Saturday, August 4, 2007

Screenshots of our up coming DVD of HOT MOVES

Here are some screenshots of our up coming DVD of HOT MOVES. We just finished a brand new 16x9 telecine of it, and hope many fans of the 80's teen comedies will be looking forward to the release. We are planning an audio commentary with director Jim Sotos and if schedule permits, the star Micheal Zorek!


Dick Ringeisen said...

What are the other titles MB will be handling?

How will Code Red be releasing DVD's now?

Any ideas of the relase dates for upcoming DVD's? It's been a while since I acquired Doom Asylum.

Marshall Crist said...

Damn! It's Bubba from PRIVATE SCHOOL. Praise be.

Griff said...

You guys should check out the music video for 'California' by Aussie band The Casanova's. Its made up entirely from Hot Moves footage.