RIOT ON 42ND STREET/BAD GIRLS DORMITORY, TEENAGE HITCHHIKERS/TEENAGE TRAMP, and more! All will feature Maria introducing the film, and appearing again after the film is over. The films will all be uninterrupted and uncut. Some of the DVDs will feature extras, as well.

Maria is a great gal and she had a lot of fun hosting this upcoming DVD series. Many wrestling fans are also horror fans so hopefully this can turn many wrestling fans onto CODE RED product. Having one of the most popular former WWE divas hosting our films is truly an honor.


Anonymous said...

First Scorpion was doing this, and now Code Red. Oh my!

Sounds sweet. I want to pick up MGM & Haunted. I just hope that the introductions and after credits by Maria will be optional like Scorpion's.

I'm glad the border isn't distracting like Scorpion's, but reversible art would be nice too.

Can't wait to hear more about these releases! Sweet!

Matthew David said...

Best of luck with the new line, looks like a good time


Anonymous said...

Code Red shouldn't be 'proud to present', they should be 'ashamed to have ruined' the cover art. When Scorpion announced their 'Katarina's Nightmare Theater' the threads/blogs were full of complaints about their banner ruining the classic cover art. Luckily Scorpion offers reversible covers without the banner. I can only hope that Code Red will do the same. Here it is not only the banner but also the pictures of that lady that ruin the classic artwork. I was really looking forward to these releases but this new line is such a letdown and gives these DVDs a flair of dollar bin movies. These movies don't need T&A on the covers to attract buyers.

Anonymous said...

I'd heard a rumour that these discs will have double sided inlays and the option to navigate/view the films WITHOUT the intro/outro crap.

I sincerely hope so. I don't want some pneumatic bimbo who knows shit-all about horror making a complete fool of herself in some mock-pouty voice on my DVDs.

Sad, sad, saaaaaaaaaaad, that CR are resorting to such a cheap ploy. Get your finger out, get your films out when you say you will and leave the bums & tits out of it. Frankly I'd rather see a vintage trailer OR some public domain pre-feature educational short than some trollop with an IQ of 6 in skimpy animal print.

Eric Anderson said...

Best of luck Code Red. Can't wait to pre-order these gems.

Anonymous said...

Are you people for real? Are you cruising the internet just to find thing to moan and bitch about? Arent you at all happy that these movies are getting a decent release?

/A fan of Code Red

Jimmy said...

Anonymous June 3, 2011 5:48 AM

Yes they are, they post the same retarded kind of post since at least 4 years here and on every forum they can. Pathetic I know but basement loosers get their kick hidden since it's the only way they can...

Good luck with the collection Bill. You know already I will support your works and forgot the anonymous whiners they don't buy anyway so their opinion worth a big nothing in my book.

Like I said before I collect movie not cover, if I want an original poster I go to Ebay and buy it... Seem more logical to me than whining on every blog and forums.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, you are a loud-mouthed fool. Maybe you should comment anonymously instead of hanging your ignorance out in public for all to see.

I for one have had NIGHTMARE on pre-order since the first day it was on Amazon - as I did with Madman & The Strangeness too.

Anonymous or not, I'd be honest with my particular opinion on CR's pie-in-the-sky promises, stupid ideas of Blu-Ray releasing, and lame bums & tits copy-cat branding... BUT I'm not going through the whole hog of getting a blog ID just to comment in one single place on the web.

My opinion is just as valid as yours AND I don't slag off other posters either - you wouldn't dare say it to my face I can tell you that for sure.

CR started with great intent, quickly over-reached itself, threw a complete childish paddy-fit about ceasing trading because the World was calling CR's bluff on 1-3yr long bullshit promises Nightmare, BBNM, Rituals et al, and is now trying to get back into everyone's good books with yet more outlandish promises and copy-cat ideas, 75% of which wont come off. Is it any wonder people are frustrated - CR, Bill, whoever he is has the credibility of a $9 note right now frankly, AND he's done it to himself by betraying and ignoring the most important people of all - CUSTOMERS and even more so POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with this, and I understand the need to maximize the potential return on your investment with these very obscure titles. She seemed like a cool girl too on The Apprentice. I'll always endorse Code Red.

