Thursday, September 13, 2007

Leo Fong invites you to enjoy the real Grindhouse!

We just finished the telecine work on Leo Fong's TIGER'S REVENGE. We were going to inspect the print, but Leo went ahead and gave it to the lab without allowing us to QC it, and the result was, well, interesting. Yes, it is 16x9, but the print has green lines and many jumpcuts. Not only that, reel 2 and 3 were mixed up and in the wrong order! When we showed all of this to Leo, he approved of it, stating this is the way the film was probably shown in most Grindhouses! So unlike some DVD's which have used a full frame tape master for their so called Grindhouse DVD's, we at Code Red bring you a true 16 x 9, just like seeing it on the big screen, of Leo's 'classic' film, complete with authentic pops, skips, and green motion scratch lines! Leo calls it a "Leo Fong experience!" Check out these screenshots! And wait until you here his audio commentary! And if you think this looks to be in rough shape (considering it was suppose to be from the best out of 3 different set of prints), you haven't seen nothing yet! Just wait until you see the condition of the prints for THE REDEEMER which look 10 times worse!


Nightmare in a damaged brain said...

I'm one of the few DVD collectors out there that like the odd scratch and pop on a DVD transfer, it gives a certain feel to some movies.

There's way too much snobbery when it comes to sound and picture quality these days, most collectors expect pristine versions even from the most obscure movies.

Devil Fetus said...

Scratches, pops and the odd jump-cut/missing frame is fine, but reels in the wrong order?! I hope this at least is rectified? I like this film but would rather have it with the story rendered as coherently as possible...

William said...

Sounds like the right way a Leo Fong classic should be seen. No complaints from me.

Anonymous said...

I really do like Leo Fong's films and have about four on DVD plus a couple of VHS tapes. I also like the actors that Mr Fong works with. Stack Pierce , Cameron Mitchell and Hope Holiday and Dianne Stevenett etc. The soundtrack music is also great . Listening to the music from LOW BLOW its just soooo 80's and it reminds me of where I was back then. All fun to watch and its like going back in a time warp to those theatres and watching those action films , Fred Williamson and Jim Brown flicks all over again.

Leo Fong is a great martial artist and I love his punches which are a combo of Asian martial arts and Western boxing. I've just again watched Killpoint and Low Blow for what seems like the 20th time.
Theres a scene in LOW BLOW near the end where Fong is in an office upstairs and a guy hits him and then he hits him and then shoots another guy. This is one of the better action scenes that beats a lot of other films.

I hope that they release more of his films so I can get them on DVD.

Les V.