Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fred Travalena gives Code Red an audio commentary with Scott Spiegel!

Legendary funnyman/impressionist Fred Travalena recorded an audio commentary with cult director/writer Scott Spiegel and Code Red moderator/movie geek Marc Edward Heuck for a slasher/comedy he starred in titled NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER. The film is about a killer with a basketball head who starts to kill the high school basketball team members! Fred plays four roles in the film, and he had a wonderful time doing impressions with our two moderators! We hope you'll have fun, too, when this makes it's U.S debut the summer of this year.

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Anthony D. said...

Wonderful to hear! Will the DVD include anything else (featurettes, deleted scenes, rare trailer) and will it be presented in widescreen or full screen?