Saturday, January 12, 2008

RICHARD JOHNSON gives Code Red an interview for the upcoming BEYOND THE DOOR DVD

Veteran actor Richard Johnson finished a great interview session with Pete Tombs and Andy Starke for our upcoming DVD release of BEYOND THE DOOR. Johnson gave Pete some fascinating insight into his career including stories about ISLAND OF THE FISHMAN and ZOMBIE, about being offered the role of James Bond, how hard it was to be a film producer in the 80's, what he's up to nowadays, etc. We thank Richard for participating, as well as Pete Tombs and Andy Starke, easily one of the best in the business, for helping us out and doing the interview!


Paul said...

I didn't realise he was still alive! He was great in Zombi 2 and Island of the Fishman.

Josh said...

Awesome! Another great extra! I'm surprised you guys tracked him down.

Do you guys have screenshots of Boardinghouse, since it's coming out in May?

lv said...

Yeah I'm hangin' for Boardinghouse. Can we order these titles directly through you or do you just distribute them to retailers?

Anonymous said...

Big whoopie for nuthin'! Who gives a assload over an interview with someone that many thought was dead! And by the looks of it, should be!

Go interview some people more productive,like the Son of Satan? Or for the other fans, the friggin' sexy lead lady of your worst dreams? You know, the bad dream? HINT? HINT? Oh, whats the use, you are too dense for a hint!

Who cares, no one will see this interview anyway, by the time this comes out, it will be year, what, 2010? You guys are the slowest DVD in history of DVD! NAME ME ONE DVD LABEL THAT MAKES FALSE PROMISES AND THAT IS THIS SLOOOOOOOW? NONE BUDDY!

Just a bunch of false promises and BS. You can throw this interview in the gutter.