Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some screenshots of our up coming release of CAN I DO IT 'TILL I NEED GLASSES?

Here are some screen shots of our up coming title CAN I DO IT 'TILL I NEED GLASSES.The funny comedy stars such up coming comedic talent like Roger & Roger, Walter Olkewicz, Vic Dunlop, Tallie Cochrane, Ollie Planter, and a young Robin Williams before MORK & MINDY! We had access to the original vault materials, and we did a new 16 x 9 telecine. Extras TBA.


Anonymous said...

Looks terrific. Can we expect to see it's predecessor, IF YOU DON'T STOP IT YOU'LL GO BLIND, to appear from you as well?

Christian said...

what about TUNNELVISION?