All that said, some her photos on these DVD covers are absolutely ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

There is no sense in trying to win over new customers with these covers when you put off many of the old horror fans with these covers that have been supporting Code Red for such a long time.
All Bill has to do is offer reversible covers without these banners and photos and everyone would be happy.

Jimmy said...

Hey anonymous June 5, 2011 3:59 AM

If the hat fits you use it... Why would I care about what an anonymous coward think of me or what he wrote in the first place?

Of course I wouldn't say that in your face in real life... The reason isn't that I don't know personally anybody in real life retarted enough to whine about a dvd release as if it was the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that Code Red is releasing these movies UNCUT. I would also like the artwork to be reversible, but I would be happy with just their releases. Please make the introduction and after-introduction skippable. Maris is beautiful but sometimes I just want to get to the movie.

gary b. said...

Goddamned anonymous British whiners!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Malcontent,

FYI, the home-video and broadcast
television industry before that, have had a long-standing tradition of employing spokespeople, in strange attire, to act as hosts for B-horror and scifi films. And before you say it, NO, not all of these horror/scifi hosts had a connection to the horror and scifi film industry before they got their b-film-host gig. In the case of Maria, she's obviously a very good sport to get into those outfits, not to mention being
being extremely easy to look at...
So come on guys, give her a break
and try to have some fun, ok?
Otherwise she'll tell all of her
Playboy Magazine model friends not
to date film geeks, and you'll have to scratch one more unrealistic fantasy off your list.

-Code Red Fan

Anonymous said...

"Frankly I'd rather see a vintage trailer OR some public domain pre-feature educational short than some trollop with an IQ of 6 in skimpy animal print."

I agree. I personally prefer simple Code Red - that's my "Mania"!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that you guys feel that you have to resort to these types of lame gimmicks to move your product.
I'm a red-blooded American male and think Maria is a beautiful woman, but this cheapens the entire product.
Maybe I'm a "purist", but I have a nostalgic fondness for original poster/cover artwork and it makes Code Red look extremely desperate to sell their discs. It's almost as if you know it's bad, so you have to dress it up to make a buck.
To try and gain a cross-over audience is understandable, but I doubt that unless you've actually heard of these films, you probably won't be impressed with them just because you tart them up.
I think it's very lame and at this point, I woldn't put down my hard earned money when other companies are putting out retro product with the integrity that these "left of the mark" films deserve.
I like what Shout Factory has done with reversible covers, the special features and the special features they've included on their releases. They didnt feel the need to bookend the Corman films with a set of big breasts and tacky up the ALREADY great cover art.
With the economy the way it is, I'll have to pass and put my money towards a product I really like before plunking it down on gimmicky fare such as this.

Anonymous said...

Pre-order your copies now to receive them by 2022!

Anonymous said...

So happy to finally see Mardi Gras Massacre on DVD, although please (!!!) offer a reversible cover, as the art is too phenomenal to alter.

Anonymous said...

By your logic, you guys might as well also say "Many NASCAR fans are also horror fans..." and put some beer guzzling redneck on the cover or "Many animal lovers are also horror fans...", then put a litter of puppies in the bottom corner. Just let the movies speak for themselves.

D.Dawes said...

I Love Code Red but this chick is nothing to be proud of. Instead it makes me not want to buy the dvd's I am looking forward too.These better have revearsable covers without her and and a veiwing option where i never see her or No Sale.

thanks so much for not having her on the Nightmare DVD I bought. Excellent job on that one.

Anonymous said...

I would have passed on Nightmare if that skank would have been cheapening the cover.
THe negative comments regarding this lame marketing ploy far outweigh the positive, CR!

Anonymous said...

Ditch the bitch! Original poster art and no phony hags please. Nightmare and The Black Klansman are great!