Monday, December 13, 2010

Code Red presents two work of director Stephanie Rothman

In the month of February, Code Red presents two classics from director Stephanie Rothman.

On 2/8, Code Red presents GROUP MARRIAGE. Cult icon CLAUDIA JENNINGS stars in this amusing insight into modern day living. A group of six people find out the joy and tribulations of not only sharing a house together, but also each other’s partners! When Chris starts getting bored with her boyfriend, Sander, she starts looking for someone else. On the way home from work, she hitches a ride with Dennis. Chris invites Dennis back to dinner in Sander’s house. The three of them get along quite well together and Dennis asks to spend the night. Chris realizes that there is more to Dennis than what’s between his ears, and later in the night goes to check him out! Sander discovers that his girlfriend has slept with Dennis and does not seem that upset, especially when he meets Dennis’ girlfriend, Jan. And so the group begins living together and find that sharing can be fun! Starring Jeff Pomerantz (SAVAGE WEEKEND), Solomon Sturgess (WORKING GIRLS), Victoria Vetri (WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH), Aimee Eccles (CONCRETE JUNGLE), Jayne Kennedy (BODY & SOUL), Ron Gans, and Pepe Serna! Directed by Stephanie Rothman!

special features:

progressively scanned brand new 16x9 HD master supervised by director Stephanie Rothman herself, from her/UCLA's archival print.

theatrical trailer

code red trailers

MSRP 19.98

Then on 2/15 Code Red presents WORKING GIRLS. WORKING GIRLS is the story of three beautiful girls who want to have more than just fun….they want to work and they'll do anything to get ahead. Cassandra Peterson (famous for her role as "Elvira" on TV) is featured in a very revealing role as a free spirited stripper who teaches the other girls what it takes to make it in the big city. Fans of "Elvira" take note---- "Working Girls" contains Elvira's only nude footage on film! Starring Sarah Kennedy (TELEPHONE BOOK), Laurie Rose (HOT BOX, WOMAN HUNT), Lynne Guthrie (NIGHT CALL NURSES) and SOLOMON STURGES (GROUP MARRIAGE). Directed by Stephanie Rothman, this brand new 16x9 HD master was supervised by Stephanie Rothman herself, from her/UCLA's archival print.


Progressively scanned brand New HD 16x9 anamorphic transfer supervised by director Stephanie Rothman from her/UCLA's archival print.

on camera interview with star Laurie Rose!

original theatrical trailer

code red trailers

MSRP 19.98


Anonymous said...

code red please put nightmare on dvd without the interview springjack is taking waaay too long

LorriLives said...

I agree, I don't think springjack even intends to do the damn interview. Seems like he has a hidden agenda.

BTW, FANTASTIC news that Code Red is sticking around! Totally thrilled about you guys releasing NIGHT OF THE DEMON! Keep up the good work!

Matthew David said...

Looking forward to both of these Rothman features!

(NIGHTMARE has been at the top of my list since it was first announced, but appreciate that you're taking the time to do it right. Good things come to those who wait. Have a feeling the DVD will do very well for the company when it eventually does come out...)

Teo said...

hey Code Red, fantastic to have you back!!!!! I love reading your updates and despite the slow but steady release schedule I always have complete faith in your titles and dedication to providing something special. These latest announcements are great - can't wait for night of the Demon.

Anymore news on Night Warning / Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker yet, any update would be appreciated, or a look at the features/cover art.

Again, great to see the blog back up and running. Looking forward to a Code Red filled 2011.

Anthony Benedetto said...

Looking forward to this double header, thanks Code Red!

Anonymous said...

There's something wrong with the Group Marriage pressing. Both copies I've looked at have problems skipping in the exact same spots...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was really looking forward to GROUP MARRIAGE, but it has playback issues on my Sherwood and Malata players.