Thursday, July 31, 2008

BEYOND THE DOOR street date 9/16

On September 16, Code Red DVD will release the first official U.S. DVD of the Euro horror classic BEYOND THE DOOR! The film, which grossed over $15 million back in 1974, stars Juliet Mills as a young woman who is suddenly pregnant with the Devil's child! The film also stars Richard Johnson (ZOMBIE, THE HAUNTING).

The DVD will feature:

16x9 1:85:1 widescreen presentation of the uncut European version

an audio commentary with director Ovidio G. Assonitis and Mondo Digital writer Nathaniel Thompson, moderated by Lee Christian

a second audio commentary with star Juliet Mills, HOSTEL producer Scott Spiegel and film historian Darren Gross

“Englishman In Italy” – a video interview with Richard Johnson conducted by Pete Tombs

“Beyond The Door, 35 Years Later” – a featurette with writer Alex (INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN) Rebar, director Ovidio Assonitis and stars Juliet Mills and Richard Johnson

original trailers

still gallery

The MSRP is $24.98.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wasting your time with his stupid junk, NEXT!

Anonymous said...

Wake up, we want slashers, not giallos!

Anonymous said...

OMG you stupid emo-retards. This is a very highly anticipated release (regardless of whether or not you're having a hissy fit about it) and this film is FAR from a giallo.

Try knowing what you're talking about before you start spitting out your worthless opinions, princesses.

delicreep said...

I've always wanted to see Beyond the Door, so I'm pleased that I can now get a decent version of it on DVD.

Great that there's in interview with Richard Johnson in there. From The Haunting to Zombie and beyond, he seems to pop up in some of my favorite films.

Anonymous said...

Beyond The Door is being released the same week as my birthday so it's perfect timing, but i'm also wondering what's been the hold up with The Silent Scream and The Farmer, which were both announced ages before Beyond The Door.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, when is the DVD for Kill Squad (1982) going to be released?

SlasherBob said...

FUCK BEYOND THE DOOR, we want slashers, NOT FUCKING films made by Italians.

Anonymous said...

LOL I love how uptight these little bastards get when they realize the world doesn't revolve around them.

Incidentally, if it weren't for Italian cinema, you would have your precious "slashers". But I'm sure that concept is too much for you to wrap your puny brain around. Just smile and nod, inbred :-)

Tell me... how does it feel? How does it feel to know that this company doesn't release DVDs SPECIFICALLY for one or two whiny little bitches?

Your misery gets us off, it does.

Can't wait for this DVD Code Red, keep it up!!

P.S. "Whoooooo aaaaare yooooou??"

Anonymous said...


If it weren't for Italian cinema, you WOULDN'T have your precious slashers.

Anonymous said...

Ovidio Assonitis is NOT Italian, he is Greek......I am sure that "Slasher Bob" is eagerly anticipating NIGHTMARE which was written and directed by ROMANO SCAVOLINI who certainly is Italian last time I checked.....

lol....I think old "Slasher Bob" is more an elemental force of instigation here.....manipulating our own defensive but, we must admit, equally self-absorbed and equally whiny as well as fan-boy emotions and interests......? He is just far too monomaniacal and obsessively puerile to be taken at literal face value by anyone with half a brain...??!! ;)

I wish I were looking forward to BEYOND THE DOOR, it's pretty abysmal from my tastes/perspectives though. But, we have THE EXORCIST to ultimately blame, talk about a silly, retarded OVERRATED piece of garbage...I hate that film far more than any of its supposed knock-off/

p.s. "Slasher Bob" might enjoy Ovidio Assonitis' own enthusiastic slasher film, very much feeling like an American product as it was location shot in Georgia , MADHOUSE (aka THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL, etc.) from 1981....

Anonymous said...

Who gives a crap what "slasherpussy" wants? In fact, I'd get a right kick out of seeing Code Red NOT release any slashers, JUST to piss him/her/it off ;-)

*pokes and jabs at slasherbitch*


horror expert said...

go out of business u bastards. suffer + die! all u do is put out old films that no one wants. put them all in a 100 dvd pack and sell it for 10 bucks. all old films isn't worth .50 cents.

Anonymous said...

Jump through the hoop, princess :-) Just keep soiling yourself.

BTW 'The Redeemer' will probably never come out. Choke on that.

Anonymous said...

LOL The fucker actually calls himself "Horror Expert". Man this is just too perfect.

Jason Kruger said...

you're website do not work, so i guess you're out of business? is that mean the redeemer, pieces, end bloodslasher is not goin to come out. fuk you 4 leading us on.

Anonymous said...

You led yourself on, you whiny little shit. Besides the website is just under construction.

If you've been following the posts on this blog at all, you'd know the story behind The Redeemer and why it may never get released. And I hope it doesn't. JUST to piss you off.
Looks like it's working already :-)

Anonymous said...

Ummm....Code Red never claimed to have a release for "Pieces" planned... That's Grindhouse Releasing.

Get your facts straight, troll :-)

Anonymous said...

So... is this out today or what? Why have there been no updates on this site in forever? What happened to Look, I know you guys are up and coming and it's a rough trade to get into, but CMON. Give us some more updates for christ's sake. It really doesn't take THAT much time to make a blog entry...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is indeed available today. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and just called my local HMV and they said they have it in stock!

Going there in the next hour or so to pick it up. I'll write a review (on the DVD, not the film, as it's been done a billion times over) once I go through it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ok. Just checked out the DVD and watched the first 20 min (to see the original intro).

The first thing that struck me was the packaging, which is very well done. It has a slip over the main case that displays the original UK "Devil Within Her" poster, yet still keeps the "Beyond the Door" title (kudos for that).

After taking a look at the film itself, I noticed that the transfer is suffering from the same thing that most Code Red dvds (The Dead Pit) suffer from: The audio is HORRIBLE. Yes, I realize this is a mono film and a mono transfer, but CMON. There's static and hissing galore. I may as well just be watching the old VHS! Code Red, please listen to me: I want you guys to succeed... I really do. But you NEED to improve on your audio transfers. In the case of The Dead Pit, my old VHS tape sounded WAAAAAY better. Hence why I'm still keeping it around!

As far as the picture goes, it's probably the best transfer we'll ever see. While not GREAT, it's still pretty lush. Naturally, there is some grain and distortion, but this is to be expected from a film of this kind, and the original negatives probably weren't stored properly anyways.

The original intro (new to us) is pretty nice, and fleshes out the film a bit more. We actually get to see the creation of the "Bargain with the Devil" song, played by a cheesy-as-all-hell funk band whilst Robert sits in the recording studio, bopping his head. God I love the 70s. My only gripe here is that it would be nice for Code Red to have included the original VHS intro as an extra. Not a big loss though.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the DVD, but again, Code Red seriously needs to shape up with the audio on their transfers.

WhoAreYou said...

I wonder if there is any connection between this movie and the song "Who Are You?" from the Black Sabbath album, "Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath" The song and the album came out the same year as this movie, 1974. I'm mentioning this because the original Italian title of "Beyond the Door" translates to "Who Are You?"... In addition, Tony Iommi came up with the Black Sabbath band name from the 1963 Mario Bava film of the same name. That film was Italian made as well... Meditate on that my friends!

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